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Miraculous Spider-Man the Widows vow reboot 1Flashback 15 years ago St. Petersburg at the docks near a fishing pier a man is strapped down to a chair, his arms and legs tied down with thick rope. He slowly opens his eyes and sees his captor in front of him, a red headed woman wearing a latex black suit with a utility belt and gold wrist gauntlets. “Good you’re awake,” the woman replied in English as she then walked over to him and leaned in. “If you’re willing to cooperate with me, maybe I’ll let you go”. This was Natasha romanoff aka the black widow and she had captured the merc warrior fox.This warrior had mowed through the Russian mafia, cut through their traffic lines and gone toe to toe with three of her fellow widows and now looking at him closely...he had to be nineteen years old at best. He was barely an adult and fought and moved like a tactical machine...and now wasn't making a soundNatasha was staring at him, her arms crossed. She wondered if there were others like him. Killing him would’ve left no clues for her to find what she was looking for. She would try to get him to talk. Pulling up a chair in front of him she sat down face to face. “Now we could do this the easy way or the hard way”, she started. “Where are the rest of your allies?” The direct approach.He didn't look at her, and he didn't seem to acknowledge she was there. Natasha sighed and thought to herself “the hard way it is” she then struck him across the face with a clenched backhand fist. “Talk”He barely registered that as a hit, didn't even make a grunt. She was growing impatient but still she needed to get him to talk now was not the time to get sloppy. She then reached into her holster and pulled out a desert eagle handgun. “This will get him to talk,” she thought as she raised the gun to his head. And in that instant, she saw his face twitch into a smile as he pressed his temple to the barrel of her gun.Natasha was taken aback by this. “What the hell are you doing?” She asked. His eyes now met hers, they burned in the dark mist and glowed as they pierced into hers. When her eyes met his she suddenly felt her gun hand shake while trying to keep it on his temple. “What...what are you?” She asked her voice was now trembling"I am what they want you to be" he spoke at last and his voice was devoid of any humanity in that instant, "The question is, what do you want to be?" Natasha slowly squeezed her finger in the trigger and it could’ve been over in an instant but she then sighed and removed the gun from his head. Frustrated she activated the safety and struck him across the face with her gun.And then he was silent once more. Natasha then put the gun away in her holster and took out a knife. Slowly walking towards him she raised it to his throat. “Last chance start talking...Now,” her voice now angry.He wasn't phased, he was just looking her in the eye almost expectantly. “Why are you so goddamn stubborn?” Natasha replied, adding a little more pressure to his throat."Why are you afraid to kill me?" he asked at last. Then she froze. She didn’t know what to say. This hasn’t happened to her before, previous targets she had hunted down were more cooperative with her than this one."The problem in this situation is this, I am unique and you are replaceable. In a torture situation, the one being tortured is the most important being there...and if they know it well then..."Natasha then moved the knife from his throat and then she cut the restraints on his wrists, a costly mistake. "...." he looked at her once more, mentally counting down. Now she then moved her knife from his wrists to his legs and cut off the rope keeping them restrained."..." his head tilted like a curious animal.Finally she then moved behind him and cut down the rope that was around his torso. She then went back around to face him. She crossed her arms and bowed her head. “So what happens now?” Natasha asked" tell me" Fox added as the exit was in his view an opportunity for him to escape.Natasha then looked at the exit and then back at him. “If you want to get out of here you’ll have to go through me and you’re gonna have to kill me unless YOU are afraid of killing”He chuckled at that "No I don't think so, I can count more ways out of here without ending you and I am certain you couldn't stop me".Natasha then clenched her eyebrows and got into a fighting stance, “so you won’t talk. Fine I’ll beat it out of you myself.” Then she raised her wrist and fired her widows bite at fox’s chest. He took the brunt of it, grit his teeth and took the electricity but made little in the ways of noises to denote pain.Natasha then leapt up wrapping her legs around his neck and used a headscissor takedown to send him on his back. And the moment she did that, he reacted faster than she expected. He grabbed her by her hips and pushed up as he tore in and as his finger nails broke the skin and put pressure her grip slackened and he then grabbed her by the leg and threw her to the wall.Natasha groaned as she slowly rose to her feet. She smirked, “not bad” then she sprinted towards him, leaped up and kicked him in the chest. He absorbed the blow, grabbing her leg and then throwing her back down to the ground. Natasha groaned and her eyes widened she she felt her leg was still in his hands.He then discarded it and took a step back from her. "Okay then, shall I tell you how you win this?"Natasha then slowly rose to her feet. “What do you mean?” She asked, holding her ribs and panting from exhaustion."The only way this ends well for your masters is if you shoot me in the head, it won't end well for you but in the longrun they'll get more out if it" Fox mused.Natasha scoffed, “Maybe I went at this wrong. You won’t talk willingly but I guess if someone you love’s life is on the line then you’ll talk”.He chuckled and then flat out laughed. His laughter infuriated her, her patience was growing even thinner.