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lookie at what i found.

Equestria Girls and it's the FULL movie! hehehe. have fun.

My Little Pony

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Eridan Ampora - Homestuck


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Elisabeth (TMNT)

TMNT 2012

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Ruby Gloom

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Jeff The killer cute C:


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Jack Frost


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Creepypasta OCs: Fearzia and Her daughter Galzo


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Hetaoni - Together till the very end


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APH: Allies Stamp

Hetalia Stamps

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Prize: Sweet!Devil!America X Reader -My Girl-

Notes: -This is the reward for the second place winner for a contest :3 All dat good shtuff will be the description. The second place winner requested a Sweet!Devil!America reader insert that had fluff ^^ I hope this is good enough ^^ *I do NOT own Hetalia, the Characters, or the Reader! I only own the plot and do NOT plan on making profit! The only payment I require is happy readers~ and comments* -- You were a pretty normal girl with fairly indifferent life; you were on your way to a steady education and job, you had supportive parents and friends, and there was nothing very unique about you. You went to school like most people, and you we


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mon papa


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tsukamoto tenma-chan vector

school rumble

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Fairy Tail Bookmarks Jellal / Mystogan

fairy tail

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BEN Drowned x reader

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2p!America x magic!reader- My girlfriend's magic!

You kept your head down as you walked down the hall of your high school, hearing everyone. They might not have been talking but you heard their voices; their thoughts. You were a mind reader. You didn't mind that though. You actually liked it but a lot of people found it weird or creepy if you told them. That's kind of why freaking people out with it was like one of your favorite pass times. You liked seeing their shocked expressions as you told them their thoughts but now mostly no one in your school talked to you. They didn't bully you though. If they did, they knew they'd leave there crying, knowing a good amount of things about themselves

2p America x Reader

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England Free Icon

Hetalia Icons for profile pics

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Soul Eater_03


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why does it hurt...


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JournalDoll: 1

hetalia journal dolls

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2p or not 2p? [APH]

Hetalia 1p 2p Crossover

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