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Flash Sentry (aka Brad aka Dreamy Cutebottom)

By masemj
Aka Brad aka Flash Sentry from Equestria Girls promo material. Name now confirmed as Flash Sentry in the film , so we'll stick with that.

SVG: [link]


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.
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Used and credited:

(Request) Flashimmer
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Quick question:  You know I've watched this movie a few times can someone point out where and or why did people call him Brad in the human world?
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When news of EQG was first officially announced I think at that point we had both pics of human Flash, though at the time we had no idea he was named Flash. Since he, even at the early shots, was meant to be a romantic aspect of the film, the generic "jock/hunk" name "Brad" was picked up by the fandom.  (The name "Dreamy Cutebottom" came from a tweet Meghan said joking at the Brad name, saying that was his real name)
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I'm gonna favorite this for the name alone!!!

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Just letting you know I used this as part of an icon sort of thing in my MLP Colour Guide
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I like this vector of Flash, I am using him in a cover I'm designing for my first MLP fanfic, I am crediting you for it :)
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Much appreciated, thank you!
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Savior of Equestria!



Gonna save all of us!



He's a miracle!



Prince of the impossible!

He stands for all of us

Gonna save all of us

He's save with his mighty lance

Every Pony, every filly, every mare

With a mighty flash!





Gonna save all of us!

Just a Pony

With a stallion's courage

The legend of Equestria, bravest and noblest of all Ponys

Only those who are pure at heart

May use the power of the Elements of Harmony

Oh yeah, all right...

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You, sir, have just won yourself a free internet! :iconbravoplz:
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click the link on my signature O3O
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petition if you want sentry to appear in season 4…
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Just one question I'm about to ask: is this stallion a royal member of the Crystal Empire?
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There's no implication that he has any ties to royalty, only that he's a ranking officer in the Empire's corps.
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Pop Fizz: You hold out the hoof, I *drinks potion and becomes a beast* keep my edge and powers.

Flash Sentry: It was Punch Pop Fizz that helped prove Twilight innocent.

Beast Pop Fizz: Yes, My variant would do anything to help out the EQG version of his wife!

Flash Sentry: Wife?

Pop Fizz: *turns back* Well, in our universe, when the Variant World was being created on an uncharted planet, Alicorn Twilight and Punch Pop Fizz got married.....without telling us.

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Well I think I look amazing.
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Hi everypony!

If you like Flash Sentry and want him in the show, please sign this: [link]

Sorry, I hope this doesn't spam. I really just wanted to help spread the word! :3
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Love what you are doing even though he is not going to be in the 4 season i signed up for it, who knows maybe he will appear in a season 5... if the fan let know the creator that they want him we can be able to put him in season 5 (if there is which will probably)  
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