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The GalaxyRailways2199 and RealDeltaGem War

The GalaxyRailways2199 and RealDeltaGem War

Hey y’all, I’ve been getting comments from others calling me a SJW and Galaxy white knight, but I can confirm you than I wasn’t and I though Galaxy was innocent thanks to miscommunication. I don’t hate anyone involved in this drama, but it has been very mentally draining for me and I can’t risk losing my motivation to make art. I’m not a SJW, I fucking hate SJWs, pedophiles and zoophiles and I want nothing to do with the Galaxy drama anymore! From now on, I’m not going to be involved in their fights. If anyone calls me a SJW or Galaxy white knight from now on, I won’t hesitate to share my journ
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See this journal… for details.

Also I am on discord

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I use doll makers which is NOT against any deviantart rules despite what some people on here would like to believe. The sites give permission to use their resources and re-post what you build with their resources onto other sites provided that you give credit back to the sites you built your content on. The "real art" is in the folder of my mother's art here

And quite frankly, I really don't understand the need to create a "professional portfolio". I'm not a professional artist and I am not here to advertise myself or sell anything. I'm just here to have fun and interact with other members. And have fun building content on doll makers. And I don't have accounts on most of the social medias sights that are listed on the social media tab.

Favourite TV Shows
Dr. Who
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Do the vocaloids count? I just like their songs and some of the stories they are in.
Favourite Books
Incarnations of Immortality series
Favourite Writers
Piers Anthony
Tools of the Trade
doll makers and Iphone 6splus for photos.
Does anyone know of any good tutorials about how to navigate eclipse? Since it's going to be forced on us whether we want it or not, I may as well get ready for it. Goodbye classic layout. You will be sorely missed.

Meet deviantart lolcow RetroSpriteResources!

Meet deviantart lolcow RetroSpriteResources!

RetroSpriteResources may be deactivated from deviantart, but his content and especially his journals are still up to continue giving comedy gold! An archived list of his journals are here Now RetroSpriteResources' journals could be sorted into various categories. For one thing, he thought anime was real and existed in other dimensions. Incest(fill in the blank) could relate to this since he thought he could open a portal into the cartoon world by punching a hole into his basement wall and putting a TV there. Naturally he's really intense about his anime waifus. Stop telling me that my wa

tumblr evidence against nbmapyagami

tumblr evidence against nbmapyagami

Another previous NOMAP-da member that Incest(fill in the blank) would fave from is nbmapyagami. He's deactivated now but his content is still up. The account must must have still been active when Incest(fill in the blank)'s IncestLove124 account was up because IncestLove124 commented on his content. From the IncestRevolution125 account on, the nbmapyagami account was de-activated but Incest(fill in the blank) still faved the content. Here's nbmapyagami's face reveal me lol . Content that IncestLove124 actually commented on are these:  , nomap flag themed outfits!!,   On this one, I only commented about Rin in the center panel since that was t

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You have to see my next drawing artwork pictures stories
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Thanks for the llama! :llama:

You're welcome!


i Kill stupid Marysue1964 with Origami blade!!!!

Wow! I am going to get such a paper cut from that origami sword!

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You’re welcome!