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.. Flowing Hair ..


Flowing Hair

hnng i love to draw hair, but i hate to outline it *but i hate lines in general*

Finaly time to upload this~
This was a wonderfull soft shade fullbody commission *from my commission auction* i did one month ago for the lovely Sakayani
It was so much fun todo that hair omg THE HAIR i put so much effort in coloring this fullbody especially the hair hnngg
She had have a wonderfull design overall.dat dress *A*
But i think i failed at the anatomy, like always *what is anatomy*
But i really like how that came out one month before

  • Tools: Paint tool sai  & photoshop
  • Time: /cant really remeber anymore/
  • Art @Maruuki
  • Oc @Sakayani

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You must really love drawing hair.
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yeah XD /but only coloring/
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Coloring of hair is tough though.
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die anatomie ist fast richtig, aber pscht bemerkt bei deinen Bildern eh keiner.
Du könntest ja mal sketches hochladen und leute bitten sie zu redlinen vllt hilft dir das mit der anatomie. Bei  colo muss man sich ja von dir ne scheibe abschneiden X3
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danke danke ^-^
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aasdghal I know the pain of drawing so many lines omg but your lines are always so smooth and pretty, this looks fantastic hhhh :iconzxcvbnmplz:
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Wahh thank chu so much<3
I hate lineart sososososo much Dx
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Imma so jeely of all your works!! >A<

btw this one and the hair tutorial didnn't show up in my watch lit ^^"...(I'm only here due to camping out on your profile!! I-I mean from my 'more from DA' list XD
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Wah thank chu so much *A*

Hm strange.. maybe its becvause of the new watch notification thing from da~
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I've already told you how much I loved this before, but it's still absolutely wonderful now!

It truly warms my heart to know that you both enjoyed her design and drawing her a lot, it makes me very happy 'v'

Again, thank you so much for drawing Alieze for me, I'm truly grateful and the outcome is just wonderful.
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Thank you so so so much for your lovely words *A*

It seems im not the only one who loves her design, many ppl told me here that the design is gorgeus^-^
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She's very pretty!!!:love:
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ikr *A* her design is gorgeus!
it was made by Sakayani
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Wonderful twirl as well. ^^
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