“What the hells so funny?!” Natasha then replied."Do you want to know the sum total of people I have in my life right now?" Fox mocked.“Wait...are you you’re bluffing...” Natasha replied. “There are some people in your life that are important to you. And I will find them and end them”"Then take the gun and shoot yourself" he said matter of factly, "because at this moment, you're it. You are the one person I give any inclination of feeling towards. That's it"Natasha then froze again by what she had said. “What...what did you say?”"Out of the six billion people on this planet, the only one who matters to me right now is in front of me"Natasha couldn’t believe what he was saying she captured him tried to make him talk and yet she was important to him. She then saw shadows of figures closing in on them. A look of fear then appeared as she realized who those were. Other black widows were coming. “We should go”"We?" he tilted his head and then smirked, "No, there is no we. It's you and me" He sat back down in the chair.“I’m trying to save your life you idiot cmon” Natasha replied. “I’ll help you escape and I’ll tell them you got away”."Some nice words, but I don't believe them" he chuckled.Natasha then groaned. She looked around the room and took out some smoke grenades. “I’m not leaving without you, now get up”. Natasha then noticed a red dot on fox’s face and she then jumped towards fox pushing him out of the way as the sniper fired her shot, missing fox but hitting Natasha in the shoulder.And now and only then did Fox come to life, he moved with speed and drew her gun firing with instinctive and accute accuracy and hitting the legs of the sniper before grabbing ahold of her and they both took a dive into the water.The sniper held her legs in pain and when the other widows entered the room fox and Natasha were long gone. They then went to the pier shining their flashlights. “There’s no one here” one widow replied as they continued to search the pier.Out of the cold water, she was now wrapped in a coat unable to see where she was as he dried her off and placed another device on her to warm her up. He had searched her for anything resembling a weapon and finally he pulled the coat away and she could see his face right in hers.“You...saved me...?” Natasha replied as she flinched the gunshot wound in her shoulder still fresh from the bullet that was meant for fox."I told you at that moment you were the only important person in my life. You were the one giving my life value but only because it served your organisation, but what does my life serve you?"“I don’t know,” Natasha replied she wasn’t sure how to answer his question. “Maybe you’re not just a target in my eyes. could be more than that”."That sounds scripted, it's words black widow, that's all it is", he growled, "...they carved you open didn't they? Hollowed you out? Made you whatever they wanted you to be? Don't speak, just look me in the eyes, I'm right aren't I?"Natasha then looked him in the eyes and asked him with sincerity “So what happens now?”He revealed her gun to her, "Take this" Natasha saw the gun and she slowly took it from him. She looked at the gun and back at him.He then pulled her close, as if to hug her and then he guided her hand to press the gun to the side of his head and aligned it so it would go through them both "Now you have a choice, do you want us to live or do you want us to die?"Natasha was then slowly trembling but not as a performance as she was taught by the widows she was indeed scared. Her gun hand was shaking, she had a chance to end their lives, right there and their death’s wouldn’t have mattered, not even for their organizations. But she didn't; instead she pulled the gun away from their heads, put on the safety and dropped it to the floor.Natasha still felt herself close to him and looked into his eyes. She then moved his arms from her and slowly stepped away from him, her shoulder was still bleeding."End me, and then End yourself" Fox growled, he was still intent on having their lives ended but she refused.Natasha then didn’t say anything else and slowly walked away from him leaving behind her gun."Where the fuck you think you're going?" He called out to her.Natasha stopped briefly “I don’t know...” she finally said. Before she could continue she felt dizzy from the blood loss from her gunshot wound and she collapsed passing out into his arms.Flashback endPresent dayOne month after Gabriel was taken into custody by SHIELD Natasha and Jack were now living together at their home, his penthouse in New York. Natasha was on the computer scouring through different crime bosses on who she and jack would go after first.One boss on the list was hammerhead no doubt he was one of the biggest. With the intel they had gathered Natasha then went down to the fox lab where she had found him working on a new suit of armor. She was wondering how he was doing since they couldn’t save Adrien the first time.Adrien Agreste was a person who mattered to him, At the time she believed she was the only one and during that it was