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newest butterfly^^
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I am impressed. Really good. :D
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wow i'm gobsmacked. What beautiful intricate work!
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Wow - this must take a lot of patience
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this is amazing... love it
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I am overly inspired
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This is amazing... such intricate details :O I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work you must have put into this...
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Your skills with paper cutting are truly fantastic, it must take ages to develope such fine control to produce these delicate works, I am in awe of your ability.
Ross-Makoske's avatar
wow, that's amazing!
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OMG this is amazing!
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:O i can never top that lol beautiful though
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This is wonderful papercut! You are very talented in the craftwork.
LightShattered's avatar
This is gorgeous! And so delicate!! Amazing work :D

I'm wondering what you use to cut out these shapes. And whether you use a special paper?
Zappe's avatar
You have an incredible skill! These are all so gorgeous!!
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This is AmAzing work! U are Very skilled at it ... Congrats! :D
bbaylavebugs's avatar
Incredible, I am still shocked that it is paper :shocked: BEAUTIFUL !!! :)
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Amazing, are you on earth ?? :O
* I guess if you remove the ring from your hand the details will appear more * but sure thing it's still unbelievably beautiful !!!
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Wow, these are just so beautiful! I would love to be able to cut out such intricate, detailed patterns from paper like this! Truly inspirational, I might have to give this a go some time, I just love the effect. What a fanatastic talent you have! :D What tools do you use to cut such amazing designs?
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wow. I didn't know anyone did that by hand anymore. nicely done.
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I've never seen anything like this. It's beautiful.
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You are so talented!!! :clap:
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That is absolutely wonderful!

May I ask what tools you used to cut so detailed? I tried to cut paper like that...but it always break! >__<
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