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Triangles, and no deer skulls.
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The Toolbox: 19 Tips and Tropes I Enjoy Seeing
First of all, I freely admit that what I say isn't gospel. I am a total amateur at art and writing. I've learned everything that I know via the internet and a few drawing books. It's just that I appreciate all of the tutorials here on dA that have helped me out, and I want to put a little bit of my own methods back in. If you’re a regular reader of mine, you might think that I’m an overly negative person.  The truth is that I’m really not.  It’s so easy to get passionate over things that you dislike that you forget to remember the things that you do like.  I don’t make these guides because I think that deviantAR
The Toolbox: 19 Tips and Tropes I Enjoy Seeing
A small talk about pricing your art
You're creating art. You have the passion, you have the skills. Why not make some money out of it then? It's a good idea, right? A lot of people live from creating art, and even more earn some money on the side by taking commissions. You should give it a shot! So... How much money is your art worth? It's a hard question to answer for those who are just starting their adventure with selling and creating art for money. Is its worth equal to the price of the materials you used? Is it equal to the value of the time you've spent on creating it? What about the emotional value you put into it? Should your education influence your prices? No matte
A small talk about pricing your art
Ex iphonis
The other day I was reading an article, where some celebrity-type of person – and for the love of guns, can't remember who it was – started profusely gushing how culture is being buried under an avalanche of technology-inspired neurosis', how personal communication, art, deep thought and creativity is drowned in the electric hiss of our Facebook statuses. How the "real things" become unimportant. The tone of the article was preacher-like and nauseous.  And even though I generally tended to follow the same thought process, something about it was off-putting, and I started to think about it in more focus. And realized how this lin
Ex iphonis
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Moving accounts to :devDraumWitch:
Moving to DraumWitch (https://www.deviantart.com/draumwitch). I'll slowly put deviations here in storage, but keep the account active in case people still contact me here for some reason or another. I'll probably repost some photomanipulations to the new account, since those I kinda still like. But only the newer ones. I'm getting serious about art, and I feel this account is holding me back. I get anxious about submitting new work here because I think there's no point in adding glitter to shit :lol:. The thing is I want to progress, but I feel my older work and this old account is tying me down. When redecorating just doesn't satisfy you, you move house. So if anyone wants
Moving accounts to :devDraumWitch:
Batman fanart flood incoming! I just had a Batman movies marathon with the boyfriend and I'm feeling mighty inspired.
Going through a big sci-fi period lately...prepare for planets, moons, and lots of crazy.


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Happy birthday :D
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thank you very much <3
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Happy birthday! :la:
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You're welcome♥
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I just wanted to thank you for doing so many critiques and also for the watch.  Much appreciated.
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Thanks for your comments and favourites.
Have a nice week ;)