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`LostKitten suggested that I make a stamp like this out of the similar ones in my gallery. =P Tadaaa!

The rant, rehashed:

I'm tired of hearing people say that atheists and agnostics are moral savages with no respect for anyone or anything. There are just as many religious jerks out there-- it's the nature of assholes to be assholes.

Also, if religion is the only thing that keeps you from stealing, lying, murdering, and cheating on your significant other, or perhaps committing suicide, I am officially scared of/for you. :fear:

A DD? SRSLY? Thank you guys. XD; I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I'd like to re-clarify:

I don't hate religious people. I love my super awesome religious friends. I know there are plenty of religious people that aren't jerks, you don't have to tell me :giggle: there are jerks in every group. I was just a little tired of hearing that people like me are "amoral." I can't force myself to believe in a god-- I tried-- and I wish that weren't some people's basis for telling me and other people like me that we're bad people. Don't judge a person by their religion (or lack thereof) alone. Judge them by their actions. :)
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The West is gonna fall uwu
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Haha, what a stupid meme. EVERYBODY is religious, moron. Wikipedia defines religion as "a social-cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, moralsworldviewstextssanctified placespropheciesethics, or organizations, that relates humanity to supernaturaltranscendental, or spiritual elements." If you don't have those, you don't even exist.
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mine is bike racing

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In all religious books it's said: "Trade with Tradekeep, he has the best trades!"
There is no point in having a religion...
Religion is very debatable.
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So religion is very debatable, but it's pointlessness isn't?
Yep... I made a mistake.
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then what is your religion? Atheism I guess
I disregard atheism.
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so we more or less agree lol
Agnostic, I am open to all religions.
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I also am rather agnotic, but theistic, not atheistic.
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Man, if atheists didn't have morals, this world would be utter chaos far beyond how it ever has been. I'm part of a religion, but some people take it way too far and start making ridiculous assumptions. I start to wonder if common sense exists.
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Many Atheists may have morals but a confusing logic
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Religion is a SHIT. That's why so many war in the world (in the Middle East, by example).
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I always find it amusing when religious nut cases act like only THEY have a monopoly on pretty much everything "moral". So you're telling me that if you didn't have faith in whatever god you worship, you'd go out on a killing spree? You'd be choking random passers if you weren't reading your book of fairy tales? You evidently aren't a good person to begin with. That's like telling people that someone's best friend is a good person as long as they keep taking their meds.

I knew what it was like to know good from bad even before I was being told all this religious crap. The moment I left religion was one of the best moments of my life, & I immediately started to feel a lot happier. It only took common sense, and my entire knowledge of biology and science as a whole to see past the bullshit being thrown at me.
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Was Stephen Hawking not a religious nut?
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Haha, no. Last I checked the guy didn’t believe in any form of religious figure, let alone a faith.

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But his religion was ATHEISM
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Atheism isn’t a religion, twat waffle. How can it be a religion when there’s no gods or magical beings or cult behavior involved? It literally means lack of faith and not believing in a god.

Atheism is as much a religion as bald is a hair color.

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