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Seiya Kou

Gah, I haven't inked or colored digitally in so long!! It took forever to get this done, how embarrassing D: I drew this at 6:30am today, and then left for work at 8am~~~ All day I wished I could just be on my iMac at home so I could color this~ :heart:

Seiya Kou is (c) Naoko Takeuchi's brilliant Pretty Soldier Sailormoon manga. I fell in love with this character again (if that wasn't obvious from my username, well, that's where the "seiya" part comes from... haha) after discovering SolarGuardianChick's fanfic The Heart of Cosmos: [link]

I will reply to all the comments I've missed this past week tomorrow~~~ I have SO MUCH catching up to do on dA :cry: it's kinda scary.... Sorry my friends, don't forget about me~~ :pray:

Free :hug: for everyone!! :boogie: If anyone wants 'em.... ^^;
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sweet-misery788's avatar
Love him! <3 Excellent job!
ann4rt's avatar
Love it. He is always going to be a man in my books.

And OMG thank you for the fanfic! I am in LOVE with it!!! I could not stop reading :)
IsakiYukihara's avatar
Seiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa :love: >w<
DictatorCat's avatar
*le gasp* <3<3<3
DarkKokeshi's avatar
OMG.... I fell in love :heart:
QuirkyCat's avatar
what an awesomeness!
I love this guy :heart:
KennaAshton's avatar
NettyCosplay's avatar
Ahhh, I love this pic so much <3<3<3
harisri's avatar
ooh i love it!
Drachenfuerst's avatar
he looks really hot.... o.o

now i like him nehehee
ramendoodles's avatar
P-pardon my drooling *_*
AriesYami's avatar
It's beautiful! :star:
UtopianPictures's avatar
Very nice! You captured his personality so well -- this piece radiates his brooding and his confidence at once.
the-wind-the-sea's avatar
ZarineBashire's avatar
I really like his look in this piece. He looks very masculine and mature. The shading turned out wonderful.
xAtomicSmilex's avatar
Your style is amazing!!*U*
I'll be watching you if you don't mind!!
karin-lee's avatar
Tanis711's avatar
mmmm hmmmm seiya!!!!!
ashfaceagain's avatar
he looks so damn fiiiine *.* great work!
KasaruChan's avatar
KatieSquiggles's avatar
Wow, you did a wonderful job capturing the emotion on the face. I love the black and white details. :3 Very pretty.
Ashkanie's avatar
Wow, Which lists(classifies) and which elegance, and this glance ^^
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