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Draw Me Like One Of Your French Renaults

Based on turned-A's sketch here: [link]

oh no i've learned how to shade and highlight in inkscape oh no help me i'm going to go crazy now!

SVG: [link]


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.
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Awww! That's utterly adorable.

God . Horrible. Dumb pony with wheels instead of hooves . If not for the wheels, it would seem attractive .
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The title makes the entire image! :D :D :D :D :D
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You draw with inkscape? Do you know any good youtube videos I can look at? I really want to get into it but it's confusing as heck!
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There's the underlying sketch which is not mine but you can see in the link above, but this is all inkscape traced from that. I'm computer savvy so some of the inner mechanisms of Inkscape come naturally to me, but in terms of how to use that to draw ponies, my best suggestion is to jump over the MLP-VectorClub tutorial section here: [link] and look at some of those. The best practice is simply to take a show screenshot you like and work at that, and after doing that a few times you'll start to get the ideas of the technique. It'll come naturally but the learning curve is heavy on learning how to use Inkscape for the purpose and some of the programs idiosyncrasies.
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Thank you so much. I am no tech-savvy so every bit of info helps!
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Just don't get discouraged. :) Fortunately, Inkscape as a program is easy to set up and pretty much bug free, so you don't have to wrestle with it much. It's just learning all the features it has and how it helps towards drawing.
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I know, I'm trying my best to figure it out.
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Also that title.... :rofl:
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Hey that's the OC from that animation....
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I have an OC like this, but he's based off the Wheelers from the Wizard of Oz
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If she was a waitress, would her name be Meals on Wheels?
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Renaults suck. Everypony knows that. Cute picture though.
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Whoa whoa whoa, TerriblePonies has made a terrible mistake! Wheely Bopper doesn't belong on there!
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A positive comment?
From You?
Well, that's a first hehe
DJ-Bleach's avatar
I'm not always a cold hearted cynic. Just most of the
VeryMetaI's avatar
So I'm guessing offline you enjoy delivering presents to sick children? haha
DJ-Bleach's avatar
Not really. But I am a much nicer person offline.

As it turns out, the Greater Internet Dickward Theory is true. "Nice Person + Annonymity + Audience = Utter Dickwad"

I gave up being nice on the internet a long time ago, because really, who honestly cares about someone saying something mean to you over the internet? It's the internet. If it bothers you, turn it off. Plus, for all the people talking about being nice towards each other, not a lot of them seem to practice what they preach.
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I agree 100%, it just pisses me off when people let it get to them so much if someone's dickish.
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And sometimes it's not even that. Often they get pissy just because someone disagrees with them.
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Frankly I disagree, but to each their own.
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