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October 29, 2012
Devotion by *MaryVostokova
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Ph: Mary Vostokova
MUA&hair: Christabel Taivas
Model: July
Style: Mary Vostokova

For all of this questions about fur!
Yes, it is real fur coat, if u guys having trouble with it, then just close my pic and don't go mad, sad or smth. Not all of the people in the world shares ur vegan sights :)
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Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people!
Eight thousand years ago everybody was wearing fur, so everyone was ugly?
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Back then it was necessary to stay alive. Nowadays it's plain cruelty!
Cruelty, where? During slaughter or during skinning? I do not see any difference between killing a pig and that of a fox or mink. Maybe the meat is good to eat. If not, turn the carcase into fodder for pork or cow. Nothing is lost, everything turns. I have always been amazed about wildlife documentaries in the UK when a driver hits a swan or a deer and leads her to a recovery center. If I were to be that driver I would call home and tell my wife to pre-heat the oven because I bring dinner.
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Yep, I don't see a difference between killing a mink or killing a pig either.. that's why I support neither of them.
And how is it cruelty? Have you ever seen HOW the animals are killed for fur? And how they are kept? If you think sticking a metal rod up your behind and in your mouth and get electrocuted by them ISN'T cruelty (or getting the fur/skin pulled off your body right away.. without any "anesthesia" ), then why don't you go ahead and do it to yourself?

Oh and nice try with your last sentence.
By this post I apologize. I watched PETA videos on YouTube. Sickening. In the future I will document myself before making comments.
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Do you live in a fucking cave, trying to kill a leopard who wants to kill you? Idiot.
Fucking cave? I never tried. I do my fucking in the bedroom mostly. And Undead567 is something else is to raise an animal for skin/fur then to kill a wild animal just for skin/fur.
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Dude, people in the beginning of "people" lived in caves and because of living in caves they needed animal fur to not die of cold. No there's no fucking difference between them. Both animals are living beings, both animals have feelings, they understand death and they feel pain, and all of them, ALL OF GOD DAMN ANIMALS wanna live.
By this post I apologize. I watched PETA videos on YouTube. Sickening. In the future I will document myself before making comments.
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Love the neon lighting on this model.
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Masterful light work!
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Love the colors in this one.
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Woah, this is cool. At first I thought it was an overly colorful (digi) painting, and I still would have liked it, but I think what impressed me most was yes, the lighting and how vibrant it all is and the textures between the silky dress and the fur and even her skin and hair.

(Btw, the fur is beautiful)
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This image is beautiful!
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Amazing... The illumination it's incredible. It seems a draw
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Amazed, absolutely amazed.
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Obligatory comment about the "fur" thing: I honestly couldn't see this photograph being as gorgeous as it is without it. The real fur coat is stunning, gives wonderful life to the art, and while I do not exactly approve of real fur I can put my own personal tastes aside to say it is gorgeous and it looks beautiful in this photograph. Glad you decided to use it.
That aside, I'm not particularly good at judging photography, but I must say I adore the lighting in this shot. It's a great photograph, and I really love it. Wonderful job, I hope more people could look past the fur and see the beauty of the photograph.
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I think I love you.
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A very interesting piece of work, with a very interesting color scheme. :)
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great colors!
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