correct. People like Fox need a cause, something to believe in because people had let them down, the same kind of people who let Adrien Agreste down and now he was forced to play in a war he had no business or real choice in burned in Jack's mind and that fire drove him.When he was ready Natasha handed him the list of mob bosses in the city the most notable one being hammerhead. "Cleaning this all out, I'm sure someone will complain about the violation of civil liberties...but it will be easier to catch a criminal when he's got no organisation to hide in"“Agreed we’ve got our target now we just need to plan an attack,” Natasha replied. She then went to get her battle suit wrist gauntlets, her guns and her utility belt. She hasn’t seen his new equipment out of respect and would rather be surprised when it was time to move in.The start of these things is always clear, make a statement. But of course given a chance for common sense and decency to shine a light, Natasha would go to meet with Hammerhead and make him an offer he most likely wouldn't refuse and if he acted like a decent businessman then good show, but if he acted like himself then they'd move onto the statement.Hammerheads base Natasha was in a chair face to face with the crime boss who was cracking his knuckles and two other goons who had their hands close to their guns.They knew damn well you meeting with Black Widow was a once in a lifetime opportunity and they also knew you don't treat a lady like black widow like any other lady. No this was a talk that required finesse, something HammerHead most likely had to look up before the meeting.Hammerhead then leaned in close to black widow “alright let’s talk business” he started. Natasha then nodded and pulled out a bag of money placing it in front of him. "Okay, Okay you have my attention. I am a man of admittedly simple tastes if we compare my operations to the likes of the avengers. What can a simple man like me do to help you Miss widow?"What he could do was provide them information, consistent information.“We believe there are rivals of yours that are plotting to join forces and take you out”, Natasha replied as a coverup for fox. “If you cooperate with us maybe we could settle for immunities from us and you can continue to do whatever you like”. Natasha smirked."Wait a minute, I'm a little confused. Are you saying you want to make a deal where we help you take out some other big guys?" he paused and then smiled, "Oh I see, too dirty a job for the Avengers huh? Civil Liberties a problem? Well ain't this the classic solution"he and his boys chuckled"You know something Miss Widow, I like you. Simple solutions to simple problems, who needs a fancy metal suit when you can just have a guy take out the other guy huh? How very Russain of you" She smiled tightly at him, she'd give him a location to meet and make plans.“So do we have a deal?” Natasha asked. He didn't shake her hand but he agreed, in words at least Natasha then slowly rose from the chair “A pleasure doing business gentlemen”, Natasha replied as she slowly smirked walking away.She knew she had them set up now it just a matter of time before she and fox went on the offensive. Fox viewed organised crime in New York as an empirical structure, like all structures it had key components to keep things moving and working. These components were of course money, people and power and with a mob money protected your people and power scared the other people from trying to fight you or being able to fight you.Once you shut down one others would soon follow as hammerhead would eventually learn the hard wayHammerhead would be under the illusion because the government couldn't admit to reaching out to the mob he could take them for whatever he wanted and no one would say anything. Sure they could bs and blame him but he'd still get the stuff, stuff he could use to edge out competition like Kingpin and the rest of the mobs. So this location to meet for more cash and info, well he would get what he wanted…At the docks where the location was for the cash Natasha was waiting patiently for hammerhead and his accomplices. What they didn’t know was they were walking into a trap conducted by fox and Black Widow. A man like Hammerhead you can always count on to act in his own self interest, and a man like Hammerhead was also assured of his own power. The plate in his head gave him a sense of illusion he was about to shake“Ah good you made and you’re on time,” Natasha replied as she was soon greeted by the gangster and his goons. She knew about his metal plated head and heard stories of the unfortunate victims that had their skulls smashed in by him.Black Widow was supposedly alone and outnumbered, he was waiting for one of them to do either something stupid or honour the deal. “Your men seem uneasy hammerhead,” Natasha started as she noticed one of the goons hand was close to his gun.“It seems too good be true,” the goon started. “What are you doing?” the other one whispered in his ear"You got a reputation" Hammerhead stated, "And this whole thing seems very cloak and dagger, not that I'd put anything past SHIELD but this seems a bit different. So I think I wanna know what your plan is""We already told you" Natasha replied but she kept her guard up preparing for a possible fight."Well I don't trust you as far as I can....well actually I could probably throw you pretty far""What if we took this deal off your hands" a new voice echoed around them.That was the cue to strike Natasha then raised her wrist gauntlet and fired an electric disk at a goon who was too late to remove his gun and she soon jumpkicked into the other goon sending him across the floor."Mr Martello, here is the deal. You can help us dismantle the organised crime circuit in New York City leaving you and the Maggia the only game in town, under our supervision or we can just burn you like the rest. What's it going to be" the voice offered coldly.