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Bill Gates VS Steve Jobs

By MaryDoodles
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~Watercolor & Ink~2012~
Time Lapse of the Painting: [link]

Epic Fan Art of History
Based on the Epic Rap Battles of History - "Steve Jobs VS Bill Gates"
(Youtube search it, yo!)

Not supposed to look like the actual Gates & Jobs, ya see. But instead Nice Peter as Steve Jobs and EpicLloyd as Bill Gates.
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© 2012 - 2021 MaryDoodles
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That looks amazing! The shading in particular is very well done :)
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Bill won.
1. He's alive - profit
2. He's a filantropist (I am quite sure that is spelled wrong)
3. his stuff is cheaper than Steve's.
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my fave ERB fan art by you :3
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I love the expressions!  Steve Jobs is like "I PWN, Deal with it." and Bill Gates is like "DIE BY PC."
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RIP Steve jobs :(
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Skynet win at the end. And The Terminator Era Begin.
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I'm listening to it right now
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Ahhh... My favourite rap battle.
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I hate to ask this, but did you did some preparations before doing the water color, or was that all done at the time? I noticed on the video that some of the water color had not entered or bled into certain parts of the canvas, such as where the eye of HAL should be, or on either character.

Sorry to be rude. Good work.
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To answer all your questions, here [link]
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I love that one =D
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apple vs windows..
ipod vs windows 98
iphone vs xbox
iphone 4s vs xbox360
iphone 5vs a windows tablet
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Bill Gates for the win!
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Your style is actually pretty smart. It's really simple and can bring the artist to an awesome masterpiece :) I'm learning your style to try myself something like this.
Also, will you ever sell Hitler's statue? XD
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I closed this tab and had youtube homepage on another, the speed drawing of this came up 0_0
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iPhone, iPad, iPwn, iSmack!!!
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