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Shark treatment: part 1
Alley was 12 years old, and was walking out of school, wearing her usual attire.  She was wearing a pink button up shirt with puffy sleeves, a brown jack other it, and was wearing brown pants with her shirt tucked in with a belt, brown flats and was wearing a purple tie.  She had lovely orange hair which was shoulder length and pretty blue eyes covered by red glasses.  Despite her unusually nerdy attire, she was the top of her class despite her young age and was rarely ever made fun of.  She was leaving school to walk home with her books in her hands, having too much to carry in her school bag, she felt a weird sensation threw out her body, as she realised it was happening again, as she rushed to find a place to hide while did her thing.
The sensation which was originating from her crotch, it was starting to tickle Alley throwout her body, causing her body to throb.  She eventually made it to an ally way as she couldn't hold it in anymore
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Vanessa the little mermaid (HD) by marwso11 Vanessa the little mermaid (HD) :iconmarwso11:marwso11 3 0
Blooming change
Lots girls wish for a-lot of things, like dolls and princess outfits, and castles.  Megan just wanted to have a father.
Megans 7th birthday party: 6 months ago
It was a Megans birthday party, it was a warm breezy day and Megans party was inside the house which was around 2 stories high and had about three bedrooms.  It was near winter so it was windy as well, this didn't stop one of the windows in the living room where the party was set up.  Megans friends who were from her kinder-garden class were all there, about 8 of them.  
Megan's mother Rose came into the kitchen with Megans cake, which was a princess cake.  Her daughter was always a big fan of the Little mermaid, and Ariel, and her daughter Melody, but more of Ariel, and of course the cake was Little mermaid themed.  Rose worked at the hospital, but not as a doctor but she worked in the office part of the hospital.  She was 31 and shortly after she gave birth to Megan her h
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and the ocean will be mine... by fyreflye26 and the ocean will be mine... :iconfyreflye26:fyreflye26 112 13
Gwen Tennyson into She Hulk TF
Gwen Tennyson was waiting for Kevin and Ben at Mr. Smoothies. She was hoping that nothing could ruin this peaceful day.
But Gwen was dead wrong. She noticed some trouble going on nearby.
Gwen said, "I wonder what's going on over there." She went over to investigate.
Once Gwen came over there, she asked, "Okay. What's going on here?"
A crook in a ski mask was running in her direction with a suspicious looking briefcase. But Gwen stood in his path. The crook snarled, "Get out of my way, girlie! Or I'll snap your neck!"
Gwen said with a glare, ""I don't think so." She then threw a mana disc at the crook. 
Before Gwen knew it, the crook was already knocked out. Gwen spotted the briefcase and asked, "Now what could be so important in that briefcase?"
Gwen opened the briefcase. Inside was a green vial. She said, "It's some kind of liquid. But I wonder what it does."
Gwen drank the vial. She makes a face and said, "That stuff didn't taste so good. Well, I better go back to Mr.
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Well I am working on Marie's story, I have had trouble finishing them due to Ideas and school, but I am working out a universe for her and other transforming characters I was planning on revealing them later but these are the first members of the Trans-verse.

- Marie Johnson: Cursed at first to transform into a car overnight at midnight after getting run other by a Werecar, she unravels the mystery of her muderous tendencies and control the dark side of her car taking other her mind.

- Valerie Ford: Valerie was a normal 17 year old high schooler until after a string of unlucky events she transformed into a monstrous creature of darkness, but when she transforms back everything she did never happened and she despite her monstrous forms she uses her reset powers to fix her mistakes and find the secret of why she transforms.

- Jane Aston: Just like Marie she was cursed to become a Werecar but unlike Marie she was cursed at a young age.  She had loving parents who were highly supportive and helped her control her powers allowing her to transform at will, though sadly she can't do anything about clothes, but she helps Marie with her curse.

- Sarah Parker: While on a camping trip with her friends in the desert with her friends, she was attacked by a alien wolf like monster, combining her genes with his, causing her too slowly transform into the monster.  She turned back due to absorbing the suns solar rays as the monster can't survive in the day.  Because Sarah is a hybrid she survived but now needs a proper amount of night time energy which is what the Moon beast live on or else she'll die.

- Kiera Williams/ Kieren Willa: Kiera was a scientist that was working on a device that could merge two alternative selves together, it backfired on her.  She was merged with a male version of herself named Kieren.  She becomes Kieren whenever she gets two hot, and becomes Kiera again whenever he gets cold.  Also her clothes transform with her, so they become masculine or feminine whenever she transforms.

Those are the members of the Trans-verse I'm working on Marie's story called turbo which is now going to be 15 parts long.  I'll then get to Sarah Parker, and the others but probably later.  Hope you enjoy them.


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