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Marvel's The Avengers Sequel Title Treatment

When Walt Disney Studios finally confirmed the May 1, 2015 release date for Marvel's The Avengers sequel, they declared that the film is currently untitled. And that evidently means they're coming up with something creative rather than the number 2.

Inspired by some unrelated comic book story arcs, I made three potential title treatments for the sequel.

Credit goes to Method Design for their original "Avenged Formal" typeface font, which was used for the first movie and its marketing campaign.
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Jiji-san's avatar
Quick question : is there anywhere I can buy the font. I went to MD website but it's just showing trailers they worked on, nothing about buying fonts :\

Great work anyhow! The Phase Two is well inspired :P
ShunakkeAndringa's avatar
I like "Phase Two" Best of these :D
I couldn't imagine them going object/character specific with the subtitle. But now that realize they sort of did it with the Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier, I will try some more with more specific things.
Bort826TFWorld's avatar
Why not just "The Infinity Gauntlet"?