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Bopping Sunset

Sunset Shimmer bopping along to the Mane 5's music from the third EQG2 teaser



My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.

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Can you PLEASE make up your mind about accepting the submission please?!
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Very nicely done.
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Got a link to it?
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muy good she is so beautiful :D I like 
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We need more NICE vectors of her. Sunset being a demon spawn is WAY behind us! Let us accept her into the light!
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I think the new Sunset Shimmer is actually okay. I was not a fan of her at all in the first movie. Not at all! But now I think she's alright.
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I like to call them the Remaneing Five.

Also, a hundred bits on Sunset Shimmer joining the band complete with spontaneous pony ears before the credits roll!
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At first I was like "I HATE YOU, YOU DEMON SPAWN!
Then I was like "Hugs?"
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Perfectly A-OJ!
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she is just beautiful
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Twilight isn't on the workshop.
kysoshadowblast's avatar
so twilight isn't in that world anymore?
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She'll back to the human world.
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I thought that when she left, because it's a mirror, a mirror image of her would've stayed behind and be with the rest of them.
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