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:iconashketchumplz: x :iconmistyplz:


- The scanner f*cked up the colours... It made Misty's hair colour look too dark, and the sky colour too light...
- The sky colouring looks messy.
- Ash's head should've been a bit bigger.
- Togetic looks a bit too big.
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These are really cute, but i see that you are frustrated with your product a lot of  the time. a couple of things that i think will help these improve is to think about the effect the direction of your marks have on your over all look.
Example: in this drawing you have colored the sand a lovely yellowish gold. I can see that you very carefully covered the whole space, but your coloring marks go up and down the paper vertically. When you get to the characters they go all over the place. this makes it very hard to feel that the sand is a flat surface they are standing on. if you make sure that all your coloring marks go the same direction, and for a flat surface i would advise horizontally across the paper, you will see a dramatic difference in how well the color blends together and how much it looks like a ground.
Hope this helps! Keep practicing! :D