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Estea for iTunes 11

By Masaliukas
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:windows: Estea for iTunes

:bulletred: It's final version for Estea.
:bulletred: Beta version of Arema for iTunes 12 
Package contains:
:bulletblack: Estea
:bulletblack: Revert to Original

Alternate download links with installer:
:bulletblack:Download from MEGA
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Not upgrading to 12, 11 is better imo - thanks for the update.
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can you make it for iTunes 12 :D
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11.4 Version is final version for "EsteaMwahahahahahahaha! 
jerrychyi's avatar please
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Update for 11.4 please :D
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Updated & fixed. Thx
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Found a small bug. Ive been seeing this since the 11.1 build and I was hoping it'll be fixed in the latest version. The bug disappears when I revert to the original skin. [puu. sh /aPDkf/f5f7818b15.png]
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Thank you!
It will be fixed in the next update.
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Thank you too, good sir. :D
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Did this skin work on the version of iTunes 11.3.1?
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Now it works - updated to 11.3 version.
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Thanks for the update-Looking forward to 11.3 - I miss this theme! :)
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Thank you! Now you can download 11.3 it's updated.
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Will it have a 11.3 version?
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Now it has (:
Updated to 11.3.
Thank You!
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Will there ever be a mac version?
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"Files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes" :( I'm using the version.
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Recheck or you installed it in right directory, because after apply path correctly you can't get such kind of error, even if I would make mistake in path then you will get "Files are corrupted" error.
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Thanks for fast reply, I've installed it again and it's working now :)
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How did you change the text colour on the top bit? I figured it would be <key>color</key><string>0 1 0</string> or something like that, but it doesn't work for me. It IS in the TextStyles.plist, isn't it?
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It isn't, color can be changed by editing hex values in "/iTunes/iTunes.dll"
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