“Who’s there?!” Hammerhead cried out. “Show yourself!” He then turned to black widow who only smirked. He growled in anger raising his fist ready to charge her. “You double crossing bitch...I’m gonna kill you for...”His fist was caught, and found himself looking into the piercing orange eyes of his destroyer"No, you won't" Hammerheads eyes soon widened in fear realizing who he was face to face with the orange eyes piercing through his soul now the confident crime boss was scared fearing what this armored warrior was gonna do to him.The first blow was to the head, there was a metal clang but then he was dizzy. Hammerhead stumbled, his head was spinning, there was no way he could be that strong? Fox didn't have to be strong, the sonic frequencies imbued in his suit concentrating around his knuckles vibrated enough to rattle the metal in his head. Hammerhead couldn't see clearly so he didn't see Fox unsheathe his sonic blade and slice him across his shins. The burning metal went through the flesh and muscle like a hot knife through butter, the blood was cauterised the instant the cut was made which closed the wound and enhanced the pain bringing Hammerhead to his knees. His head spinning and legs searing in agony he was finding it hard to focus and make any sentient utterance. Fox calmly sheathed the sword and cracked his knuckles, the nano veins from his upper body to arms started working, the strength amplifiers going into effect and he grabbed Hammerhead by the shoulder and his grip nigh clamped the bone as his free hand went right for his face. CLANG! Rattling his brain and delivering a resounding blow. CLANG! Another one. CLANG! And another! Three more clangs and Hammerhead was on his back, blood oozing from his lips and nose he raised his hands to either defend or try and land a blow and then the claws of the beast clamped and crushed his wrists before working on the ribs and then five more clanging blows. With the force of every punch the boardwalk under them threatened to give way, a threat that fell on deaf ears and was not delivered. When Fox was finished Hammerhead was barely breathing, pounded into place like he was encased in the boardwalk and the only signs of life were the pathetic grunts that accompanied his shallow breathing.After Fox was done wiping the floor with the metal plated gangster Natasha then sent a message to client Barton aka Hawkeye to send a clean up crew to their location. She also broke into hammerheads suv and repossessed the funds she had given hammerhead. This was a good start for both of them. The shield agents had come and arrested hammerhead and his goons while fox and black widow returned home to their penthouse out of costume sitting together on the couch in silk robes watching the news on tv.Jack's eyes were focused, she could see the wheels turning in his head. This was the start and he was making connections like planning a circuit and seeing where the currents would lead, making it go where he wanted. This was the Fox she knew.Natasha then pecked him on the cheek with her lips while he was still focused on the tv. And that stopped the wheels turning, he slowly turned his head to look at her. Her eyes were different, almost sparkling in the dim light. Of course, they were alone now, just him and her in each other's arms.“What’s on your mind my king?” Natasha replied as she placed a hand on his cheek."'re calling me that again?" he asked almost unsure this moment was real.“Jack...I thought you enjoyed being called that...” Natasha pouted as a joke."Yes...though not as much as you do I think" he replied.Natasha smirked and nuzzled closer to him. “It’s not gonna stop at least when it’s just the two of us”, Natasha replied."You promise?" He asked as his orange eyes stared into hers.Natasha didn’t say anything but instead pressed her lips against his, and she slowly pulled him down on top of her, pressing the remote turning of the TV. The evening was a small victory but an important one, there was still work to be done, and they would be ready.To be continued...
Marvel's Renegades: (Chapter One) (Origins) (FFic)CHAPTER 1: ORIGINSThere are silence and darkness all over the place. An old rusty nineteen seventy-eight Camaro can barely be seen inside the site thanks to the bright light of the nearby vehicles driving down the street. Suddenly, somebody violently goes through the concrete walls of the place, landing near the middle of the abandoned local. Another individual enters the site as in darkness; his/her face remains.Unknown individual: “You… You have ruined the lives of many people, including mine… But that ends today!”Unknown person: “Bitch! Who the fuck are you?”, he says while he regains balance.Unknown individual: “I'm the person who’s going to save the world, and your worst NIGHTMARE!”The Unknown individual violently approaches the Unknown person and attacks him, but at the moment she does this, the unknown person quickly dodges her, grabs her by the neck, and teleports her four meters above the old Camaro inside the repair shop, and then throws her at it.Unknown person: *CHUCKLES* "Listen, I don't know you, and I don't know what the fuck you want, so stay the hell away from me!" he says while he slowly leaves.The Unknown individual levitates herself and uses her psychic powers to bring the Unknown person to her and make him kneel before her. She takes out a weird looking katana, and with anger, she gets ready to strike him with it. Unknown individual: “Any last words?”Unknown person: “Go to hell!”While the Unknown individual gets ready to cut the Unknown person’s throat, she is impacted by a blast.