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Flash Surprise

By masemj
One of the surprises from S4E11.


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.
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wish he was used more 
YugiohPonyAvengers's avatar
Here is the reaction when he showed up:

PegasisterGamer331's avatar
Why bronies hate Flash Sentry?
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Don't hate him (I don't hate any MLP characters OC or cannon), I just don't care. His presence didn't elicit any reaction from me. Though I thought it awkward  that Twilight, with no experience as a human would have that kind of nervous reaction to a male of that species.
PonyAlfonso's avatar
flash is cool, but the users creates the WAIFU's idea is stupid
lightyearpig's avatar
Where's your god now, bronies who thought Flash Sentry will never be in season 4?!
UMSAuthorLava's avatar
Where are your precious waifus NOW, dummkopfs!
Striker-666's avatar
When-ever I hear or see the name "Flash Sentry", it makes me think of "Team Fortress 2".
BravoKrofski's avatar
I was so happy to see him reappear in this episode, "Rainbow Falls" had some great cameos,  but "Three's a Crowd" quite possibly rivals that.
LoneRanger30's avatar
I thought they said Flash wasn't coming back.
timfortune9's avatar
Why look, it's the "WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!"
What does it take to completely ruin one of the best episodes of the season (and quite possibly the entire season) to some? 5 seconds of him just standing there in the middle of Act 1.
(I didn't care one way or the other. He just stood there, said nothing and wasn't even acknowledged. Basically, Living Prop.)
DestinyDecade's avatar
I support FlashLight and I don't have any problems but this... is really good.
ArtGuruSauce's avatar
I thought it was bullshit, just saying "just think of it as, Equestria Girls doesn't even exist" and then they brought out a shipping between Twi and Flash. But this also contradicts that statement. They said there wouldn't be any reminders but I do think that they should have flash sentry and twilight sparkle shipping more of an on screen thing.
RechaDis's avatar
This is bad or good?
masemj's avatar
I was actually glad to see him for a short bit.  Unfortunately there's a minority of the fandom that reacted the complete opposite way when he appeared :/
RechaDis's avatar
Do you want an oficial appearance too?
masemj's avatar
I'd no problem (as possibly hinted) for his reappearance with a speaking voice, whether in EQG canon or not.  (I'm working on the assumption that EQG is not within the show canon, but that doesn't mean there's a pony named Flash Sentry that existed already).
RechaDis's avatar
Then, lets wait for the other episodes
XxNitroFuryxX's avatar
I think I also have that same feeling.
MamaChocobo's avatar
Huh not in the season 4 my ass not that I have a problem with that
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