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The Girl Who Played With Fire

By Maru-Light
I started shooting Virgil pin-up style, but she decided she wanted to go a whole different route--so she donned a mohawk and channeled some Lisbeth Salander.

Virgil is an Iplehouse Carina, face up by me ^^


DoA Gallery: [link](Gothy-Iple-Carina-some-nudity)
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Feb 20, 2012, 2:41:00 PM
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Ameretty's avatar
wow.. it's the first time when i see Iple woman and i like it!
clowve's avatar
I totally see the Lisbeth in her! amazing!
hanarain's avatar
I wish there was a mohawk wig with stubble on the sides
Feriberri's avatar
That face up is amazing. Love how much attitude it brings to her face, so well done!
Echoes-of-Elaris's avatar
Thoroughly awesome interpretation of a fierce woman. I love it!
HellPatrolb's avatar
Wow great photowork!
BlackSwordAshura's avatar
That glare ! it's like she can kill someone with just her eyes :faint:
and I love her new style, she can only be beauty
ToRmEnTtHeFaLlEn's avatar
I love her hair and her faceup is beautiful <3 :3
YotsubaClover's avatar
She is just so wicked! And the detail you put into the eyes are perfection.
PepstarsWorld's avatar
I like this new look for her. Sometimes the dolls just know what's best, LOL.
kvicka's avatar
omg ...totally awesome face-up :love:
Minaruse's avatar
Striking! I'm not sure whether I like her lips, eyes or seeming expression the most :)
FifiIsBored's avatar
Wow. Just wow.

I don't know what else to say. This picture have left me speechless. Virgil is just so perfect for Lisbeth Salander I even thought for a second that somebody cosplayed her.
Her eyes, hair and face up completes the look.

I never really cared for Iplehouse dolls, but your Carina just opened my eyes. She's down right perfect. And I am happy to see a reference to the millennium trilogy in resin form :D
Lain3y's avatar
She's got that look down pat. "Don't fuck with me... or maybe you do want to fuck with me." ;D
Absolutely gorgeous and I love the makeup here!
little1lost's avatar
She makes a lovely Lisbeth!
LadyNoize's avatar
I love Dark themed pictures like this. It captures my heart, love.
Maru-Light's avatar
Thank you!! I love them too, I'm so happy she achieved this look :dance:
LucidRequiem's avatar
I think I died a little from the beauty! She is so gorgeous!
Maru-Light's avatar
:love: Thank you so much hon!! :hug:
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