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Submission Rules - Please Read Before Submitting!!!

Greetings true believers :wave: !

Every day, many members submit their entries to the wrong folder, leading to a rejection, and it is a problem which is getting worse. Please read the below rules so you don't make the same mistake.

Please note that we only accept 3 submissions a month from each member. Due to this, the submission time can take a few days as we can get up to 100 submissions a day. Submitting to the correct folder will help your deviation be accepted sooner. So thank you for your patience.

The first rule, which applies to all folders, is that we do not accept tracings or straight copies of another's work. Each submission must at least have some content which has sprung from your own creativity or else it is liable to be either declined straight off or removed at a later date.

The second rule is that at least one Marvel character must feature in any given submission - it is a Marvel fans group after all!

The third rule is that you MUST submit a reasonable quality digital image if your fanart is traditional or cosplay. This can be either scanned or photographed. For instance, low-resolution images of your fanarts in bad lighting will lead to an automatic rejection. We are no longer accepting artwork on LINED PAPER for traditional works.

The fourth rule is that, in order to be a group in which all members will feel comfortable to browse the galleries and be associated with, we do not accept submission which:

1. Depict situations of non-consent.
2. Feature slurs or similar demeaning and/or hateful language.
3. Features racist, sexist or homophobic content.
4. NSFW work.

If your submission is semi-NSFW, we ask you to place a mature filter on it before submitting to the group.

Moving on, here is a list of our folders and the rules pertaining to each one, so that you may select the correct one to submit your work to.

FEATURED FOLDER: Featured Folder is now our Monthly Marvel Character TBA in January of 2020. Each month will have a character ex:IronMan that you can draw through a variety of situations some may be funny or serious or even crazy. Keep an eye out for more info via Journals.

VILLAINS FOLDER: ALL fanarts of villains must be submitted here. That even includes those who are normally attached to a particular hero. As a caveat, this rule is more flexible if the particular villain also fits into an anti-hero persona, such as Black Cat who now belongs in Anti-heros, Supernatural (BLADE), Monsters (MAN-THING). HOWEVER, if your villain is fighting a hero, the appropriate folder for your submission is the one to which the HERO belongs, not the villain.

FANFICTION FOLDER: ALL fanfiction must be submitted here. A submission of written-word fanart to any other folder will be rejected. This rule, of course, does not apply to fan-made comics.

MARVEL AND OTHER COMPANY CROSSOVERS FOLDER: ALL submissions featuring characters not owned by Marvel Comics must be submitted to this folder. That includes submissions featuring characters from other comics companies, such a DC's Batman, or indeed your own OC. Again, it must be noted that, unless your submission contains at least ONE Marvel character, it will be rejected.

MARVEL OC'S FOLDER: This is for your original Marvel characters like a Spidersona or non-canon characters of your own creation within the Marvel universe. If you have reference sheets, submit them here. OC's can go in this folder or in Marvel and Other Company crossovers folder.

AVENGERS TEAM FOLDER: (for work with 2 or more Avengers): This folder is emphatically NOT simply for characters who have BEEN or ARE Avengers. This folder is for fanarts featuring AT LEAST TWO past or present Avengers, such as a fanart depicting Captain America and Iron Man. Please note that a villain or associated character will NOT make up the numbers, for instance Captain America fighting Baron Zemo or Iron-Man talking to Pepper Pots.

Captain America, Daredevil, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Gallery, Hulk, Iron-Man, Punisher, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine and X-Men: These folders are for full-colour fanarts of the characters in the folder title i.e. Punisher fanarts belong in the Punisher folder. These folders can also receive submissions of non-villainous characters attached to the folder-title's hero. For instance, fanarts of Mary Jane Watson can be submitted to Spider-Man OR Pepper Potts with Iron-Man.

DEFENDERS FOLDER: This folder is dedicated to Iron-Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. Any artworks depicting these characters can be submitted here or in their own individual folders if they have one such as Daredevil.

INHUMANS FOLDER: This folder is for those past or presently known in association with the Inhumans. This includes Medusa, Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, Maximus the Mad, The Unspoken, Ahura Boltagon, Luna Maximoff, Lockjaw, Inhuman Royal Guard, Members of the Genetic Council etc.

Three extra points must be made about the X-Men folder.

First, Wolverine and Deadpool, though mutants, have their own folders and, unless the fanart features these characters with another appropriate mutant, X-Men is not the correct folder for it.

Second, Scarlet Witch has her own folder with Vision. Quicksilver belongs in the X-men folder.

