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Hey everyone! This is superkim111 with the very late Thor: The Dark World journal. Now if, for whatever reason, you haven't gotten to see the movie yet I suggest leaving the page now. I'm going to be giving my own opinion on the movie and of course you guys are always encouraged to chime in down in the comments section which means there will be spoilers. We wouldn't want to ruin the movie for you. So if you want to remain as unspoiled as Darcy Lewis's snark, this would be the time to switch over to something else.

Alright, so everyone left has seen the movie or doesn't care about spoilers, right? I'm assuming so. Let's begin!

Thor: Now I might just be looking for love in all the wrong places, but it doesn't seem like Thor gets the amount of praise and attention he deserves. He's changed so much since the first Thor movie! I mean he's always been a good guy, but he was kind of...selfish. And impulsive. But now he's thinking about all the lives that would be lost by pitting the Asgardian army against the Dark Elves, and he's coming up with cunning plans! Even Loki approved! Now that might not be such a good thing but still! You can see just how much love the guy has in him. For Asgard, for Midgard, for the other realms, for his family, and for Jane and her friends. He's just a big hulky bunch of love that can beat the crap out of things with a magic hammer.  

Jane: Have I ever told you that I love adorably geeky scientists types? Because I do, which makes Jane Foster a real treat. You can actually see just how much she loves science! Asgardian science? Amazing! Gravity defying science? Incredible! Universal science? Fantastic! This woman is the reason I read up on Einstein-Rosen bridges! Then there's her friendship with Darcy which is wonderful, and how nervous she was about meeting Thor's parents! I mean it is completely justified considering who they are but still! And she was so badass with the Aether inside of her! I kind of wish she got to keep some so she could kick some more ass.  

Thor/Jane: These two are kind of adorable together, you know? Like when Jane excitedly identified what the healers were using to treat her, and Thor gets this 'Look at the cleverness of my fair maiden' sort of look on his face. Plus the fact that he's apparently told his parents about her. Then there's her fangirling over Asgardian technology only for Thor to smile and laugh and tell her she actually accidentally stole some kids' ball. Which of course she sheepishly returns. And wow that kiss at the end! Hummina hummina. I am so glad that he decided to leave Asgard to protect Earth and be with her.

Loki: The things this delightful little punk does to me. I mean, I know he has done horrible things but he's just so complex! One moment he's making you snicker with witty insults, and the next your eyes are getting mysteriously wet because it's obvious that he's such an emotional wreck. He doesn't want to care about Thor, but he does. He doesn't want to care about Frigg, but he does. And then he unknowingly helps facilitate her murder and you can tell how much it destroys him that he did. Then he seemingly betrays Thor to Malekith and you're like 'No, he can help you'! But it turns out to be a trick and then Loki GETS KILLED and you're all 'This can't be, they wouldn't kill him off'! AND THEN AT THE END IT SHOWS HIM ON THE FREAKING THRONE OF ASGARD! HE FREAKING DID IT! LOKI IS KING, I REPEAT, LOKI IS KING! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Loki and Thor: I've already touched upon the subject, but let me just re-iterate that these two so totally still love each other. They might not want to, Hel things would be easier if they didn't, but they do. Even as Thor says he will kill Loki if he betrays him he later admits that he desperately wants to be able to trust him. And then to have him seemingly die in his arms, all the while lamenting what he has done?! It''s's too much.

Odin and Frigg: You know, Odin is kind of a hypocrite. He helped set the events of the first movie into motion because he didn't approve of a costly war with Jotunnheim, and then what does he do in this film? Dismiss any alternative as to how to solve their problem except for HAVING A COSTLY WAR WITH THE DARK ELVES! And that, 'Your birthright was to die as a child' comment towards Loki? What happened to all those familial feelings from the first film? Yes, I cannot stress enough how Loki screwed up, but to completely turn on him like that? Harsh dude. Way harsh. Frigg is amazing though. Just because her son has royally screwed up and now knows he's adopted, doesn't mean she's turning her back on him. He is her son goddamnit and no one, not Loki nor Odin, can change that. And did you see that magic she did while talking to Loki in his cell. Does anyone else think that's a pretty good sign that she at least helped Loki in his studies if not outright taught him herself? Plus she not only respected Thor's love of Jane, but seemed to approve of her! AND THEN SHE FREAKING DIED TO PROTECT HER! Frigg be praised, you do not mess with this woman's family or she will come at you no matter the cost!

The Dark Elves: I'm going to be honest with you guys, the Dark Elves didn't leave much of an impression on me. I mean their attack on Asgard was horrifically impressive, but they just didn't really stick out as characters. Well, no, I did like the relationship between head honcho Malekith and his second-in-command Algrim/Kurse, but that was really it. Sorry Christopher! I still love you on Doctor Who!

Sif and the Warriors Three: I am so glad the movie didn't have a big love triangle between Sif, Thor, and Jane. I mean a love triangle can be alright if done well and in an appropriate context, but it seems like nowadays they're just shoved into works for suspense or something. Here we see Sif treated like the shield maiden and friend she deserves to be treated as. A friend with not entirely platonic feelings who Odin apparently ships with his son, but Thor is awesome and that's the king's opinion so whatever. Now we don't see much of Hogun in the film as he decides to stay in his home realm towards the start of the film to help rebuild, but we do get some nice moments with Volstagg and Fandral. I'd have to say my favorite Volstagg moment is seeing him celebrating with both his fellow warriors by his side, and his kids on his lap. Fandral, now played by Zachary Levi, was of course his womanizing, snarky self. I can see why the directors wanted Levi to play him in the first place. He strikes just the right balance between dashing rogue and shameless flirt. But my favorite thing about Sif and the Warriors Three was how they all stepped up to the plate to help and protect their buddy Thor. Loki is gonna be in big trouble when they find out what he pulled.  

Darcy, Selvig, Ian, and Richard: Since most of the film took place in other realms, we didn't see as much of Earth and its inhabitants as we did in the first Thor movie. And I gotta say, I feel sorry for poor Erik. He's gone from essentially the voice of reason, to...well...running naked around Stonehenge. Man, mind control will mess you up. I hope Clint is doing alright. Anyway, he was right about the realm alignment and managed to deal with all that equipment, so it's good to see that he isn't totally off his game. It's nice to see that Darcy hasn't really changed, and I think it was kinda sweet that she followed Jane to England. Even if she did interrupt her date. Speaking of dates, let's move on to Ian and Richard. Now I've gotta say, I totally called that Darcy and Ian were going to end up smooshing faces. They had chemistry and he did what she told him to. A great quality in both an intern and a guy in general. I didn't think that Darcy would be the one doing the dipping though. But in hindsight, I totally should have. And Richard seemed like a nice guy. A good sense of humor. Not bad on the eyes. Unfortunately I don't think he'll be getting a rain check on that date.

Scenery: I really liked that we were shown more of Asgard, and all the places that were meant to be desolate or menacing definitely fit the bill. It was also cool to see Thor and Malekith being popped in and out all over London.

Action: What would a Marvel movie be without some kickass fight scenes? Thor kicked ass, Loki kicked ass, Jane kicked ass, Frigg kicked ass, the Dark Elves unfortunately kicked ass. There was just in general a lot of asses that got kicked for better or for worse.

Humor: I felt like this film had more laughs than the first. Maybe I'm just imagining it, or maybe the fact that the head honchos now had an established frame to work in meant that they could afford to throw in more humor. Either way, I approve.  


Well that's it for my review. Do you agree with anything I said? Disagree with anything I said? Or just have something you'd like to add? Put it in the comments below! I'd love to hear what you thought about Thor: The Dark World.
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