[Flashback]A teenage girl is awakened by thunder in the middle of the night. She rises from her bed and walks in search of the mysterious voices that she hears coming from the hall outside her room. The teenage girl sees a girl being insulted and beaten by a group of kids; she finds a bat and hits the knee of one of the kids."If I see you all bullying her or even talking about her, I'll hurt you all!" the teenage girl says to the injured girl.The group of kids leaves, leaving their friend with the broken leg behind.Teenage girl: “What’s your name?”The injured girl doesn’t answer.Teenage girl: “Do you want me to break your other leg?”"Hannah," the injured girl says as she cries.Teenage girl: "Hannah... If you say something about this to anyone, even Teresa, I'll kill you!"The injured girl cries.Teenage girl: “Do you understand?”Hannah nods her head and slowly limps away.The teenage girl gets closer to the girl who was being bullied and helps her to stand up.Bullied girl: "Thanks."Teenage girl: “I just did what was right! Don’t thank me!”Bullied girl: “Well, thanks anyway!”There’s an awkward silence.Bullied girl: “So, what’s your name?”Teenage girl: “Why do you want to know my name?”Bullied girl: “I’m just curious! I have never seen you before! Are you new?”Teenage girl: “Why are you asking too many questions!? Are you with the cops or something!?”"Well, I'm sorry! I was just asking!" the bullied girl says before walking away.The teenage girl, while annoyed, takes a deep breath. "Kara!" the teenage girl says.The bullied girl, as she stops, "What was that?"Kara: “My name is Kara!”Olivia: “Oh... nice to meet you, Kara!”7 YEARS LATEROlivia: “You jump first!”Kara looks at Olivia.Kara: “Olivia, we have been through this already! It’s not that hard! Just run and then jump!”Olivia: “Kara, it’s not that easy!”Kara: “Just jump!”Olivia: “No... I can’t!”Kara: "Do you want me to throw you!?"Olivia: “No…”Kara: “Then jump!”Olivia: “I fucking c…”Kara pushes Olivia to the other roof. Kara jumps behind her. Kara lands on her feet, but Olivia doesn’t.Olivia whispers while on the ground, “Fuck…!”Kara: “Come on! Dean is waiting for us!”Olivia stands up.Kara and Olivia go to the main entrance of the building. A guy is waiting for them.Dean: “Hi!”Olivia, while kissing him, "Hi!"Olivia and Dean stop kissing.Kara: “I had to push her… again!”Dean starts to laugh.Olivia: “Who are you laughing at? Do you know how hard it is to escape that orphanage?”Kara: “Three feet away!?”Dean continues laughing.Olivia gets mad.Dean to Olivia: “What?”Olivia doesn’t answer.Dean: "Listen, babe, I'm sorry! I just think that it is funny that you are scared of jumping to a building that is literally three feet away from ours!"Olivia doesn’t answer.Dean: "But at least in a week, you won't have to do anymore, right!?"Olivia, while looking at him, "Kara won't have to wait that long! She turns eighteen tomorrow!"Dean: “Oh shit! Really!?”Kara: “Yeah…”Dean: “Do you have a place where to stay?”Kara: “Nah… but I’ll be fine!”Dean: “If you want to, I can go and talk to our boss after we go and do our business...! You know he wouldn’t let us down!”Kara: “I’m fine…”There’s silence.Olivia: “Wait… What are we supposed to do!?”Dean: “Our boss wants us to intercept an armored truck!”Kara: “What for?”Dean: “He wants us to take something valuable from it!”Kara: “Good, what are we waiting for!?”Olivia: “Guys, do we really have to do this?”Kara: "Of course we have to do this. The only way we are going to become one of them is by showing them what we are capable of."Olivia: “Yeah, I know, but don’t you guys think that we take some time off from this?”Dean: "Babe, and we can't take no time off from this. Remember, If we want to have a good life---"Olivia: "We must work really hard, I know… I know, but this is becoming more and more dangerous every time a new job comes in. A couple of weeks ago, we were just going against some local gangs, and now we are about to assault and rob a truck. What's next? Us killing some politicians and taking control of the White House!?"Dean: “No, and we would never go that far, but we might end up taking over the Capitol instead of the White House.”Olivia looks seriously at Dean.Dean: "And I'm kidding, but babe come on! Stop being so paranoid! Nothing is going to go wrong!"Olivia: “Oh yeah? How do you know that?”Kara: "And he knows that because you guys have me. You know the half black and half white girl with awesome superpowers?"Olivia: “You might be very strong, but we don’t really know if you could survive being struck by a bunch of bullets.”Olivia: "No, but I have been shot twice, and I have survived getting hit by a terrible driver, aka you, thanks to my healing factor!"Olivia rolls her eyes to Kara while mad.Dean: “And come on, babe. This job isn’t going to take that long.”Olivia stays quiet.Kara: "Come on, Live… We can't do this without you… I mean, we actually can, but taking on that truck would be a little bit harder without you."Olivia seriously looks at Kara.Kara: “Come on, and let’s go. I’m pretty sure we don’t have all day.”Olivia is still quiet.Dean: “Babe, come on!”"Alright… Alright! I'll go, but I'll drive!" Olivia says to Dean.Dean: "Okay.""Dean and come on. You have to think this straight. Olivia doesn't know how to drive well, and besides that, she doesn't even have a license.", Kara says while serious at Dean.Olivia: "Oh, Kara, and stop being so dramatic. I just hit you once, and it was because I was distracted."Kara: “Yeah, and that’s the point, Olivia. You are always distracted.”Dean: “Girls, we don’t have much time. We have to go.”