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..: ~ Rainy Day ~ :..


Rainy Day
It rains, it rains~ out of her ears?~

Reblogg white version on tumblr

if ppl like this conzept i would looe todo more of them.
I planned starry/or cloudy night and than seasonal ones <3 spring,summer,autumn,winter.
I really love illustration likes this Emoji04 
I was inspired by an artist named Shikimi   but i tryed to bring my own style into this.

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! btw please tell me wich evrsion you like more, the white linked on my tumblr or this i can change it afterwards Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! 

This was so much fun but a bit hard too do, its maybe just simple cellshade but i was  need to make some clean lines xD And i hate lines..
And i changed my eye style for this piece.. idk i dont wantet that big anime eyes on this piece... i think this little"realistice" style fits it more and i love it.
But well this is a new oc i own<3 I buyed her from Masaomicchi
She has had a lovely design<3 i just fall in love with her. But please dont ask me wich animal she is.. since idk by myself XD masaomicchi maybe makes an own species based of this so lets wait. I changed her big jumper into a mori jacket and gave her a nice layered mori dress and big boots *A* and i changed her hairstyle but i love both. Omg I love her so much.
But i didnt found a name for her yet.. i maybe call her leafy idk .. i want a nature name for her.

View the original design here
Short Auction (closed) by Masaomicchi

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KAWAIIII Also I like those cute red mushrooms *-*
ArtCromm's avatar
For some reason I really like the mushrooms and plants on the ground :D
Maruuki's avatar
ahh thanks ^-^
Maruuki's avatar
wah thanks *A*
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the coloring is amazing
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AzureRat's avatar
There's an unspeakable beauty.
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mockingbirdontree's avatar
Gorgeous piece. It's the best rain day, to be could wishes me.
Maruuki's avatar
Thank you so much<3
Sapphireblueocean's avatar
Interesting art work, it feels like spring, winter and all the rest of the seasons together. The characer of the girl looks cute too and I like her outfit. =) <3 Very nice art work!
Maruuki's avatar
Omg thank you so so much<3
Yeah she is a all season oc. She can let grow different plants in every season. For this one i choosed autumn for mushroom sinc ei love them<3
+ i gave her autumn colors ^-^
Thank you<333
Sapphireblueocean's avatar
Creative art work you came up with! =)
You're welcome. ^^
Elythe's avatar
Ich finde das Design des Kleides toll!
An sich ist das Charadesign auf dem Adopt-Sheet ja sehr simpel gewesen, aber du hast echt das Beste aus ihr herausgeholt. Diese vielen, süßen, rüschigen Stofflagen, hach :heart:
Und ich finde den Untergrund toll. Die Pilze und die Vögelchen die im Regen zu baden scheinen^^
Maruuki's avatar
Ahh yah<3
Ich habe das design so geliebt *A* bzw ich liebe es immernoch.
grade weil es so simple ist, aber ich wollte ihr einfach ein mori kleid geben weil es so gut zu ihr passt *A*
vielen dank für deinene lieben kommi<333
Nekokorochii's avatar
Wow!! This is beautiful! I really love this <3
Also, I think I like this version better than the white version on tumblr. The white version seems incomplete, but this version here looks perfect!! >v<
Maruuki's avatar
Wah thank you really much<3
penguinmasi's avatar
Until now, I thought cell shading is the lowest kind of shading @_@
Thank you for proving me wrong and finding beauty in cell shading~ :D

(2nd reply to your awesome artwork xD)
Maruuki's avatar
hahah XD
Bt you are right. Cell shade may be a simple shading style (only gradient shading is lower XD)
But on some pieces it is really nice, if  i would have done here detailed soft shading it wouldnt fit the picture i think ^-^
+ i like this shading style~
thank you so much<33
penguinmasi's avatar
Yess, I tried soft shading on most of my work but when im done it always looked messy @_@
Yeah I think so too, since the base color is already soft, a little contrast suited it better :D

Np~ I should really be the one thanking you :))
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