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List of Masa Songs (WIP)

Masa's Youtube channel is ell182a
You can also follow Masa on Twitter at masa_182
Masa also has a blog! You can check it out here!

狐の話 (The Fox's Story)
Fox Wedding pixels by KazumiJade
The Fox's Wedding (original) (remake)
(Mai and Akari remake) (ADULT remix PV) (ADULTRAZ remake) (translation)
"I want to eat you, I want to eat you, I so want to eat you."
The remake has slightly altered lyrics so the translation may not fit the original version.

The Spider and the Lion-like Kitsune (text translation) (translation)
"I understand the destined fate of cannibalism."
The very first song, timeline-wise, in the series. It's VERY NSFW, so be warned! The original PV for this song was unfortunately deleted.

Will-o'-Wisp (original) (translation)
"Do you know my suffering? Do you know my sorrow?
Masa's first song, so the art style is radically different from his recent works.

Headless Dancing Frenzy (original) (translation 1)
"Neck's getting itchier, I wonder if it's because (the head)'s not there?"
Although it isn't nearly as graphic as The Spider and the Lion-like Kitsune, it is still not safe for younger viewers.

The Beautiful Shadow of the Demon's Frenzied Dance -Kitsune no Yomeiri- (original) (text translation)
This video has callbacks to The Fox's Wedding. True to its name, the lyrics are ridiculously fast and can be hard to catch. Also includes Rin screaming like a firetruck.

The Demon Child in the Clear Mirror (original) (translation)
"Demon princess, this is the request of a lifetime."
The jarring youkai musicians make the video unsettling, and if you've watched Circle You, Circle You...

Shikyou, the Amanojaku (original) (text translation)
"It's OUR sovereignty. We DON'T NEED such things as GODS."
Dominated by Rin, this song features the titular god Shikyou's rage at the main characters in the series for defying their fates.

Star Lily Dance Performance (original) (ADULT remix)(translation)(color-coded translation)
"A fate that won't be encountered."
Arguably one of the brightest entries in the series. supposed A What If happy end scenario of sorts.

姉妹の話 (The Sisters' Story)
A trilogy of two sisters who are fated to become one.
My Seventh Celebration - The Two Sisters by Omenomicon
On My Seventh Anniversary (original) (translation)
"In the end, I promise the love of a sister."
A tale of two sisters, one younger and one older. After a petty fight, the younger sister stabs the other...

Me and a Heart (original) (translation)
"The flower arrangement where the two become one has disappeared."
A sequel to My Seventh Celebration. The younger sister poses as her dead older sister, and has some identity issues while her sister's ghost haunts her.

To Celebrate You Two, I'm Here (original) (translation)
Return me to myself, tears flowing.
The finale of the Sisters' Story. The younger sister becomes partially possessed by her older sister, and both are trying to control one body. In a moment of clarity, the younger sister desparately takes a knife... (SUICIDE WARNING)

マハの話 (Maha's Story)
Enkantada (original) (translation)
Is the insane all whom remain?

Chinese Dogma (original) (translation)
"The world is dead; the life you are unaware of yourself"
The origins of the cult seen in Enkantada. VERY SUGGESTIVE.

Mentalism Maria (original) (translation)
A prequel song to Chinese Dogma and Enkantada, the origin of Psychopath Luna. BLOOD WARNING.
translation courtesy of Shiratori aka Ciel Scans and subs by Mock1ngJay

おれの世界 (My World)

BUNKER BUSTER (original") (remake) (translation)
"Humans cannot become gods.
Unlike what Masa did with the Fox's Wedding remake, the lyrics remain the same. This song is translated by FallenAngel1017

REVOLVER DRAGON (original) (translation)
Do you like rock?
Warning for death and suicidal imagery

Gang Attack (original) (translation)
A song about the heroes of the Showa Era; a call to revolution.

POLICE No13 (original) (translation)
"I live for justice"
VERY VERY NSFW translation by FallenAngel1017. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Last Years (original) (translation)
"Cheers to life."
The last years of your life can be depressing. Potentially suggestive material and drug mention.

Uguisu Baita (original) (translation)
"Do you like Baita?"
Surprise, it's prostitutes.

Great Biz Showtime (original) (translation)
The girl is NOT Yuzuki Yukari. An original sung by Hatsune Miku.

Country of Stars (original) (translation)
"The world is beautiful, even if it is full of sadness."
The illustration is done by 房野聖

Dolphinray (original) (reboot) (translation)
Out of the songs Masa remade so far, Dolphinray has the biggest changes in lyric and composition. The original had Rin and Gumi singing together; the reboot has Gumi singing alone. This also shows Masa's improvements in his illustrations and video editing.

OUTBURN KAMIKAZE (original) (translation)
Smooth Talking Mode: ON!
Alcohol at a party makes for some questionable acts.

God of Marie (original) (translation)
Nuns start smoking weed, and an...interesting song ensues.

Soap Lagoon (original) (translation)
Cast away your pride, all for the money!
A song about prostitutes, and the most NSFW song Masa has made as of yet. You have been warned.