Third, purely villainous mutants, such as Sabretooth, belong in Villains and a submission to X-Men will meet with a rejection.

OTHER MARVEL CHARACTERS: This a folder for all full-colour depictions of single heroes or groups which do not fit into any other folder. See Folder description for more details. If unsure about your submission, this is best place to submit to.

Non-main canon Marvel, for Star Wars etc: This folder is for fanarts of characters who, although published under the Marvel name, will never feature in the main Marvel Universe. For instance, although Star Wars is now published by Marvel, Darth Vader will never fight Rocket Raccoon. Fanarts of this type of character belong here.

I hope this clears things up but, if anybody has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The mods here are all really friendly and more than happy to help :D !


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We're a group of Marvel (Comics) Fans. This can be anybody who reads the comics, plays the games, watches the movies, anything. You don't need to be a hardcore comic fan or anything, you don't need to know every plot in the marvel universe. Just enjoy what you enjoy. (:

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Marvel Literature and Fanfiction
The Sweetest Rose 2SHIELD agents sped past Loki’s cell-disguised-as-a-bedroom, fully kitted out with bullet proof vests and guns. Crossing his arms, he leaned indolently against the open doorway watching them.A female agent frowned at him judgmentally, taking in his black t-shirt and sweatpants and the monitor clamped around his ankle. Loki gave her a roguish wink. She recoiled, hurrying to catch up with her team, already disappearing around the corner.An amused smile tugged at his mouth. He had been SHIELD’s prisoner for nearly a year now and was used to the mortals running about, struggling to put out supernatural fires around the globe. Many had died in the final battle with Thanos and the shadow organization was still working to rebuild their numbers. Humans. Loki shook his head disdainfully. They were such fools. Although, some of them had heart. His hand hovered against his side, remembering the vicious stab wound caused by one of Thanos’ cronies when he escaped from the titan’s ship. Then the face of a human woman hovering over Loki, pale and concerned as she attempted to aid him.Two days passed before the wound healed but hiding in New York proved to be a mistake. The Avengers returned to their headquarters and soon reports of Loki came flooding in. Thor was the one who found him. They fought. Loki would never surrender to his brother so easily even knowing he no longer had Asgard to rule over and that Earth was his only option for a future.SHIELD of course, wanted him dead after the havoc he caused in New York with the Chitauri. When he was brought in, Thor and the other Avengers had intervened for Loki. After saving the world, SHIELD and the council behind them was willing to grant the Avengers a favor. Loki was spared. Spared. Loki sneered. If being locked in an underground facility for months on end could be considered spared. The woman in the park had shown Loki more mercy than that.Loki strode through the compound until he reached the conference room. Clint Hawkeye, Thor, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and Natasha Romanoff sat at a sleek glass table. One chair was empty. After the battle Captain Steve Rogers had traveled back in time to finish things but took a detour along the way to find his sweetheart Peggy Carter. The good captain was an old man now and no longer capable of carrying out the duties of an Avenger.Loki still could not believe that a mortal had been able to wield Mjolnir even for a short time. He leaned against the back wall, smirking at everyone. To Loki’s great disappointment no one commented on his presence. Thor spared him a brief glance before returning his attention to the television on the wall. Director Fury stood at the head of the room beside the television, dressed in his usual black trench coat. “At 5:39 PM today, Rosenbaum Auction House was bombed.”The television showed the smoldering ruins of a brick building. Firefighters battled the fire, long hoses gushing gallons of water over the flames still licking the rubble.“Why would anyone want to bomb an auction house? Did someone’s Mona Lisa turn out to be a fake?” Stark remarked in his usual arrogant manner, brows arched sarcastically.Fury continued as if Stark hadn’t interrupted. “Rosenbaum Auction House has been under investigation by SHIELD for the past several months. We believe the business has ties to the Collector.”The Collector was an interstellar junk dealer who on occasion came across something valuable. Loki had never been impressed by the man.“I thought he was dead.” Banner said.“He is dead.” Fury strode over to a silver briefcase and opened it, pulling out a tablet. He tapped the screen a few times and the contents projected over the table. “However, he parted with some of his collection before he died.”The heroes were silent as they studied the various objects hovering over them. Swords, jewels, rings, vases, and scrolls. “What of the people working there?” Natasha pressed her fingers against her lips. “How many casualties?”Fury shook his head. “I don’t have the intelligence yet. However, the firefighters pulled a young woman from the wreckage of the warehouse thirty minutes ago.”“She survived?” The red-haired assassin said incredulously. “The damage is so extensive.”Banner adjusted his glasses, eyes glued to the television. “With the intensity of those flames, she shouldn’t have lived. What more do you know, Fury?”“Only preliminaries.” The director said cagily, clearly holding back details for the moment. “I’ve sent a team to retrieve the woman. She’ll be brought here and questioned after her injuries are attended to.” Fury closed the tablet, shutting off the projection. “I want you to review the dossier I sent you. We’ll meet here again tomorrow morning.”Dismissed, the Avengers trickled out of the conference room. “See you later, Reindeer Games.” Stark shot Loki a parting smirk before disappearing with the others. Thor lingered, coming over to Loki. “How are you brother?”Loki inspected his fingernails, ignoring the question and its hypocrisy. “Quite a ruckus, the bombing. The Collector. Its amazing how much trouble people can cause even after they’re dead.”