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Rose of Versailles

Oscar Jarjayes and Marie Antoinette of Rose of Versailles (aka Lady Oscar) - one of my absolute favourites from teen years, which in part guided me to the path of manga art, or at least very much helped to solidify the direction I was pre-destined to by Moomins, LadyLady and Totoro. As well as sparked a fondness for period dresses and aided me towards lolita likings as well.

In some subconscious way this thing has been a project waiting to happen for over 15 years now. More consciously for the most recent of them, but expecting my 'style' or 'skills' to develop still, to make sure the original would be done any justice at all. The actual drawing happened during one weekend in January, and painting was done within couple days in February.

Antoinette here is something of an amalgam of Riyoko Ikeda's vision of the character - a rather generic shoujo "pretty girl" - and the real deal as recorded in various paintings.

Ikeda's ability to elegantly portray the aging of the characters has always been one of my favourite aspects in the series. I'd love to do something to showcase that some time. Maybe something more than just a 'posed' picture with them as well... but seeing how long it took to get this thing done, I wouldn't expect it anytime soon XD Unless of course someone wants to commission one! Heey! 8D

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Dear Marukui san,

Ha, ha, ha, excuse me for my misinterpretation of your name.  Yes,  茎 also means a flower stem.  Actually Marukuki sounds both Japanese and Finish like the well known (at least  in Japan) Finish movie director Aki Kaurismaki (smile).  Too bad to hear that the Beru Bara manga books are not translated into English or any other foreign language - I guess it is a unfairly underrated Manga in the international manga world not like  some other  Japanese manga like Totoro...I even went to see Takarazuka All Female Revue's dramatization of  Beru Bara (a boys' school thing to  get enchanted by).  It has a famouse theme song which goes 愛それは悲しみ(Love -  it is about sadness...).  Anyway, I can go on talking about it until cows come home (smile again).

By the way,  I sent  you a smile and a  message at the other SNS that you are (or used to be) a member of.  Check them out (smile).

Kind regards,
Dream lofty dreams
I did not realize that Beru Bara as we, Japanese call it, has made such a huge impact outside Japan.  When I was growing up, I was such a big fan of the Manga and even went  to see the movie (Lady Oscar) later on.  Anyway, an amazing amount of detail and a good color coordination and a composition of the characters.  I like the facial expression of Oscar (especially her eyes - they make her  look very cool-minded).  By the way, very nice Japanese katakana writing and is Marukuki supposed to mean Round Cane or Round Rod (丸い茎)?

Anyway, a lovely piece  of work.   My congrats.

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Thank you ^^ I love the manga as well, though I've only been able to read a small portion of it yet... it's surprisingly STILL not available in English (what gives! :o), and though I have the whole series in tankoubon (couldn't resist the 'rose-y' print - 2009 "new edition", I believe), my knowledge of Japanese is limited... still.

As for "Marukuki", I intended 茎 as a flower stem ^^'
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Thank you (^o ^)<3
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Thank you ( ^3^)
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You're welcome anytime! ;)
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I love the amount of details you have drawn there - roses, laces, ruffles and Oscar's uniform details! <3
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Thank you. Much appreciated ( ^3(^- ^' )
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Thank you kindly ( ^3(^- ^' )
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