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A clean simple font.
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Great job. Thanks
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Great font! Beautiful
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Love the font ! thanks mate :)
love this font!
Love it! Open source? :D planning on creating my logo with this font! Just a piece of what i have been looking for.
10x really cool font
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Love this font! Thanks so much for this!
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hi I'm going to use this in a logo I'm making, to replace a crappy default one :o

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thanks for the font, nice one
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your font has been featured on our 50 free fonts article
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thank you so much for sharing this font!!

as far as I have been informed my friend has contacted you and donated some money too :-)
here are the links to the designs I created for the new café using your font:

logo: [link]
web design: [link]
blog design: [link]

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Yes, thanks!

Both the logo and the website look great!
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How would I put custom fonts in my website and make them visible to everyone even if they don't have the font on their computer? I really want this font on my site. Any ideas?
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