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Baba Yaga

By MarylinFill
Here's Russian cannibal hag named Baba Yaga. I guess she's ate somebody again and now playing her balalaika.
SuperSculpey, 34 cm, 2011
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2224x3344px 1.94 MB
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1/30 second
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47 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 13, 2011, 1:08:46 PM
© 2011 - 2021 MarylinFill
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apdarkness905's avatar
This is incredible work, the amount of detail in amazing and the amount of personality in this figure is brilliant, well done, well done indeed but I have to ask, have you or do you have any plans to do a sculpture of Vasilissa? I'm just curious.
MarylinFill's avatar
Thanks a  lot! Actually, my Frog Princess  Frog Princess by MarylinFill  is a portrait of Vassilisa the Wise since it's the same character, but maybe I'll make another one figure in Bilibin style =) Good idea, thanks!
apdarkness905's avatar
You're very welcome and thanks for the reply to my comment I appreciate you taking the time, I look forward to seeing the Bilibin version of Vasilissa. If your previous work is anything to go by it'll be something very special indeed.
MarylinFill's avatar
Hoch-Spannung's avatar
"Пой частушки, Бабка Йожка, пой - не разговаривай!"
MarylinFill's avatar
Ага =) Я была навеселе и летала на метле, хоть сама не верю я в эти суЯверия =))
Deidarafangirlartist's avatar
I love that it has such life to it! Fantastic job!
MarylinFill's avatar
Spottedclawlovescats's avatar
Wonderful... It's real now. I'm only half russian, and I have to endure the whole, terrifying, story. Yay.
MarylinFill's avatar
Oh yeah)) I plan to make another one. too =) Thanks!
Spottedclawlovescats's avatar
You're welcome, time to go have some nightmares XD
MarylinFill's avatar
Oh yeah!!! That's cuuute =)))
DarkSaxeBleu's avatar
... WE NEED A BABA YAGA GROUP HERE ON DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rose:
MarylinFill's avatar
Oh yeah, we do. It is nice to know that people from all over the world know that creature ;) too bad I am so busy to handle the group ...
deAscenthis's avatar
brilliant work!!! i didn't think i'd ever see babaroga (that's how we call baba yaga here) in a sympathetic way, but here you go...

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
MarylinFill's avatar
Well, it is a comedic character in modern Russia, we often use them as a good luck charm these days. Some people collect Baba Yagas for fun =)
deAscenthis's avatar
good luck charms and collectibles? wow! who'd say. i totally understand, though. hell, this one is so inspirational i'd even consider picking up clay and modelling again - something i haven't done for ages... :)

p.s. too bad croats were so eager to forget their slavic heritage. i belong probably to one of the last generations to hear a few stories with baba yaga, svarog, perun, danica and such characters. you can't hear any of those names here anymore.
MarylinFill's avatar
Thank you very much! I am so glad my work can inspire people!
Russia is full of pop culture these days too, we eat, buy, play and watch same stuff as most of modern people. In some way it is sad cuz Russian culture is long forgotten relic for now... People of Russia know very little about our own mythology too, all we have are charms and postcards mostly =(
deAscenthis's avatar
when me and my friends were children we used to love puppet shows, whether live staged in our local theater for children, or on tv, which held to high quality standards in those days. nowadays kids grow up on cell phones, facebook and brainwashing tv crap.

but however sad this may be, it is, dare i say - "normal". it's all a part of "the progress", or evolution, whatever you wish to call it. the sad part in all of it is that, in culture changes during many of the previous generations, there was always stuff that got integrated into the next complexity, intact or slightly transformed. and it's been like that for ages.

but time has come when the speed of information flow and technological revolution has reached the point where things get "in" and "out" almost at light speed. and still at those speeds some basic culture remains. even if it is, as you say, on postcards and charms. there is no point in crying for old times. only fools do that. but the spirits of old times should always be present in our society. that is a thing worth putting extra effort on.

there is a slight twist to the story here where i live. croats, as i mentioned, were so eager to discard their slavic heritage. it was all a part of the psychological propaganda during the serbo-croat war, where it was suddenly "wrong" to mention slavic roots. even some weird and obscure self-proclaimed historians surfaced who started preaching alternate history, in a desperate attempt to suppress all slavic heritage in our culture. and many went on with it, and in fear of "public" humiliation started nodding to all those absurdities. how bizarre?

yep, you've been quite inspirational. i'm getting my hands on several projects, after ages...

MarylinFill's avatar
Thank you very much for your comment, it was very interesting! I am sorry for delay, I'm working on a huge project and don't have any free time right now, I wish I could continue this topic, and cannot wait to see your work, cheers!!!:hug:
Kulot's avatar
i saw this episode of lost girl about an old had who eats young maidens etc. i thought they just made up the story for that episode.

this is cool :#1:
MarylinFill's avatar
Well, it is one of the most famous and popular character in Russian culture :) thanks a lot)))
Letheyann-Elethendyl's avatar
damn,old hag feeling artsy doesn't she?!? :lmao:
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