“Yeah, Kara. We have to go.”, Olivia says as she leaves the building.“God. If I get hit by her again, I’ll kill you both.”, Kara says as she walks outside while Dean holds the door for her.“Girls…”, Dean whispers as he nods while walking outside.Suddenly… "Stop right there, Frank!" an old man with glasses and a mustache, who's last name according to his name tag is Lee, yells with a banana in hand as he's abruptly woken up by the banging of the door.The man looks around, but he doesn’t see anything, and then he looks at his hand.Mr. Lee: “It must have been the damn vodka!”A COUPLE OF MINUTES LATER…Dean and Olivia are on an alleyway waiting for Kara to give them the green light to intercept the truck.Dean on the walkie talkie, “We are in position!”Kara on the walkie talkie, "Okay! I'll let you know when they are here!"Olivia to Dean: "You know, after this, we should take Kara to a restaurant or something for her birthday!"Dean: “Does she like Chinese or Italian?”Olivia: “I don’t know! I’ll eat some Italian, but ask her!”Dean on the walkie talkie, “Hey, would you like to eat Chinese or Italian?”Kara on the walkie talkie, “What about some Mexican?”Dean on the walkie talkie, "Okay, that I'll do!"Olivia: “Why did she have to choose Mexican?”Dean, while laughing, "I'll take you to eat some Italian next week, but not this week!"Olivia: “Why not this week?”Dean: “I’m going to New York City to take the package to our boss and to see mom.”Olivia: “So, I won’t see you until next week?”Dean: “Yeah, but I should be back by Tuesday!”At hearing this, Olivia leans her head on the window of her door."What's the matter? Why do you seem mad?" Dean says.Olivia: “I don’t know. It might be because we barely get to spend time together.”Dean: “And we do get to spend time together like… now.”Olivia: “Dean… you know what I mean. We barely get to have time for ourselves because of the Circle.”Dean: "Babe, I know you don't like working for them, but trust me. In the end, all of this is going to be worth it. This is the only way we can prove to them that we deserve to become one of them. That we deserve to be part of the Inner Circle."Olivia: “Yes, but what if something in the future goes wrong or what if after all of what we have done we never become one of them? I know this is important for you, but I don’t care if I become one of them or not. I only care about the present… about what we have. I only care about us.”Dean: “Babe, I care about you too, and I want to get to spend more time with you, but… don’t you want to move far away from here to somewhere nice and peaceful and have a family, a luxurious house, and nice job?”Olivia: “Yeah---”Dean: “Exactly. That’s the reason why I’m doing this… why we are doing this, so we don’t have to live the rest of our lives wandering the streets of Baltimore like some miserables.”There’s silence. Olivia is still leaning her head on the window while mad.Dean: "I'm going to talk to them, and I'll see if we can take some time off."Olivia doesn’t answer.Dean: "When I get back, I will take you to the best Italian restaurant in town… and then to the movies, and then… we might go to a five-star hotel… and get drunk… and---""Oh, my God! Can you shut up?" Olivia says as she smiles at him."I love you!" Dean says as he approaches her."I love you more!" Olivia says before kissing him, but as they start to kiss..."They are here!" Kara says through the walkie talkie.Dean and Olivia stop kissing.Dean to Kara through the walkie talkie, “Alright! We are getting our masks on! Tell us when to intercept them!”Dean, as he quickly kisses Olivia, "Ready?""Ready!" Olivia says before putting her mask on.Kara, through the talkie, "Alright! Intercept in three… two… one… now!"Dean accelerates his muscle car and blocks the street. Afterward, Dean and Olivia get out of the car and start to shoot the wheels of the armored truck. Then the armored vehicle tries to back up, but Kara quickly surprises them and breaks the driver's side door. The driver, while scared, quickly gets a short double-barrelled shotgun and tries to shoot Kara, but he gets shot in the head by Dean before he gets to do so. The other guard is shocked with his hands in the air, and blood all over his face.Guard #2: “Please don’t shoot me! I will do whatever you want!”Kara, while looking at the guard, "Get out of the truck, now!"The guard gets out.Dean: “Open the back door!”The guard walks to the back door and opens it.Guard #2: “Please… let me go…”Dean shoots him.Kara to Dean, “What the hell is wrong with you?”Dean: “I’m following orders from the boss!”Dean enters the truck and searches for the bag until he finds it.Dean: “Here it is! It looks… different than expected, but this is one is the one!”Kara, while curious, "What is it?"