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Nocturne for iTunes 10

:windows: Nocturne for iTunes (manual install - drag & drop)
10.7 version is Final for Nocturne, theme not going to be updated to 11 version of iTunes

iTunes 11 skins: Estea
Nocturne Installer for:
iTunes Download from Dropbox
iTunes Download from Dropbox
iTunes Download from Rapidshare

Other iTunes 10 skins: OSoA, Aeila
The Package contains:
- Nocturne.exe
- Revert to Original.exe
- Addons > Hidden Menu
For ArtWork used Brushes [link] by midnightstouch
and Girl sketch [link] by Nyra992
© 2010 - 2021 Masaliukas
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will it work on
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Freshington's avatar
Hey, don't mean to be a bother, but could you update please?
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Would it work on 10.6.1??
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hey i've got windows itunes any chance u can update for this version?
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Already outdated. Man, iTunes is a bitch. Beautiful theme, though, been enjoying it for a long time. :)
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What? It didn't work. iTunes says it needs to be reinstalled 0.0
Freshington's avatar
Never mind, I just re-downloaded and did everything the same, worked
Thanx alot is been hard finding a 10.6 theme since i updated youre the best bro
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after weekend will work on porting (monday).
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Just what I was looking for! It's superb! :tighthug:
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I'm glad that You like it :)
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The hidden menu doesn't work for me. When I clicked on one of them, any one of them, nothing happens. Is it a bug or is it just me? I have XP SP3 and iTunes 10.5. If there is a solution, please let me know asap as I love your skin too much to let it go! Thank you!
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If I understood correctly You don't see pop-up menu after clicking on any of these buttons, right?

If so I can suggest only two solutions:
1. Try to reinstall Theme in such order: Revert to original.exe > Nocturne.exe > Hidded menu.exe
2. Try to reinstall iTunes
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Yup! And apparently the same thing happened with the Aelia skin, too since it also had hidden menus option. I tried what you have suggested before I got your reply and nothing changed. It's weird because I didn't have any problems at all with your 10.1 version. I start to think it has something to do with the iTunes 10.5/Windows XP combo. What's your take on that??
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About XP, definitly no, coz it was created on XP and I'm XP user to.

It is sadly but I haven't what to suggest for you to solve this, that is definitly weird bug.

But anyway, just want to be sure.
When you installed theme without addon "hidded menu" these pop-up menus works fine? and only after addon installation it won't work properly?
And one more question: your iTunes languege set to english or some else?
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I solved it! When I uninstalled & reinstalled it for a third time, the problem went away. It's super weird if you ask me as I still don't know what caused it. Thanks for all your help!!! One more thing, CAD doesn't work with 10.5, do you have a solution to that?

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I'm glad that problem is solved (=

About CAD, yep, probably it doesn't support iTunes 10.5 and I can't help here.
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ähm, there is no button to change the volume...
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Volume bar is in exact place where it is in default theme.
When volume bar is on max, you can't see it, but when it isn't, you can see it.
i dont think this is supported for is it ????????????
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