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Superman Give Blood Save Lives

By marvelmania
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Se sempre quiseste ser um super herói este é o momento! Os nossos hospitais estão a precisar de sangue. Com o intuito de relembrar a importância das doações de sangue, resolvi fazer este desenho visto que não posso dar por ser diabético tipo1.
Consultem o site para saber onde podem doar, os tipos em falta e outras informações importantes. Mesmo nestes tempos, é seguro e fará TODA A DIFERENÇA
"Hoje por eles, amanhã por um de nós"
If you ever wanted to be a Super Hero now it's the time! Our hospitals in Portugal are in need of blood. And so I decided to create this illustration to incentivate the people thst can give blood to do it! This is the best I can do since I'm diabetic type 1 and I'm not allowed to give even if my I'm well controlled. So for those who can, please donate
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This is really cool!!😋

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cool que gran dibujo promocional de superman haciendo donacion para transfusiones de sangre es asombroso y fantastico te felicito mucho luis es un gran trabajo:D :)

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What a great message :) I've given my blood over the years occasionally, and it's a good feeling knowing it can save lives

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does it have to be mine

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not just yours but from all of us! ;)

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You are sickeningly sweet

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“Test yourselves positive, folks!”

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Well done. I've personally been a blood donor for 20 years straight. 20 minutes every 3 months, why not?

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niiiice nice!!! congrats!!! U are a superman! ;)

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