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Just Look at This Handsome Fellow!

By masemj
Double Diamond from S05E02.  There's just something about him, I can't put my finger on it...

AI CS6 file


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.

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May i have a permission to recolor this? I'm so sorry for this question, i just wanna make sure ^^;
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I love his mane and tail! :)
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I used this as a base here:Double Diamond
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Don't know why, but Double Diamond become one of my favorite characters. :O :D :P
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Thought his cutiemark was flowers, turned out to be three snowflake s(which are all alike for some reason)
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Why do i have a feeling fans are starting to have a crush on this guy?
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maybe girls like him so much? Sweating a little...    
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I'll give him a thumps up! :D
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I fell in love with this guy as soon as I saw him with his cutiemark! Great job!
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Looks like someone found a new favorite pony character! :giggle:
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Yep, such a handsome horse c:
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...Why Double Diamond, when his CM is 3 snowflakes?
And I think if he had a horn someone may have been able to claim something.
Black diamonds are used on the signs that mark the most expert and dangerous ski courses.  Other colors and shapes mark lesser difficulty levels.

A course marked by a double diamond would be suicide by snow unless you are the most badass mofo ever to strap on skis.
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His voice sounded way over the top. But then I found out he's voiced by Brian Drummond, so it made sense. :P
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