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warframe mesa

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This is the best Mesa fan art i've seen 
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Looks better with a helmet.
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mesa? PFFT every one knows nekros is best
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Ya know, I might be yelled at for saying this. but at first I didn't think Mesa was a "Girl". (Takes deep breath) Let that Hate spam begin~
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Im so in love that you do warframe photos!!!
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I find it sad that this is cooler, and sexier than the actual Mesa.
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DE's designs are mostly weird to try and be different and set their archetypes apart; they succeeded in what they wanted, but failed in making their designs appealing in some cases
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I don't know what warframe is, but this has a good "zen" line.
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Give it a try. It's a co-op third-person shooter, and mostly PvE. It starts out pretty grindy but once you get the ball rolling it's a lot of fun. The best part is that you can get almost everything in the game without paying, except for SOME cosmetics. Best with friends. The community is on the whole quite friendly and helpful as well.

If you need help, hit up some fan sites for help (just google them). /r/warframe on reddit is fantastic if you're a newbie.

Hope you give the game a whirl! It's on PC, XboxOne, and PS4.
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still tryin' to level this baby. she's pretty awesome
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must be preeeeeeeeeeeetty cold.
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Cool!!! But mesa means table in spanish... i always think in a mesa(table) when isee her.
Do a nyx prime!!! That wold be cool
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wow the colors are so soft on this
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Oh yes... oooooh fuck yes :D
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Looks really cool.
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