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Digital Coloring Tutorial

And Here my first tutorial!
I made a poll ,with your opnion about a tutorial by me
and your choice was "Digital coloring".
So I hope this It useful for you,if you have some questions about it, just ask!

For this tutorial I spend of the free time important for me so if you like it, or think this is of utility for you, please give me your support !

If this tutorial will have good amount of favs I will do as soon the possible a new tutorial, probabily on Copic Markers, but on it I'll wait for your suggestions and needs.

Thanks to :iconmeloki: for correct my english!! :hug:

This tutorial is about this illustration: [link]

Per la versione in italiano qui

Textures Stock :iconresurgere:
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Emmacabre's avatar
Fantastic! Thanks for sharing! :-)
NaomiLeStrange's avatar
O0h god!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
marialucia00's avatar
grazie!!!! ma non puoi fare un video? (se non puoi non fa nulla ma i rispondi lo stesso vis5to che non so se lo hai letto? )
Bazylia-de-Grean's avatar
Great tutorial, this technique is wonderful! :) Elegant, simple, just great.
Naddie13's avatar
that is such a good tutorial!! Thanks a lot!! I think I can try coloring something, seems to be pretty easy :D
Mejinomaru's avatar
nice tutorial i might use this im new at digital coloring and inking
Aloemilk's avatar
I'm just learning, and as a fan of Ron&Hermione, I have to say this is wonderful!
Mahgy's avatar
So that is how you did it nice work!
LittleBayPony98's avatar
kyaaa <3 thank youu for this gorgeous and incredibly shiny tutorial >.<
if you do a copic tutorial i will probably love you forever (not in like a weird way or anything xD)
LittleBayPony98's avatar
rofl you already did a copic tutorial -just looked through your gallery-
Time-Stop's avatar
I know this has been up for a long time but I wanted to go ahead and add that I've been experimenting with technique all year for my senior project and this tutorial is quite useful and well written; I really like the technique!
Myricai's avatar
OOh che grande! Non avevo idea che si potesse fare così! Devo proprio provarlo questo metodo! Grazie x il tut!
Livadialilacs's avatar
Oooh! I didn't know you had a tutorial. I hope I'll find a great use of it someday. :aww:
CrazyJen's avatar
Thank you for linking me to it, i used you method of shading shadow in this piece! [link] It was really fun to do it that way, i might use it again!
mary-dreams's avatar
Oh I am really glad you used it! Very good upshot!Thanks:D
LaLaFeril's avatar
by teh method you used, how long would it usually take, and just to make sure, this is photoshop correct
schiznie's avatar
I love the way you color your art! This was very helpful
rocketbaby782's avatar
very helpful indeed! i look forward to more!
That-One-Midget's avatar
Simple and helpful, very nice. :)
bonisol's avatar
Bel tutorial! :-)
MystOfTheStars's avatar
Davvero un bel tutorial, complimenti!
niji707's avatar
davvero un bel tutorial!!
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