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- The scanner f*cked up the colours... It made Misty's hair colour look too dark, and the sky colour too light...
- The sky colouring looks messy.
- Ash's head should've been a bit bigger.
- Togetic looks a bit too big.
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These are really cute, but i see that you are frustrated with your product a lot of  the time. a couple of things that i think will help these improve is to think about the effect the direction of your marks have on your over all look.
Example: in this drawing you have colored the sand a lovely yellowish gold. I can see that you very carefully covered the whole space, but your coloring marks go up and down the paper vertically. When you get to the characters they go all over the place. this makes it very hard to feel that the sand is a flat surface they are standing on. if you make sure that all your coloring marks go the same direction, and for a flat surface i would advise horizontally across the paper, you will see a dramatic difference in how well the color blends together and how much it looks like a ground.
Hope this helps! Keep practicing! :D
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Thanks! Did you notice how Ash is gushing over Misty's boobies? xD


Well, yeah, it's hard, because when I colour, I don't want to colour outside the lineart. For example, I don't want to make Ash's and Misty's legs sand-yellow. And so, I try to colour in the direction that's beneficial to the characters. A result of this is that the characters often look better than the background...

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This one is so bright and colorful :D
I love that Misty's hair is long, it suits her for summer (reminds of her mermaid costume :3)
I agree that Ash's head is a bit small but I think the rest is good.
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Thank you so much! I indeed used the mermaid hairdo as inspiration for this!


Do you like how Ash is staring at Misty's cleavage?

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Oh I didn't notice what he was staring at xD Little pervy xD
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Look again and see if you can notice it. xD


One creepy thing: I once showed this drawing at someone on Serebiiforums, and this guy said "OMG, that bikini and that's so sexy...dammut that's hot. And nice work on the cleavage." It was funny, but also a little sad: this drawing was meant to be more than just Misty's belly and boobies...

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Well the good thing is that when I looked at it, it simply caught my eye because of the very sunny and colorful atmosphere :3
But now that you mention Ash's staring at Misty it also makes it funny xD

Still, some guys unfortunately can't look at anything else if they see a sexy girl xD
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Yeah, this drawing was made to be funny. Look at Ash's blush!


Yeah... Gushing over a girl isn't wrong, but they shouldn't put looks above personality.


I'm a total opposite of Brock: I never watched porn/hentai, have no desire to try it, and I rarely see girls as hot. In fact, I only see my girlfriend as hot and no other girls. A female friend on DeviantArt who used to be hot for me wasn't hot for me anymore since the moment I fell for my girlfriend. I don't need other girls for sexiness, I only see my girlfriend as hot and that's enough for me. I can see other girls as cute, pretty and/or cool, but not as sexually attractive.

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The drawing is great. I love how it came out. :) Misty is drawn well here as well, and the whole pic looks great. :)
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Thank you, what do you think of Ash's blush?
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You're welcome. :) It's nice looks great. :)
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You're welcome. :)
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Good work! I think you especially did good on Misty and Togetic. With the exception of size Togetic looks near perfect :)
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Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! Do you like Ash's blush there?


Misty's skimpy black bikini is a total Ash-magnet, don't you think? xD

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WOW excellent work Milotic, I really love it !!! XD  
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Thanks, what do you like most about it?
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Looks awesome, Ask looks funny xD
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Thanks! Do you think I should've drawn Ash with a pervier look (and Misty with a skimpier bikini to fit that)? xD
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Na, I think it looks fine... like... has a little subtlety to it ^^
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Thanks. But my initial idea was about humour, not about subtlety. But yes, this makes it nicer. Otherwise it might've looked too pervy.
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I like the body of misty and the clouds, it is a cute drawing
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Thanks! Did you notice Ash's blush?


Do you think that bikini looks cute on Misty?

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it a nice drawing
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