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tumblr o3m3yvb3Ur1u9rrtio1 1280 by MaryandJim  commission: Dubh Vhar by MaryandJim  Through five years by MaryandJim 

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Flat colored 
Jalyssaflat2 by MaryandJim  long may they reign (it will never happen, i know) by MaryandJim  Baby, don't cry by MaryandJim    

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Pixel art
   light up by MaryandJim  Jalyssa by MaryandJim  Grow till Tall by MaryandJim  

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catcher by MaryandJim  WE ALL ARE GALAXIES by MaryandJim  Ginger tabby cat by MaryandJim  

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I have a right to not accept the commission.

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How to contact me:

Payment via Paypal

Feel free to ask any questions!

In your message please include:
  • Your name
  • Type of commission (if you don't see the exact style you want me to use, just add a picture)
  • Who you want me to draw
  • Add references to the character (photos, the original sourses, poses if you have any in mind, anything you want me to see)
  • Any preferences

I'll answer as quick as I can and will let you know whether I've accepted your commission.
Thank you for your attention!

Have a good day!!
I was tagged by :iconanastasia122:
I really like these tagging things, so I'm gonna answer some questions. Not sure if I'm going to tag anyone (maybe a tag back?) since I'm very inactive here and I don't know a lot of people, so yeah

1)You have to post ALL the rules
2)Answer 12 questions you've been asked then create 12 new questions for people you tagged
3)Choose 12 people
4)Legitimately tag these people
5)You can't say you don't do tags
6)Tag backs are ALLOWED!

   1. Fill in the blank: "If I were an animal, I would be a..."
   A bear? (or a very lazy cat)

   2. If you could create the perfect day, what would the weather be like?
   Hm, there are two variants, I think. I really like it when it's warm, a little bit windy and when the sun is gently warming you up, so that you can wear a t-shirt and you'll be perfectly fine, not too hot. And since my favourite season is winter, I really like it when it snows, when big fluffy snowflakes are slowly falling down from the dark sky, I genuinely think it's the best scenery ever

   3. Describe your ideal adventure.
I don't know, really. I guess it all depends on the mood. The ideal adventure is a vacation when I do nothing and not feel guilty about it. Or when I do what I want without hesitating or thinking about something unpleasant thousand times a day

   4. What's your favorite holiday?
   New Year

   5. Are you going to vocation this summer somewhere or stay at your country? 
   I'm going on a vacation and I stay in my country ;)

   6. A book you love..?
   Fathers and Sons, probably my all time favourite

   7. How important you think education is?
   That's a toughie.. It depends, really. It depends both on a person's intentions and mindset and on the quality of education they receive. It is wonderful if you are lucky enough to get into a very good university or college, where teachers do their job properly. And the improvement your brain and your soul gets there is undeniably precious. 

   8. Fav movie?  
   I don't have one, I like too many.

   9. What you ate today?
   A sandwich, mashed potatos, a bit of pork and tomatoes.
   10. Least favorite movie you ever seen?
   I don't remember the name

   11. What you wear today?
   Blue top and funky pijama pants
   12. Hope I'm not bored you with those questions? 

I guess it's time for my questions now)
1. Have you ever read Harry Potter books?
2. Who's your favourite HP character?
3. Where do you live?
4. What do you like about your city/town?
5. Place where you currently live, is it the place where you were born?
6. What's your favourte music video atm?
7. What's your favourite song atm?
8. Do you like chilling on youtube?
9. What's your favourite social platform?
10. Do you thing DeviantArt is still relevant?
11. What would you like to change on this platform?
12. I hope you're having a nice day. What's the weather like today?

Really, guys, I'd love to tag everyone who wants to participate, so feel free!!

Have a nice day, everyone!

  • Listening to: Charlie Puth - the way i am
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Watching: My Mad Fat Diary
  • Playing: The Sims4


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Hi there ! You got a really nice artstyle ! Keep up the good work :)
MaryandJim Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist
Thank you so much!! I'll try to!
linux-rules Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
hello:happybounce:, thank you for using this icon I adapted to dA: Vkontakte Icon ultramini, have a llama.
There are some links that may be interesting for you:
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-Here are some extra tips.
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-If you need any icon tell me.
-Also, you may want to have a look to this tip to have a cleaner comment section ;) (Wink)  How to have a cleaner profile page by linux-rules 
I hope this comment didn't bother you.
Hi! greetings!
MaryandJim Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist
Thank you for your lovely comment, it's very informative! 
And thank you for creating the vk icon, it's very usefull as well!
linux-rules Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
:D welcome!!
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