Yuudachi to koi hanabe (Showers and Fireworks of Love) (original ) (translation)
A solo song by Gumi, it has yet to be translated.

彼女の世界 (Her World)

Gang Attack (original) (translation)
A song about the heroes of the Showa Era; a call to revolution.

OUTBURN KAMIKAZE (original) (translation)
Smooth Talking Mode: ON!
Alcohol at a party makes for some questionable acts.

God of Marie (original) (translation)
Nuns start smoking weed, and an...interesting song ensues.

Soap Lagoon (original) (translation)
Cast away your pride, all for the money!
A song about prostitutes, and the most NSFW song Masa has made as of yet. You have been warned.

Ageha Glow (original) (translation)
Pure? Or F%cking Bitch?
Miku and Gumi are trying to one-up each other on who's the best girl at a club. Surprisingly non-sexual despite how similar it is to Soap Lagoon.

僕の青春 (My Youth)

Sweetful Days (original)
A gift from us who jumped forward into adulthood to you.
Gumi solo song.

Slinky Heart (original) (translation)
Yet to be translated. Shout-out to K-On?

Spring Again, See You Tomorrow (original) (translation)
Yet to be translated.


Bloody Mary (original) (translation)
"Good morning, Princess, Bloody Mary."
Nothing's scarier than a mouth on the back of Gumi's head and a hand sticking out of it.

Disease Princess / The Sick Princess (original) (translation) (Sachiko self-cover)
"Am I pretty?"
A one-shot song about a girl consumed by her vanity and desired her beauty eternal.

life is 39 (original) (translation)
Miku sings her love to all of humanity in this adorably happy song.

Ergonomic Hero (original) (translation)
Religion or Ergonomics?
A song about two heroes with religious conflicts. Has strong connections with Maha's Story, but isn't in that playlist.

JOKER (original) (text translation)
I can fortune, Jas Bee JOKER
An extremely old MASA song that is most definitely a predecessor to Gang Attack. MASA calls himself Producer Ell in this song; that's how old it is. Text translation courtesy of Releska!

JosiKousei (original)
A remake of JOKER, with changed lyrics. It playfully mocks high school girls and still sounds like Gang Attack. Not translated yet.

Nightmare Detox aka Masa's Cute Works in Case Someone Needs to Sleep Well Tonight
Yes you read right. Masa goes into cute sometimes.

Adult Patch (original) (remake)
Yet to be translated. Exactly what it says: a kindergartener patched to adulthood.

Candy Life (original) (translation)
Yet to be translated. The vocals are as sweet as the name.

Honey Jerry; Wild Idea Academy (
original) (translation)
yet to be translated. A girl named Hitomi enrolls in a weird school where Miku and Gumi are her students. Cue Slice of Life Comedy.

Pandemic Love Distortion (original) (remake) (translation)
Masa wrote the description for this song as "A song about a girl's experience in falling in love with another girl. GIRLS' LOVE. The remake has art drawn by VB rather than Masa.

Impact Death Entity (original) (translation)
"I have faith in your future"
God decides to grade the humans and so an angel descends to earth and helps the humans get the perfect score!
Text translation courtesy of Shiratori aka Ciel Scans

Wa -Nagomi- (original)
The crazed sakura blossom in the moonlit night, Nagomi.
Hatsune Miku solo song. Was going to be part of a trilogy featuring three dancers, but Masa seems to have abandoned that idea.

Monochrome Shangri-La (original) (translation)
The death and burial of a friend under a starlit sky.

Masa Mixes
Masa also makes arranges of existing songs.

Bad Apple!! feat. Gumi V3 -original vocal arrangement by Masayoshi Minoshima ft. Nomico- (video)
A remix of Bad Apple that you can dance to!

Ai Kotoba -original by DECO*27- (video)
Another Masa video with art done by another artist. Illustration by 7屋

Senbonzakura ft Miku/Gumi -original by Kurousa- (video)
An arrangement with more traditional instruments.

Calc. ft Gumi -original by JimmyThumb/One Room- (video)
Right up there with the Sweet Dreams Fuel tab.

No Brand Girls -original by Love Live!- (video)
Turns out Masa is a fan of Love Live. Uses Gumi, IA, and Miku.

Group Info

This is a group dedicated to music composer, Masa (まさ), best known for his Vocaloid horror songs!

WARNING: Most of Masa's songs are nightmare fuel, and we love it! :heart:
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Masa uploaded a new song today called Golden Japang! It's REALLY GOOD. Please watch it. From what I can gather, the song is about japanese gods raving/partying in the sky. The designs for the characters are so cute!
(Fun fact: the katakana for "japang" is "zipangu", which can also be "cipango". That's what Marco Pollo called Japan when he discovered it!)

But on top of that, Masa has said he will update his blog within the month (aka within the next 6 days), so be on the lookout. I'm literally going to flip when he updates, he hasn't done it since 2015. And we get more lore!

Have a lovely day everyone!
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