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FE13 - Two Halves of a Greater Whole

By MarvelPoison


ChromxAvatar is my OTP. :iconiloveyouplz:

Fire Emblem (C) Nintendo
Art (C) ~kuro-vortex92
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beautifull i love you :iconiloveyouplz:
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Beautifully done. Being a guy I rarely ever play play the game as a female avatar (Cordelia is my favorite wife for the male avatar) but I still like this pairing very much.  
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I never felt more tense than the matricide scene. I mean, it was obvious you wouldn't lose your main character, but still, those feels...
Orbit135's avatar
I just finished that scene last night. It was so emotional...
Aww, Chrom and Robin are just so amazing together! If I could list the amount of reasons as to why I love these two so dearly, we'll be here all day, they're that wonderful to me!
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I was reading up on how you get better stats from pairing up certain characters and I did debate pairing Chrom with another character for my second playthrough but I just couldn't, lol. It's illogical and insane but I felt like it would taint the experience if I played it any other way. So my avatar is quite different this time but still paired with Chrom ^_^
The CANON in awakening!!
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When people try to tell me otherwise, my reaction is always the same....

"What's a Sumia?"
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The whole of the game in a nutshell. And it's beautiful.
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i just finished the game with just 4 people, fem robin, chrom, morgan, and lucina. while it was kinda boring game play wise (morgan and robin with their ignis procs) it was really cool having the family i built up being the ones to beat the game.
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Their whole story told in one simple comic strip.
This is simply adorable.
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So cute! :,3
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I-I love it. ChromxAvatar forever
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Extremely beautiful~ :heart:
Really beautiful artwork of Chrom, and Robin, and how it explains their relationship in Awakening! And I agree, they're my OTP in the game as well! Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 
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So beautiful~ ;w;
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Beautiful Art about the best pairing *-*
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I love it, to me there is no better pairing. 
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I hope you die.
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This almost made me cry. It's so beautiful. I love the title. Chrom and the female avatar are the best couple and parents in the game.
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