“The boss told me these were supposed to be the remnants of an enchanted ancient sword.”, Dean says.Olivia: “Enchanted?”Dean: “Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what the boss said.”Kara: “Alright. Let’s leave before cops show up.”As they all walk back to Dean's car, they all suddenly get shot by three men coming from the alleyway. Kara, Olivia, and Dean are on the ground. Dean tries to crawl towards his gun, but it's immediately killed by Gang member #3. Olivia removes her mask and gets on Dean’s chest.Olivia, while crying, "Dean…! Dean…!".Gang member #2 goes and grabs the bag. When Gang member #2 walks back, Olivia takes Dean’s gun and shoots Gang member #3 in the face. The other guy besides him (Gang member #1) shots Olivia on her stomach. Olivia drops the gun. The guy who got shot in the face takes his mask off.Gang member #1 walks to Gang member #3 to look at how bad the wound is. Gang member #1: “Holy Shit! You're lucky that the bullet just scratched your face!”Gang member #2 approaches them. Gang member #2: “We have to go!” Gang member #3 while standing up, “I will deal with this bitch first!”Gang member #2 to Gang member #3 as Gang member #3 walks towards Olivia, "Nigga, we don't have time for this shit! Let's get the fuck out of here before the twelve shows up!" Gang member #3 continues walking towards Olivia.Gang member #1: "Man, and he's right! We got to get the fuck out of here!"Gang member #3 looks at Olivia while she looks at him. Olivia: "Are you going to kill me, or are you going to continue looking at me like a…"Gang member #3 shots her on the neck, and then he spits on her. Gang member #3: “Bitch!”Kara is gaining consciousness again. She looks at Gang member #3's face. He looks at her and points at her with his gun. Sirens can be heard. Gang member #2: “Nigga, deal with the cops yourself! We are out of here!”Gang member #3 lower his gun and run back to the alleyway. Kara takes her mask off and looks at Olivia struggling to breathe. Kara approaches her, but then…"Oh… no!" Kara says as she realizes that Olivia has been shot in the neck.Kara crawls towards Olivia and puts her hand over Olivia's neck to cover her wound, but blood stills coming out of it. Olivia, while scared, starts to cry while at the same time, blood starts to come out of her mouth. Kara tries to speak, but not even a word can come out of her mouth. Olivia still tries to fight for her life when suddenly she finally passes out.Kara slowly removes her hands from Olivia's neck as she, in detail, looks at the blood running down her hands. Suddenly the cops arrive at the scene, and Kara quickly stands up and runs back to the alleyway. One of the officers rapidly gets out of her car and runs to the alley with her gun in hand, but upon arriving, not a trace of Kara can be found.Another officer quickly runs to the alleyway to assist the officer in it.Female officer: “Where did the suspect go?”Male officer: “I don’t know. I was following her, and then she just quickly disappeared.”"Okay. Gather a team and search the perimeter for the suspect. She shouldn't be that far from here.", the officer says as she walks back to her car.As soon as the female officer gets to her car, she takes her two-way radio from it.Female officer through the walkie talkie, “South 1-A-1, this is Officer Emily Carson reporting a 10-35 in South Hanover Street. There are multiple victims, all dead. The suspect has escaped on foot.”Dispatch: “Copy that, Officer Carson. Forensics are on their way.”"Oh, and another thing… the suspect might be a mutant.", the officer says as she looks at the crushed right side door missing from the armored truck.LATER THAT NIGHT…It is late at night, and Kara secretly gets into the orphanage to pick up some of her stuff. As she quickly starts to pack her belongings, she finds a picture of her and Olivia as kids, hidden in one of her shelves. Kara, while sentimental, sits on her bed as she holds the picture of her and her beloved friend when suddenly…"Kara? What have I told you about leaving this place without permission?" one of the nuns says as she looks at her.Kara doesn’t answer."Kara? What happened to your arm?" the nun says as she slowly approaches Kara.Kara starts to cry uncontrollably. Kara: “Olivia… Olivia is gone!”"What!? What do you mean gone!? Did she run away!?" the nun says while mad.Kara: “Teresa… Olivia is dead!”Teresa’s mood completely shifts at hearing this.“What… What happened?” Teresa says as she while anxious sits on Kara’s bed.Kara: "Dean, Olivia, and I were robbing an armored truck when some guys approached us and started to shoot! She got shot on the neck!""That you and she did what!? Why would you two do stuff like that!? I have told both many times to stay away from that guy and from all of those problems, but as always… Neither of you listened to me, and because of it, she is dead!" Teresa says as she rages at her.Kara doesn't respond; instead, she continues to mourn the death of her friend. Teresa sits closer to her and hugs her with both of her hands as she also starts to cry.MINUTES LATER…Teresa comes to Kara’s room with a cup of tea for Kara as Kara stands in the mirror with a towel covering her body as she dries her hair with the other one. As she does this, Kara notices that she still has some blood between her fingers and inside her fingernails. Due to this, Kara stops drying her hair and starts trying to take the rest of Olivia’s blood from her hands, but she struggles to do so. Eventually, at seeing that the blood isn’t coming out of her skin, Kara starts to put more and more pressure on her towel until ultimately she ends up tearing it apart, but that doesn’t stop her from using it to remove Olivia’s blood off her hands as she continues trying to remove it to the point she starts to peel her skin off. Suddenly, Teresa gets to her side and puts her hands over Kara’s hands to stop her from hurting herself."Why isn't it coming off, Teresa? Why isn't it coming off!?" Kara says to Teresa as she loses it and starts to cry again.