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Another of me at the wnbr!!

By mascotruby
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Another photo of me at the world naked bike ride this year!! :)

Have a great week everyone!
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Jun 8, 2018, 6:16:57 PM
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AButterflyWarrior's avatar
Hey honest opinion is.... YOU ARE ONE BRAVE DUDE🤘🤘🤘😊
mascotruby's avatar
Haha thank you, but is good to support body positivity ! :)
AButterflyWarrior's avatar
Yes u agree. I have had body issues most of my life and ppl like yourself i take my hat off too. Fab!🤘😁
AButterflyWarrior's avatar
I agree...ffs... lost my concentration!
Drawings-forever's avatar
You have personality to undress anywhere...I think I've fainted. ..XD

you look greatWorship 
mascotruby's avatar
Thank you so much !!, that's nice of you to say ! :)
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Sk8boardkidd's avatar
Oh um. This is the picture you sent to me right? Ummmm... I hate to be rude I really do. But, I'd feel better if you didn't send me this type of thing. I don't really enjoy looking at this kind of stuff and I get sent this stuff everyday I come on here. It gets kind of annoying. I have nothing against you and I would love to be friends, but please don't send me this stuff. I hope you understand and have a fantastic day!:hug:
EddieMason's avatar
There's a thing like that?!
XxChiyuuxX's avatar
Maybe next time warn someone that it is a nude pic? This could have been taken a very bad way and could have ended up bad for you considering all people don't appreciate being sent nudes, especially out of the blue and with no warning. I can't say I am keen of it myself. 
However, congrats to you for having the courage to put yourself out there like that.
I personally believe everyone should be allowed to believe in what they want as long as you don't force it on others if you get what I mean.
mascotruby's avatar
that's a fair point, is quite an "honest" selfie ! :)

and do agree with you about not forcing on others, something i believe too ! 

thank you for taking the time ! 
XxChiyuuxX's avatar
zangoose335's avatar
i'm not sure how i feel about this.....
Nominomps's avatar
Honest opinion? Well, I'm really neutral on the topic of nudity and such (mainly cause sauna culture is the one I grew up with) :D Plus, if it was an event where you can be nude, I guess I don't have a problem with it haha! The photo seems seems really just a basic photo (besides the nudity ofc lol)

I'm not that good with photography so I cannot say what could have been done better, so yeah. [CHAT ICON] Baldi Fortnite Default Dance 
mascotruby's avatar
haha aw well thank you, is quite an "honest' self portrait ! 

do like the setting but feel could work on more poses ! 
hope you have a fun weekend ! 
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mascotruby's avatar
do like the setting haha !! :)
EllentariOrigins's avatar
Well, I think I would need more of a context then this. 
Because, let's be honest: sending a naked link of yourself without people knowing about it is probably some kind of atempt to surprise. The question is: what kind of reaction would you like to have? 
Or are you just happy about your nakedness and would like to share it with the world? :p 
If that's the case I would say: good for you. I do not feel enough at ease with my body to do so. And would probably get arrested if I did walk around like that in public. So. 
I prefer to channel myself trough another kind of pictures, and trough drawings. 
Aren't you cold??? 
mascotruby's avatar
thank you for taking the time, was me at the world naked bike ride, in support of body positivity, and was just something i wanted to share..
and while naked well am curious how people view me..
haha was a bit cold though!
EllentariOrigins's avatar
No problem. 
... If you feel that good about your body, why don't take it a step further and ask a good photographer to take pictures of you? 
You must be aware that the quality of the ones you show isn't good. 
Cyber-Ella's avatar
I attend nude life drawing classes and a clothing optional club so honestly I've got not much to say. Just really use to nudity.
mascotruby's avatar
ah ok that's cool, maybe hoping you would have more of an insight, or just first impressions ! :)
Cyber-Ella's avatar
Honestly though, if you are going to direct people to the image you really should mention it is NSFW. It isn't polite to not mention it.
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