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The Bridge Bike Gang

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Well, this drawing was inspired by the Pokemon anime episode "The Bridge Bike Gang". For the background, I used this as a reference: [link] . As you can see, Ash and Misty are taking a break from cycling on Cycling Road (in Kanto), and Pikachu and Azurill take this opportunity to sit on their Trainers's bikes, while Togetic is hovering in the air. Ash is trying to have an intimidating bike gang with his girlfriend and his and her Pokemon, but Misty and the Pokemon are just too cute!

Flaws about this drawing:
- The white part above the mountains is too big.
- The mountain colour sucks, I didn't know how to colour them well and how to get the right colour.
- Pikachu's mouth ended up badly.
- The bikes for Ash and Misty don't look very good.

This drawing took a lot of time and effort, but the result is very bad...
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Haha pikachu is definitely too cute to be intimidating
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True, and so are Azurill, Togetic and Misty. :3
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I remember this episode! ^^ I think you drew the bikes just fine ^^
The backgrounds are always hard to colour, don't worry, with practice you'll find the best way to do it ;)
The Pokemon are very cute as well! ^^
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Thanks! This is both my most liked and most hated drawing at the same time. This drawing is liked most out of my drawings by many people, but also most criticized.



About your profile: you said it's mostly just you/Elena, but is the other girl also using this account sometimes? I'm just asking out of curiosity, keeping an account with another person might be hard.

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I see. Well I think coloring with pencils is very hard so I can understand if something doesn't really satisfy you, I really don't have the patience to color with pencils, so I admire you for this xD

No it's only me. We have an account together simply because most of the drawings we do them together, but I'm the only one who's actually on the site, uploading stuff, commenting, replying etc. :)
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Well, I'd never do it digitally. I love drawing because I love doing it traditionally, drawing digitally wouldn't be fun anymore for me.


Okay then. Are you two friends, or sisters, or what?

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I also did everything traditionally before, but it takes much time and unfortunately I don't have that sort of time anymore. Doing stuff digitally is still fun and most of all fast, but I always tend to add a touch that makes my pieces look a bit traditional because it's still my favorite way of drawing.

We are sisters.
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For me, digital drawing/colouring would take away all the fun. And it would feel less personal. Especially because I also have drawings not on DeviantArt: drawings of my girlfriend and me, as a gift for her. The traditional drawing makes them feel more personal.


Makes sense after checking the description on your profile again.

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I understand. I still feel my works very personal even though they're digital, but I see what you mean. :)
And I personally have more fun coloring digitally because I can play and experiment a lot with colors, lights, effects, that otherwise I could not do traditionally. With traditional colors you can't do mistakes because it's hard to correct them, so I always felt a bit limited in that aspect when I colored traditionally. But it must be because I really love playing with colors and light effects, that's why I find it so fun now that I finally can. Once the piece is finished I can change the atmosphere all I want and keep it only when I find the one that suits it best.

Yeah it's all written there.
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I don't think digital art of others is bad, but I'd never do it myself. I just want to do it as personal as possilbe. I want to draw with my heart, and I can only do that with pencils and paper. And yes, it's harder to correct, but still... Of course I always scan my art, but I also like keeping the actual drawing and look at the original drawing on paper.


Would you like to see some of the drawings mentioned in my last comment here?

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Why can't people draw more pictures of the Bridge Biker Gang?

That episode was one of the best episodes in the series.
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I see that my Bridge Bike Gang drawing is quite popular among Pokemon fans among DeviantArt, and that while I think it's one of my worst drawings...
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I actually think the bikes look pretty good! And some tips on fixing the parts you weren't as happy with:
-I don't think the white part is too big, but you didn't have to outline it in black - same with the clouds. If you don't outline it, you can let the blue slowly blend into white, and that will give it a more natural look.
-I think the mountain colour looks good. If you want it closer to the picture from the anime, you can add more dark blue. Try to make the mountains different heights, too.

You also forgot to colour in Ash's eyes, but otherwise this is a cute drawing based on a fun episode. (I wanted a Zapdos bike after seeing it, haha.)
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ahhh i love how you've made the colour of their bikes match to their pokemon!! (well, except for togetic.. but she can fly so it's ok she need no bike. Cause she has clouds of matching colour! woo! lol) such a cute idea though! XD Now I can just imagine pikachu riding his own bike!! it would have to be pretty mini tho (and yellow!),, but since ur a pretty gd bike-drawer already!! and u'd do a much better job than me hehe :D
aw i can remember that episode! and how dramatic it was!
also, like the way u've drawn their shoes! it reminds me a bit of sonic the hedgehog style for some reason (tho u probs didn't intend that haha :3)
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Thank you so much! And I'm glad you like this! I've considered drawing a mini-bike for Pikachu, Azurill and Togetic, but I decided to just let them be with their trainers on one bike. And I'm not a good bike-drawer, it was the first time I ever drew bikes. And yeah, the episode is awesome! And the shoes were intended to be like in the anime.
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nonsense you draw better bikes than I do, my bike is just TERRIBLE....

Ash with only a jacket lol omg

Misty looks cute here, a suggestion, thinnk of how they would react irl. Like the shoulders, it would lower unless the arm is raised level (or above level) the forehead.

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Do you have a link to a bike you drew, so I can compare that to my drawing?

Well, it's a typical biker outfit, some bikers in FireRed/LeafGreen wear those too, and one biker in the Pokemon episode "The Bridge Bike Gang" too.

LoneWintress's avatar I don't draw bikes much. o.0

Oh, XDD I don't paly FRLG or watch Pokemon much.
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Oh, I only drew bikes once: this drawing.
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Pretty good for your first time.
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This pic is really awesome. :) I love the bike outfits and the pic itself. It's awesome. :)
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