“No matter the problem we will triumph.” Thor clapped him on the shoulder. “I must be going. Jane is waiting for me. Will you attend the meeting tomorrow?”This wasn’t the first time; Thor had tried to convince Loki to get involved.Loki recoiled from his brother’s touch. His hands curled into fists, rage spiraling through him. Thor had the nerve to speak to him as if things were normal? As if Loki wasn’t under house arrest. Imprisoned by these lowly mortals?He felt his power surge beneath his skin, wanting to break free and attack. Casting a glance at Fury, Loki shoved past Thor. “There may be nothing else to do in this bloody fortress.” Back to his brother, Loki seethed. “But that does not mean I want to waste my time with those sniveling bleeding hearts you call friends!”Loki stormed off, boots slapping loudly on the cement floor. No one stopped him when he returned to his room and slammed the door. The door had no locks on the inside (another security measure) so he settled for propping a chair against the door. It wouldn’t stop someone from entering his room, but it might be fun to see those sanctimonious fools’ trip on their faces. Loki studied the pile of books on the small dining table by the couch and selected one to read. Words always had a way of calming him down, soothing his thoughts. He valued a good lie which is why he enjoyed reading fiction. Teasing out the little nuances, the hidden meaning in the passages gave him great pleasure. Loki disliked humans, but he appreciated their ability to craft a good lie. *************************************************************************************Shortly after midnight, Loki ventured out of his room again. Most of the mortals should be in bed at this hour. He headed for the kitchen. At first when Loki arrived at the base his meals were delivered to his room but when the agents realized he derived satisfaction from being waited on by the humans the meals stopped arriving.Fury told him he could eat in the cafeteria with the other agents or not at all. As if Loki Odinson would eat with the rabble. He was a king.Loki slipped into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Lights flickered on overhead as he perused his options. Walking over to the microwave he dumped macaroni and cheese onto a plate, adding a scoop of Brussel sprouts, a new favorite of his.When his meal was ready, Loki sat at a table, pouring a generous glass of wine. For several minutes he was surrounded by blessed silence, the only noise the hum of electrical appliances in the background. Then Fury walked in. “So, this is where you’ve been skulking off to at night, highness.” “Even gods need to eat.” Loki quipped. SHIELD’s director loomed over the table, his only eye glimmering with ice. “How would you like a longer leash?”Loki set down his fork, a mocking grin twisting his lips. “Oh dear, I feel a proposal coming on.”His thoughts churned furiously. Fury avoided him like a plague. He must want something very badly to come to Loki. A glimmer of an idea formed. “Does this have something to do with your recent catastrophe?”A shadow scudded over Fury’s face. “You’re a criminal and a murderer.”“What is it you mortals say? Oh, yes. Pot and kettle.” Loki ran a finger lazily over the rim of his wine glass. “How many have died at your hands? Some of them innocent?”Fury shrugged. “I do what’s necessary to protect my world from men like you.”“There are no men like me.”The director turned slightly, facing away from Loki. He clasped his hands behind his back. “I did not come here to debate philosophies.”“No, you came with an offer.” Loki dropped his voice to a teasing whisper. “I knew you liked me.”Fury gave him a flat look in return. “If you’re done eating, follow me to the infirmary.”Loki speared a sprout on his fork. “I’ll be along presently.”The director nodded curtly and strode from the room. Loki propped his chin in his hands. A wild reckless amusement crackled through him. Now, this was an interesting turn of events. After months in stasis the tables had finally turned in his favor. *************************************************************************************“Its been two hours.” Fury said as Loki sauntered lazily into the infirmary.“So sorry, I was famished.” Loki said innocently, knowing the director had to be seething beneath his calm façade. He smoothed a hand over his Asgardian clothes, an illusion he crafted on the way to the infirmary. “And I needed a change of clothes.”Fury refused to be provoked. The director swiped his badge over an electronic lock and the door slid open with a hydraulic hiss. “In here.”Affecting a bored expression, Loki followed Fury inside. The astringent smell of antiseptic perfumed the air. He wrinkled his nose and trailed the director over to a bed. All sorts of wires were attached to the slight figure of a human female laying on her side. Bandages plastered her back and legs but something else gave Loki pause. “Why is she glowing?”“Take a look at what she has in her hand.” Fury said.Curious, Loki walked around to the other side of the bed and froze when he saw the woman’s face, absolutely stunned. It was her. The woman from the park. How in Asgard’s name had she come to be here?Aware of Fury scrutinizing him, Loki dropped his gaze down to her hand. She clutched a long staff in a white-knuckled grip. Magic pulsed off the staff in waves, sinking beneath the woman’s skin in a continuous loop. Loki, a sorcerer of great skill, had no idea what he was looking at and that annoyed him. He would not show ignorance in front of the director. “Another injured mortal, how quaint.”“This is the woman rescued from the wreckage of the auction house. When they found her a dome of light surrounded her.” Fury folded his arms across his chest. “She has minor burns and a broken ankle. CAT scan and X-Rays revealed no internal injuries.”“She should be a charred husk.” Loki murmured, the gravity of the situation sinking in.“Exactly.” Fury gestured at the staff. “Somehow, this object protected her. The doctors tried to remove the staff from her hand, but it’s like the damned thing has a hold of her.”“Do you have a name for her?” Loki asked casually.“Her name is Cassandra Pierce.” Fury tossed him a thick file. “You enjoy reading. Here’s your assignment.”Loki caught the folder without looking at it. “I don’t work for you.”Fury smile. It wasn’t a nice smile. Loki felt his plans unraveling. “You do now. If you want your freedom.”Rage exploded inside Loki, tremors running through his limbs. Frost crawled over the folder crushed in his hands. “I am not your servant! I am a god and a king!”Fury remained unruffled in the face of Loki’s anger. “Then you’ll make an excellent agent, won’t you?” He motioned for Loki to leave. “Thor suggested I offer you another chance. Let me know if you want to make a deal.” A deal? A deal with almost no benefit to him! Loki wanted to murder Fury. Only knowing he was currently at the mercy of the director and his insipid organization stopped him from lunging for Fury’s throat.
Marvel and Other Company Cross-overs
Fallanassi Sorcerers by xxTheTruMan196
Marvel OC's
All cats are liquid- by FandomFoxFire
Moon Knight-Nova
The Best Policy by RosalinasSoulmate
Non-main Universe Marvel, for Star Wars etc
Capitaine La France by latard
Other Marvel Characters