“She didn't want to be part of any of it, but I pushed her to it… She was all I had, and now she’s dead… because of me.”, Kara says to Teresa as Teresa hugs Kara to comfort her.Teresa: “Dear, what happened to her is not your fault.”Kara: “Yes, it is. She didn’t want to rob that truck, but I pushed her to.”Teresa: "Kara is not your fault… Olivia might haven't wanted to take part in it, but we both know that once you get involved in that life, it is more than difficult for somebody to get out of it… Eventually, something worse would have happened to her if she had decided to don't be part of that heist. She was a good girl, and she didn't deserve any of it, but sometimes things happen for a reason, even bad things."Kara continues crying. Teresa: “What happened to the kid?” Kara: “He got shot in the head while trying to defend himself.”"Oh, Kara… If you kids had listened to me, none of this would have ever happened.", Teresa says to Kara as she hugs her.Upon Teresa hugging Kara, Kara flinches in pain.“What wrong!?”, Teresa says while worried.Kara: “The bullets went too deep into my shoulder and stomach. As a result of it, my wounds are taking longer to heal.”"I'll go downstairs to get you some band-aids. I'll be back in a minute, okay?" Teresa says as she looks at Kara's wounds.Kara: “Okay.”Teresa: “And don’t forget to drink your tea before it gets cold.”Teresa walks out of the room to get the medkit for Kara when suddenly a girl quickly walks out of the shadows outside of Kara's room.MINUTES LATER… As Kara gets stitches on her arm by Teresa, a siren can be heard at a distance. Kara and Teresa, while curious, stand up to look through the window of Kara's room when they suddenly see multiple police vehicles stopping in front of the orphanage."Did you call them?" Kara says nervously to Teresa as she walks back from the window.Teresa: “No! Kara, I would never do such a thing to you!”Teresa takes a moment to think.Teresa: “Did somebody see you when you left!?”Kara: “And I quickly left when I saw the police arriving, but I don’t think that they saw me.”Kara: “Did somebody follow you when you left!?”Kara: “Teresa, I don’t know!”Teresa: “Were there any cameras around the area!?”Kara: “Teresa, I don’t know! I didn't see anybody following or any cameras on my way here!”Teresa sighs, and starts to think.Teresa: "I will go downstairs, and I will talk to them. Hide somewhere until they leave, okay?"Kara agrees while she looks at the window. Teresa goes to the main entrance and opens the door to talk with the police.Police: "Hi! I'm officer Carson! We received a call from somebody saying that there was a murder suspect in this building! "Teresa: “I think it was a mistake. There are just kids in this building.”Hannah gets close to the door.Hannah: “She’s upstairs! She’s hiding on the second floor!”Teresa looks at Hannah.Officer Carson: “Please, backoff the door!”Teresa: “You can’t be here without a warrant!”The detective with a gun in hand. “Backoff, now!”Teresa: “No, you can’t…” she gets pushed by the officer.Officer Carson: "Search the whole place now!"The officers are now searching the whole orphanage while armed."Run, Kara! Run!" Teresa yells at Kara as Carson, along with other officers, quickly run to the second floor.Kara, at hearing this rushes down the hall and tries to escape the police by getting to the roof through a fire escape ladder. The officer spots her going through the window, and because of it proceeds to follow her. Kara quickly gets to the roof, and without hesitation, jumps to the roofs of the nearby buildings. The officer gets to the ceiling and sees Kara jumping from building to building, so she proceeds to do the same to capture the supposed murderer. Kara runs and jumps without looking back at the officer, but the officer seems to be more agile than Kara, as she quickly runs and climbs the roofs of every building."Stop and put your hands where I can see them!" the officer yells as she gets closer and closer to Kara.Kara: “Leave me alone!”Kara suddenly tries to jump to the roof of the next building, and ends up slipping due to the rain, but manages to get her hands on the edges of the ceiling that she was going to jump to. As Kara, with her super strength, helps herself to get on top of the building, the officer jumps over her, rolls on the ground, and with her gun aims at Kara. Officer Carson: "Get on your knees now!"Kara: “I didn’t do anything! My friends and I were attacked by some masked men.”“I said on your knees!” the officer yells at Kara as Kara while scared walks backward.Kara, while scared, looks back, realizing that she is at the edge of the roof.Officer Carson: “Kara, I don’t want to hurt you! Please, get on your knees!”Kara: “Alright! Alright! I’ll surrender!”Then suddenly, as Kara started to get on her knees, a deafening boom of thunder caused the officer to shoot Kara in self-defense. The bullet ends up hitting Kara on the left side of her chest, causing her to fall off the building to her death.END OF CHAPTER 1
Marvel vs Capcom. Chun-Li x Steve Rogers by CrossoverGeek
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