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Amazon by Marye-the-Minstrel Amazon :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 1 0
Bad Things Happen
If angels poured from angered skies
Who would dare to lift a sword?
And who would even wish to try
If God should come to war?
If Earth was wreathed in holy flame
So sinners might not live
Who would think to act the same
If God ceased to forgive?
No man could harm his fellow man
If God stood in the way
If He took our free will in hand
And violence would stay
Conversely, should the Lord descend
From his high thrones above
And mankind to His own will bend
What man would give Him love?
:iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 1 0
Dragon Thing by Marye-the-Minstrel Dragon Thing :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 2 0 Floral by Marye-the-Minstrel Floral :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 3 0 dARK wATER by Marye-the-Minstrel dARK wATER :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 7 0 Fallen by Marye-the-Minstrel Fallen :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 1 2 Castle of Leaves by Marye-the-Minstrel Castle of Leaves :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 2 0
Amour VS. L'appel du Vide
The river is so hard to see
Rushing by below
The fog is thick, so none will be
Affected when I go
The water seems so close, so far
Reaching out a hand
To hold me near when life is hard
A grave of shining sand
The bridge, the wind, are hard and cruel
Silent to my pain
The world that takes me for a fool
Here taunting me again
The leap, the rush, the silent death
Dancing through my mind
Slow sinking as I take a breath
The suicide is kind
But then she takes me by the arm
Looks into my eyes
We turn and walk back to the car
I do not want to die
:iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 4 0
Chameleon God by Marye-the-Minstrel Chameleon God :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 4 0
Hey, Baby
Here’s a true story:
I was walking home one day
You whistled over at me
But I didn’t look your way
“Hey Baby, turn those legs around”
Crossing the street, you looked me up and down
“C’mon, angel, let’s go get a drink”
But I returned a frown
I’m not your angel, baby
I won’t save your shallow soul
Didn’t hurt when I flew down from heaven
But it will when you rise from below
You can try to drag me down
But my wings burn to the touch
If you ask me what I think of you
I’ll reply “Not much.”
Don’t try to put me in my place
I’m soaring high above
Your ideas of my purpose
And I don’t need your love
I’m not your angel, baby
I won’t join your sultry soul
Didn’t hurt when I flew down from heaven
But it will if you crawl from below
I’m a strong, proud, woman
I was created to be free
I’m not yours for the taking, baby
See, I belong to me
:iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 1 0
Reach by Marye-the-Minstrel Reach :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 3 0 Monster Mom by Marye-the-Minstrel Monster Mom :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 2 2 Summer Vacation by Marye-the-Minstrel Summer Vacation :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 1 1 Testing doodle by Marye-the-Minstrel Testing doodle :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 2 3 Mommy Space Fish by Marye-the-Minstrel Mommy Space Fish :iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 1 0
End of a Sad Story
My muses, beloved tortures, gone!
Stolen, or withered away.
With them has wandered my lexicon
Of mem’rable things to say.
How now, sweet demons? You leave behind
Your hatefulest loyal slave.
Please it your graces, how shall she find
The burning that once you gave?
What’s this? You grant me a grievance yet?
Oh, gracious, wonderful, cruel!
Torment me, my choice is set
To live for this poison, your tool.
Face me, Last Muse! O, sorrowful name,
I write thus at your behest!
My final divine inspiration;
The absence of all the rest.
:iconmarye-the-minstrel:Marye-the-Minstrel 3 2


Thought by Irvau Thought :iconirvau:Irvau 5 2 Mortal Enemies by JnRnCn Mortal Enemies :iconjnrncn:JnRnCn 18 2
Time Matters
I wanna know who gave Time wings
and who taught him to fly
I wanna know who made him king
and I wanna know why
I wanna know how he slips away
and is he just so shy
that he never stops to hang around
and I wanna know why
Good things are torn away
good things are torn away
at the hands of Time
I wanna know who gave Time wings
that he never stops to rest
I wanna know why he's up and down
so you never know what's next
I wanna know who taught him to run
but never run out of breath
and why one day you run out of him
and nothing else is left
Good things are torn away
good things are torn away
at the hands of Time
...I wanna know why
at the hands of Time...
:iconthe-dead-that-live:The-Dead-That-Live 2 0
Redraw Meme: Khamika by Autumn--Fyre Redraw Meme: Khamika :iconautumn--fyre:Autumn--Fyre 5 8 Khamika #64 by Autumn--Fyre Khamika #64 :iconautumn--fyre:Autumn--Fyre 8 14 Khamika #63 by Autumn--Fyre Khamika #63 :iconautumn--fyre:Autumn--Fyre 7 0 My Quiet Place by Autumn--Fyre My Quiet Place :iconautumn--fyre:Autumn--Fyre 11 7 Glaurung by Tiamatus Glaurung :icontiamatus:Tiamatus 130 78 Spirit by Spinning-Jenny Spirit :iconspinning-jenny:Spinning-Jenny 11 0 Khamika Ask #4 by Autumn--Fyre Khamika Ask #4 :iconautumn--fyre:Autumn--Fyre 5 3 Khamika Ask #3 by Autumn--Fyre Khamika Ask #3 :iconautumn--fyre:Autumn--Fyre 5 0 Shell by KaineKamui Shell :iconkainekamui:KaineKamui 3 6
That's Not My Name
Hi my name's insolent, I'm the kid that won't listen to authority and makes animal noises while scribbling artwork outside of the lines in the colouring book
Hi my name's defiant and I correct adults and their information, sometimes I shriek or bang my head against a wall, mostly I ask questions that annoy or offend you
Hi my name's weirdo, my hobbies are not playing correctly with the other children and infodumping on unsuspecting bystanders about bacteria and diseases
Hi my name's retarded, I'm the laughter and whispers and stares, coupled with "You're too sensitive" and a dash of "These dang PC police are ruining everything"
Hi my name's victim and none of your bullying campaigns ever talk about me, I'm bruises and panic attacks and unexplained torn skin, I'm ignored because I make you uncomfortable
Hi my name's diseased, my whole personality is a defect and you want to cure (eradicate) it for my own good
Hi my name's homewrecker, don't you know apparently I cause marriages to fail
:icongraegirl:graegirl 4 2
Demon and Devil by JnRnCn Demon and Devil :iconjnrncn:JnRnCn 6 2 Khamika #59 by Autumn--Fyre Khamika #59 :iconautumn--fyre:Autumn--Fyre 7 4 Khamika #58 by Autumn--Fyre Khamika #58 :iconautumn--fyre:Autumn--Fyre 6 2


Marye-the-Minstrel's Profile Picture
Marye Virginia
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hi, I'm Marye. I like to write. I don't think anyone reads the bios anyway, so I'm just gonna leave it at that. Feel free to ask me anything else you want to know.


  • Listening to: Oompa Loompa Doompidie Doo
  • Reading: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Watching: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: hot chocolate
Just so you all know.


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