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Infinitely scalable ponies
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Litmus Paper
For the Derpibooru 2018 collab


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.
Bronycon 2018 Room Signs
The two room signs I did for this year's BronyCon 2018 - left is Pastel Pastures (the chill-out room for artists/writers/etc.), right is the Swag Shop


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.
BronyCon mascots are property of Lunar Solis 
From S8E13

Bonus: Because our heroes will never go evil, ever.



My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.
Totally Not Evil
From S8E12

Also for your meme-ing needs, a version that uses a green for her irises so you can chroma-key replace those.



My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, Copyright Hasbro.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Request/Art Trade/Commission Information:
Current request thread (please ask here!):

My pony OC's name is "Litmus Paper"… , a unicorn that while having normal magic for such (telekinesis, etc), focuses more on actual science (and not quite like Twilight's scientific study of magic, but here scientific study of actual science :).

If you are interested in a request, please see this post:…

(And just in case, my user name "Masem" is pronounced with a short "a" and the e nearly silent , as in "chasm").
I know there's a few people that I still own commissions too, and several that have inquired - I've gotten behind on things in real life and won't be able to reply immediately until after the holiday break, but I will try to get back to people after this week or so. Have a happy holidays!
Just as a note that I will be for the most part away for the holidays, but hoping to get back and finish up the requests that I have still left once I get back. Hope you have a happy holiday yourselves!
Been slammed with a lot of real life stuff past few weeks. I know there's several vectors I still will get done before reopening for requests.  My apologies if I don't get back to you quickly on notes or comments.

Also, I just noticed that I passed 1000 followers. Thanks everyone!
Aug 7 2014 - I think what has been submitted below is going to be a good amount to keep me busy for a bit, plus I have a few work things coming up that might delay things. As one of my goals is to be timely, I don't want to overpromise here. However, once I pare down the requests here, I will probably reopen (either this thread or another new thread). If you have contacted me before this point but not yet in this thread, I will still fulfill that.

Original Entry:
I am going to open up requests again since what I have left presently is short and mostly longer pieces that will taken time. 

I do ask that you limit requests to one or two characters, max. As long as you have a good character reference and idea of posing that you want in mind, I can pump out most 1 or 2 character images in an hour or so. Anything I feel will take longer, I will try to make note of that if asked and will queue that differently. Please note that I may refuse a request if its something that I feel will take me a long time.

Specific details for what I can do, please see here: 

Like the last thread:
  • I will leave this open until I feel I am "overwhelmed" and unable to get requests done in a timely (eg about a week) manner. Depending on completion rate, I might reopen but I will keep the title there for being open or not.
  • I will try to honor those that have previously asked for requests back when I was tracking those internally higher than others (eg off the tracking sheet). I woul also prefer to favor those that have not had requests from me over those that already have.
  • I may not immediately respond on this thread to your request unless I have specific questions, or identifying it as a larger work. However, when I do do your request, I will send you a note for you to review the final image and ask for your input. I will also reply in this thread when the request is done and posted. I found this approach is good for tracking (eg in my personal messages page on dA I can see what is left open :)
  • If you have a request that you do not want to share details publicly, you should still reply and ask for the request and then send me a note with details. That way I know where you will fall in this request. 
The following are requests that are still from the previous thread (will update as completed)

The following are requests that have come through other means prior to posting this one (will update as completed) (If you have contacted me about a request and don't see your name, please make sure you reply here and make a note of that so I can push your up)

The following are requests in this thread or asked after posting this thread: (If you think I have overlooked your request, possibly something sent in notes, please let me know) 

With the con in full pre-reg mode, I hope everyone enjoys the con book, as, along with the pullout schedule/maps, I was the one in charge of doing the layout and formatting for the book along with the help and advice of the rest of the BronyCon design team.   

Yes, that's about where 2 months of my artistic time went. :)  That was really the inDesign crash course for me (fortunately, as I often use MS Word styles and MS PP master slides, the basic concepts were easy to learn).

Additionally, beyond other imagery that has already been posted, these are the various pieces that I did for the actual event:

Bronycon 2014 - Inside Cover Spread by masemj Inside cover art, featuring a ponified fish-eye few of the BCC 

Bronycon 2014 - 'Visit Baltimore' Conbook Ad by masemj Full page ad for Visit Baltimore, as the city is welcoming the con again next year

Bronycon 2014 - Gopher Room Room Sign by masemj  Bronycon 2014 - Security Pen Room Sign by masemj  Bronycon 2014 - Baltimare Arcade Room Sign by masemj  Bronycon 2014 - Crystal Arena Room Sign by masemj  BronyCon 2014 - Infirmary Room Sign by masemj Art for free-standing signs (about 6') to identify the various activity rooms around the con floor.

Unfortunately, last minute work things nixed my plans for going to the con, so I'm living it through Twitter :)


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2. Does the episode "Every Little Thing She Does" involve Starlight Glimmer? Don't tell me to look at a synopsis. I'm avoiding synopses because I don't want to refuse watching another episode altogether. If you wanna know how I know AJ and Flutters are called by the map to solve a friendship problem in Las Pegasus, I asked someone else earlier.
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Wow, your stuff is awesome! Your art is really well-done and professional, and it all looks really nice. :)
Here's a hug. :) :hug:
'Case you need one! Or if you don't.
Anyway, have a great day! ^^
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