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blue sky and clouds
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God... This is AMAZING! So much feels...
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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Very, very, well done.
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This is so awesome:)!!!
RndmGuy94's avatar
Excellent clouds! Dreamy. . .
Why2be's avatar
Dear Masaaki,
Congrats for your DD...
I was even more amazed by your forest paintings with your mew mews.
You're a great artist who deserve to be more seen on DA.
Enjoy your day =P (Razz) 
fumi-the-alien's avatar
I freakin love the the painting! The colours, the clouds, the perspective...even though it has a sketchy touch to it, still looks kinda neat, if that's makin any sense.
krasblak's avatar
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!
Ururuty's avatar
love your works
Castle in the Sky anyone?
Slaxyy's avatar
Congrats on the DD! This is stunning.. :D
It really reminds me of studio ghibli style which I really miss. Congrats on the DD and the stunning painting that brings feels into me every time I see it.
Barskaya's avatar
Brilliantly executed. Wonderful balance of shape and colour.
mea00's avatar
Very nice! Congrats on the DD
ConnieCookiee's avatar
Congrats on the Daily Deviation! You deserve it :heart:
This is a really beautiful painting - keep up the awesome work :love:
Lazenzerk's avatar
No words, serioulsy, good job !
NekoNinja13's avatar
I've sometimes imagined that big puffy clouds are big floating mountains waiting to be explored 
C1nderellaMan's avatar
Your wonderful piece inspired a short poem >> Perfect Storm

The enormity and wonder of the natural world is a catalyst for self renewal.  Your illustration is a wonderful example of this.  Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your DD :)

自然界の巨大さと不思議は自己再生のための触媒です。あなたの図は、この素晴らしい例です。あなたのDD​​の共有とお祝いしていただきありがとうございます :)
I read your poem.
I like the last one sentence "my sky became ocean" in particular:-))
Thank you for wonderful comment and wonderful poem!
And I like KING CRIMSON too :-)
C1nderellaMan's avatar
Thank you! I'm very pleased that you like it :) :)  Your watercolor painting caught my eye today... so beautiful!
Another Crimson fan, huh? Headbang! We are fairly rare on here! You probably noticed my icon, profile picture, post tag-line, and literature tag! :D
I am very influenced by KC.  My DA name is from a Rush song, so you can see I'm a big fan of progressive rock.!! :)
Pleased to meet you! Handshake 
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