MasaBowser Cup in Mario Kart 7!!

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The prize is One time art commission for free by your request!!

How to entry:

Please add me your 3DS friend list first.
Next, tell me your 3DS friend code somehow.( comments, messages, etc.)
I add you my list in order of arrival.

Off course, my friend list has a limit.
You may not have deviantART ID.
No problem.
Let's race with me one time in Bowser Works Team community.
After that, you can join me when I'm online.

Name your Mii BWT* temporarily. I recognize you are an entrant.
Example: [BWT]masa, BWTmasa, etc.

If you race with me, the results is recorded in save data each other.

The winner is depended on a number of victory marks of racing with me,
until On Thursday, 5 January 2012 0:00:00 ( GMT + 0:00)
I don't mind about your defeat marks.=)

Masabowser Cup start already!
Let's entry you in a hurry!

About Bowser Works Team community =>

Invitation to New Year Racing =>

My 3DS friend code: MasaBowser 5112-3398-2428

Check my twitter ( I hadn't used until today... )=>
I will announce my online infomation.
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i will too join your Community
Bowser is my favorite Nintendo Villain.

my friend code is 4940-5457-1196

my Mii Name is Crow3000

come out Germany