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Chance Ref Sheet

By MarukioSama
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Done with Chance's ref sheet. Now I gotta do the NSFW version where he's FULLY naked

Edit: oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the Daily Deviation! Please do read the comic guys you won't be disappointed. It revolves around this character. You can start reading here
Divne Acid Pg 1 by LordWilt

If you want to know more about Chance you can find him here
Chance profile by LordWilt
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this is the weirdest DD i ever seen giving around

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I suggested this one

Back Stage

but they went with this one.

Oh whale what can you do

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Lmao u suggest ur own art
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Yeah it literally says in the FAQ that self suggesting it's not only allowed but encouraged.
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How u suggest one wanne do one for my friend
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Congrats on the Daily Deviation! (:

Have a nice day and stay safe! ❤️

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Thank you so much!:D

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Hold on...

I'm not familiar with the character, but guessing from the outfit and demeanor he is a "professional" in the sense "professionals" in action or thriller comics tend to be. Or as some poetically like the put it, a "street samurai".

Is the bunny-ears ponytail perhaps a reference to Usagi Yojimbo's similarly styled topknot?

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Lol I love the guess but he's actually a part time club singer. You can find his profile here

Chance profile
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Ah! Knew it was a long shot, but that makes perfect sense. I guess where in comes to the sort of person people indicate when they say I know this guy, who knows this guy, who knows stuff like this, they got some things in common regardless the nature of their specific stuff.

Come to think of it, he looks kind of familiar. Were you perchance involved when PE ran an anthro information week a couple of years ago?

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I don't believe so. A couple of years ago I was more involved with the dragon ball fandom. That was during a time I gave up on my originally works. Tho thankfully a friend of mine convinced me to bring my characters and my comic back

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Congratulations on your DD!!! :heart: Awesome job!!! :la:

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Thank you so much!

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Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

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You are very welcome :)

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Fully naked? Wa ha ha ha. Well someone could use that to dress him up in any kind of costume.
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