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What Haunts a Cat?

By MaryDoodles
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Ever wonder what it is your cat is staring vacantly at for hours and hours?

Made this painting for a time lapse video. [link]
I love Halloween and everything about it. And I especially love Halloween art :D
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Excellent work, Mary!
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Nice job! That cat looks so spooked xD 
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Nice :) I like the contrast between blue and orange. What do you call it again.. complementary colors? Gives it a kind of surreal feel.

Come to think of it, there are some mumble jumble of cats being able to see ghosts. Plenty of cat superstitions... especially black cats.
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And what haunts a Melmacian? Imagine the same with cats instead of mice :D
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sweet action blending skills
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I love your art. Work I am a big fan!:)
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This is great... I've been trying to get Lloyd to make a site.... you could probably do so much more. Thumbs up for creepy comment!
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I love this one sooo much.
Cause I'm obsessed with cats :33
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Delightful painting, I love the colouring of the background and the pose of the cat.
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This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I love the idea behind it. Great work :)
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I reaaaaaaally love this. Is it still available for purchase? :B
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It's beautiful, congrats :)
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I saw your timelapse videos on you tube and they're amazing, I especially love this painting because of all the cute mice and poor scared kitty, wish id know about you sooner! Thank you for doing such beautiful art ^^
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This is pure amazing :3
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The mice remind me of the rabbits from watership down!
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*.* You're too awesome! So cute! :3
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Your wonderful work has been featured in my journal. Thank you for sharing your visions on dA!
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Gorgeous and Hallowe'eny!
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