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Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player 11 Skin for WMP 9 & 10 v1

Dedicated to all Windows 98/Me users.
Based on Eclipse_v3 (lots changed).

Fully working on WMP9 and WMP10.
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It "kind of" works on Windows 7 / WMP12, with a few bugs like it's not possible to resize the window, and do not even try to press the Maximize button because it will deactivate the skin. Those things and the fact that the menus are only in English instead of the system's default language make me doubt about using it all the time.

I wish I could find another skin for WMP12 with WMP11's appearance.

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is this gonna work on windows 8.1


question is this gonna replace my WMP12

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This works great on Windows 10!

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does the album art work?

Thanks, works great on WMP 12 on Windows 7 :) except for the submenus (if they're configured), the arrows under each section

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could you make a windows 2000/ME skin?
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Do you think you could make it work on WMP 12 ...?:/ Am now forced to abandon it because of Win 7.

It works on 7 :) it has to be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\Skins (just right-click wmp in the start menu then locate file), when it's done you'll be able to select the skin with the skin selector (View > Skin Selector ; you'll maybe have to select skin mode before having displayed the Skin Selector)

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any way to make the album art work ?

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WMP11 looks ugly as heck!
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Can I Mod your skin?
All the credits will go to you.
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Fantastic skin! Can you translate it to portuguese?
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This is for winamp? 0__o

Pretty sweet!
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Learn to read: Windows Media Player 11 Skin for WMP 9 & 10 v1.
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I was expressing disbelief, not illiteracy.
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very good, thanks
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Superb skin indeed. It would've been even greater if the playlist on the right side could have an option like show/hide; By the way: is there any possibility of doing that with the actual skin?
Thanks for the share, it works 100%
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Works 100% in WMP 12 under Windows 7!
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