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warframe lotus

Imagine the face
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Ehh, the body looks like Ash :|
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my new iphone wallpaper
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I always imagined her having a face as you have illustrated here. Powerful and graceful at once~
ABba149's avatar
thanx now digital extremes changed lotus from an ai to a living being
Kalikedeshi's avatar
I feel like this is a level 5000 boss that spans the entire server (North America East, West etc) trying to defeat her, when Warframe is about to close.

But I dunno. Could happen.
VarichMortemius's avatar
kinda looks saddening someway. :o
riokusanosuke's avatar
hey um i thought this was warframe art and kinda used it for our clan logo i did edit it but your image is kinda clear on this i hope you don't mind. plus love all your warframe art its amazing detail.
Sean-7391's avatar
I always found this character interesting, but puzzling. Who is the Lotus?
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GamerGirl116's avatar
Ummmmm... Project Genova from Final Fantasy VII anyone? I swear the memory still haunts me, she was so creepy...:scared: :faint: 
ABba149's avatar it is interesting I hope im not being rude
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If DE ever decides to show the face of Lotus......this should be it.
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That is amazing.
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B>Max Serration PM ME
livmarit98's avatar
holy shitt *-* i love this!!
Dark-K-dA's avatar
gee thanks, now every time I see Lotus I see this...

seriously though, I love this picture you did an awesome job
2tk's avatar
ohhhh awesome!
Maniacal-Mannequin's avatar
Holy Hell!!...that is awesome. I love Warframe, and I love the art you've done for it. Keep it up :D
Kareiya's avatar
oh damn unmasked lotus! you are amazing sir :D
CatofManyFaces's avatar
Oh man i hope you sent this to DE! i bet they'd love it!
DBardot's avatar
Think you could wallpaper this, by chance?  I can't imagine a better rendition of Warframe fandom as of now. O_O :pray:
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