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  • Oct 27, 1984
  • Malaysia
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My Bio
Marwan Choose5

He/him only, please. (No they/them.)

I'm just a guy who likes to draw stuff from time to time.

My fursona is Marwan, that little green critter seen prominently in my gallery. By the way, please don't ask what species he is... Too many people asked him that question, and he hates that. He's just... a critter, an original species of mine.

Giftarts are always appreciated.

Go ahead and thank me for favs and watches. Seriously, I don't care. You're welcome. After all, some people just want to show their appreciation for being loved at all.

Don't fret if I add you to my Watch list, but I didn't mark you as a Friend. It simply means I really like your artwork and would like to see more of it, but I don't know you well enough just yet. Consider befriending me; I'd like to meet new friends. Though, if you add me as a Friend, I'll also automatically mark you as a Friend as well.

I accept commissions. More info here. I won't be updating my commissions list anymore because it's a pain to constantly update it. Let's just say that you all know who you are I'm tracking for every commission I've been asked to do.

Please don't ask me for free art. I don't do requests, sorry.

Favourite Visual Artist
Whoever who can draw cute things...
Favourite Movies
Too many to list, but mostly CG movies from Pixar and Dreamworks Animation
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to list, but mostly trance musicians
Favourite Books
None specific
Favourite Writers
Don't have any
Favourite Games
These days, I often play Warframe
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio Paint EX, Flash Professional CS5, Photoshop CS2, a mouse and a tablet
Other Interests
Computers, music, drawing, movies

When fans attack voice actors for their characters

When fans attack voice actors for their characters

There's been some multiple controversies going on for this new game Naughty Dog had made, The Last of Us: Part II. Frankly, I don't care much about these controversies... I never played the Last of Us game series, and even if I do own a PS4 or PS5, I still wouldn't touch that game series. It's just not my kind of game, sorry. :shrug: I did decide to read further about these controversies, and necessarily spoiled myself about the game's plot and storyline, to find out what on Earth was going on that led to this game's various videos about them on YouTube got massive Dislike votes to death. Basically, multiple overlapping controversies, such as the leaked storylines before the game was released, Abby could be a trans because of her in-game character model's unusually flat-chested masculine build, Ellie confirmed to be a lesbian, and of course, a massive spoiler which I will not reveal here, but one thing that I can mention is that it involved golf for some reason, and countless fans

That controversial Toucan Sam redesign

That controversial Toucan Sam redesign

I'm bored. :depressed: Therefore, well... why not I talk about some random topic I discovered on the Internet about a month ago? :lol: So, in the same way as that pointy-eared Klonoa design a decade back, and Sonic's original movie design as revealed just a year ago, the Internet ruptured over the reveal of the next logical step towards the latest design for everyone's favorite cereal mascot, whose favorite catchphrase is "Just follow your nose!". I'll need to admit that I've only eaten the Froot Loops cereal just once in my life. I was in my grandmother's house while she was still alive back then. I was hungry, and there weren't that much anything to eat then, except for that box of Froot Loops cereal in the fridge. So I brought out that cereal, poured its contents into a bowl, mixed it with milk, and essentially had breakfast in the evening. I can still remember the sweet taste and the overpowering smell befitting the cereal's tagline. I only knew very little about Froot Loops'

Commission price revision 2020

Commission price revision 2020

I've been wanting to post this for a while now. The reason why I had not posted this earlier was because I've been continuously reviewing over and over again the new commission prices, and what works best, as well as looking at how other artists set their prices, and from discussing about it with my friends. If you want to get a commission from me now, be warned that the old prices are outdated now; all pricing now follow the following. Starting from now, I decided to use a more dynamic pricing system, based on what I'm being asked to draw. Take a look at this handy chart: Basically, what that means is that, depending on if you want me to draw just the head area, or the entire body as well, prices will be adjusted accordingly. So if, for example, say, you just want a drawing of your character's head to be used as your Discord profile image, you'll only need to pay for that much. Now, let's take a look at the actual price listings my my offerings (all prices are per-character

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Nice to meet you!

MarwanGreenCritterHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello! =) Nice to meet you, too!

Would you rather play Fallout New Vegas (with mods I use) or your favorite game?

DylanCArtStudent General Artist
You are awesome.
CartoonCrazy007Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh crap, I didn't realise it was your birthday yesterday since I just watched you >_<

Happy birthday!!
MarwanGreenCritterHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! =) And no worries! :XD:
CartoonCrazy007Hobbyist Traditional Artist