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Happy birthday, Nicole!

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Happy birthday, :iconsimply-nicole:!

As I said, getting your hair colour right was really hard, I hope you can still recognize yourself in this drawing... Aside from that issue, I'd say this drawing isn't that bad. Gyarados turned out better than I expected, for example. I hope you like this drawing and appreciate both my effort and the end result.

If anyone ever annoys or hurts you, just send your Gyarados at them! He'll be happy to fire off his Hydro Pump against anyone who ever bothers you!

I used these anime references for drawing Gyarados, and getting your pose right, the way you're standing on Gyarados, I tried to make it similar to how Professor Ivy did it in the anime.
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It looks amazing!!! Like I am very impressed, your proportions look great and Gyarados :faint: it looks phenomenal!!!! It is a perfect birthday gift, thank you so much :hug: the whole piece is fantastic, thank you so much!!
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I'm so happy you like it, I worked so hard on this, and I'm glad all the effort is fully worth it. The intention was making you happy and it seems like that was successful.


Do you recognize yourself in this drawing enough to make it truly "yours"? The hair colour was so hard, this was the best I got when mixing my dark yellow and light brown pencils...


Have other people on here done anything for your birthday? I hope you, you deserve it from fans and friends.


If you ever feel annoyed or bothered by anyone on here, show them this drawing and tell them that your Gyarados is ready to use Hydro Pump if they don't stop!

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It is definitely me, I really do love it. You did a great job :tighthug: nobody did anything for my birthday but I also don't have it posted so I'm sure no one knew about it. Thank you again :)
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I'm glad you recognize it! Do you think this hair colour is decent enough?


You can hopefully recognize the hairdo and the small red earrings from one of your photos. Do you think you know what photo of you I used?


It's understandable, I remember now, I'm pretty much your only DA friend who knows your birthday.


You're welcome! Did you have a nice birthday, aside from my drawing?


If you ever see annoying people bothering you, will you show them this drawing and treathen with a Hydro Pump or Hyper Beam from Gyarados?

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Yes I think you did just fine with the hair :) It really does look good, I could tell immediately what pic you had used as the reference. Especially with the red earrings. Fun fact I bought those in Nicaragua when I was down there!


Yep you are the only friend who knew it was my birthday :D


Well I wouldn't say it was a good birthday, but I'm not bitter over it or anything. I was sick so I was pretty miserable and I spent all day flying so that wasn't fun. Oh well.


Honestly if someone is bothering me I will probably just tell them that they are annoying me or I will get kinda snippy with them. Yeah I need to work on my patience :ashamed:

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Thanks! I think it looks a bit too light. But if you'd draw yourself, would you also colour the hair like on my drawing? And yeah, I picked your cutest pic as the reference. And when you talk about Nicaragua, that's not a very good thing...


And did you get any gifts on your DA-birthday? You once told me you have 1 November for other DA friends, so you don't have to share your real birthday.


That sucks... It's good that you can take it well.


You need to work on your patience? What? You're way too patient with some people. If I look at how patient you are with me, I'm amazed that you've been able to put up with all that!

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WOW, your pic looks amazing !!! :D  
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Super cute! You drew Gyarados really well ^_^
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Thanks! It's for someone's birthday, I'm so curious what the birthday girl thinks!
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you're getting so much better and better each time 

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Thanks! I think Gyarados turned out nicely.
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your welcome 

and yes it did 
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