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Wolf and Raven

By Marzzunny
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Not so imaginative title, but so what. :D

I have much to tell about this artwork.... Fun with markers yeah, that's all? ;3

E: Shading and more harder-edged circle thing.

E2: 'oly god, almost 300 adding to favorites and personal artwork!
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this is so incredible amazing :wow:
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I go on a website called Chicken smoothie. I can only put pictures on my signature that I have made or got permission for. I am a terrible drawer and this picture is one of the best I have ever seen. So I am asking if I could have permission to use this great picture in my signature I will put underneath your name and ownership. please, if you want to know anything I will tell you if you ask, my user name is kerrywolflover. Thank you
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wolves and ravens have a relationship that most people don't recognize a wolf looks to a ravens call for warning as well it will look to a raven to find food. on a more spiritual side often a wolf is depicted as the bridge from land to spirit realm and raven spirit realm to land so together they make a bridge. I like this piece because its hard to find good artwork of a wolf and raven together. is it possible for you to draw something that depicts there relationship?

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#x-Wolf-Paws-x has chosen to feature your piece. This has been placed in our featured folder at this time.
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Oo, wow, thank you. :33
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Love the raven and the wolf's look
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Sorry meant to say I liked your work
ImeriBridzhet's avatar
Did you like your job
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Amazing!.. wow amazing lineart! *o*
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that red circle in the background fits in just right :3
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Thanks. :D I think it's too cliché using this kind of circle thing for "everywhere", but i like idea too much. :DDD
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lol..i really like it tho :P
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Oikein tyylikäs! Nimihän on hyvä, tuli mieleen se Sonata arctican kappale :D
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Love this, you did a great job. I especially love the wolf's reaction to the raven.
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Can I use this as a tattoo if I give you credit and send you a link to a pic of the finished piece? It's going to be a memorial tattoo.
Marzzunny's avatar
Umh, why not? I am a little bit confused, someone want to use this picture for tattoo. o__o Please, tell me if you need more the bigger version of this picture. :3
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This is gorgeous <3
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nippon desu nee

But seriously this looks nice :) The red could have a harder edge, but that's just my opinion =P
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I love this piece; just the use of black and white, the small bit of color for contrast, and the excellent use of values. <3
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wooow! that's amazing! *.*
Say, the red circle (is it the sun? XD) is done digitally, isn't it? o:
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