Mature Content

Tigra (Commission) by mikamipinup
The Punisher vs John Wick by Corbett316
Spiderman 3
Arachnid-Bloke by BallsySmithhh
Stan Lee
Creation of Spider-Man by JXrnx
Loki by NebelEule
Villains 2
CARNAGE vs VENOM #SketchEmAll by emmshin
Vision-Scarlet Witch
Claw-Man by BallsySmithhh
Laura Kinney X-23 petting Sparky by imaxwebber
X-Men 3
Gambit by AfizethArt
Spider-Man FULL
Spiderman by sokepy
Spider-Man 2 FULL
Spidey by Skottie Young by DrDoom1081
Villains FULL
InkTober Day Sixteen: Angular by TheRaySketches
X-Men Full
Psylocke by arissuparmanart
X-Men 2 FULL
Rogue by ArtistOtaku91


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Greetings Marvel Fans!!
I am so excited to see all of our new members!! I hope you are enjoying this group. I apologize for my recent absence as I have been busy outside DA with my fulltime job. Going forward this spring/summer I am contemplating some more group events like contests, DTIYS, and featured members. If there is anything new you would like added (a Twitter perhaps??) comment below as I would love to see this group continue to thrive and expand.
I know it may seem like DA is dead but without you, this place wouldn't be the way it is now, so THANK YOU for your continued support in submissions and membership. As always you can note the group or myself with any questions or concerns. So have a great day and I will see you around!!
Your friendly DA neighborhood Founder,
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