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Bayleef's Strange Adventure

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Chapter 1 - A Special Project

After losing another League, Ash Ketchum just reached his hometown Pallet Town. There, he was going to visit Professor Oak, who was going to help him decide what his next destination would be. The man who gave him his Pikachu eight years ago called Ash on the phone yesterday, saying he needed Ash’s help with a very special project. The excited Pokemon Trainer was curious to hear more about said project today. “I can’t wait to hear what region we’re visiting next, Pikachu!” What he didn’t know was that there was an unexpected visitor at the lab. When Ash and Pikachu knocked on the door, a red-haired girl ar


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CHAPTER 1 - DEPARTURE “Seriously, why can’t I just leave this place, you lazy b*tches?” Almost a year after being forced to come back to the Cerulean City Gym to fill in for her sisters who went on a holiday, Misty Waterflower was still struggling with her new life. On their holiday, the Sensational Sisters decided to quit doing their duty, forcing Misty to sacrifice her dream so they could just do nothing all day long. This made the current Cerulean City Gym Leader extremely unhappy. She hated her job. She hated her life. She missed Ash. She missed Togetic. And she missed being able to work on her dream. After all, battlin

Working On A Dream

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CHAPTER 1 - THE START OF A NEW JOURNEY After losing to Cameron in the quarterfinals of the Unova League, he said goodbye to Iris and Cilan, and went to Pallet Town six years ago. It was a tradition. Every time when a league was finished, he went to Pallet Town, where his mother lived. Most of his Pokemon also lived there, in Professor Oak’s laboratory. As usual, Ash did well in the League, but he didn’t reach the final round, and as usual, he went back to Pallet Town. And just like six years ago after the Unova League, he lost a League again and returned home. He arrived on a warm summer morning. When he got home, he greeted his

Aquatic Passion

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Chapter 1 - Ash's birthday

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!" Misty and Brock sang, as they gazed upon their friend blowing out the sixteen candles on his cake all at once. "And now it's time for my presents!" the birthday boy said. "Here you go, Ash!" Brock said, while handing over a big, green box with a blue ribbon. The teen from Pallet untied the ribbon as fast as he could, after which he tried to tear the box apart as soon as he could, curious as he was to see what gift he would receive from his friend. "And, what do you think of it?" Brock asked, while Ash held something in his hands. It was a


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Head In The Clouds

After beating Dawn in the semifinals of the Hoenn Grand Festival, Lisia and her Altaria were relaxing, recharging their energy for the final round. Meanwhile, her friend Chaz was rubbing her back to help her relax. "That Piplup's voice sure was annoying, but my ears made it!" Lisia sighed. "Al!" her Pokemon agreed. While Chaz was getting closer to Lisia's buttocks, a man in a green, Cacturne-like costume came up to the two friends. "Hi, I'm Harley, your opponent during the final!" he said. "Hi, nice to meet you!" the Contest Spectacular Idol said. "I'm Lisia, this is Chaz and this is Ali, my Altaria! We're really looking forward to have s

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Kirby x Ribbon

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