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Poison and Ghoul

Anda and I saddled up for a new Killjoy shoot this past weekend so here's the 411:

It took me 5 hours to draw every single one of Fun Ghoul's arm & chest tats with non-toxic marker. :faint: I take the full blame for that genius decision since I wanted to do something different with a pretty basic portrait shoot. It proved to be as challenging as I thought it was going to be, searching and researching all over to figure out the look and placement of all of Ghoul's ink. One arm definitely came better than the other since I was nursing a heady case of exhaustion at the time. Anda was a good sport since it apparently tickled like all hell but I'm pretty proud of the end result even though I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do it again... at least not soon. LOL

By the time the tats were finished and the FtM makeup was on it was 3am and we still had to do the actual photography which degenerated from portraits to PartyxGhoul fan service ^^; Hey man, all in good fun.

-Party's Jacket & Ghoul's vest are official.
-Party's shirt/jeans customized/made by anda-chan
-Makeup by Maru-Light
-Party's hair dyed by Tori from Industry 80 Salon

My Chemical Romance: Danger Days

Fun Ghoul cosplay by :iconanda-chan:

Party Poison cosplay by :iconmaru-light:

Photography & lighting by :iconanda-chan:

More from this shoot:
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How did you do the tattoos??
Maru-Light's avatar
Read the description ;)
Shadow-Link-Twirl's avatar
TanVonVanity's avatar
Where did you get the party poison jacket I really need one in a few months time x
Maru-Light's avatar
It was the official jacket they released on the site. I grabbed it before it sold out ^^;
TanVonVanity's avatar
Trying to find one everywhere,not to kean on the fake ones,seen a few in medium but can't see any in large or xl ;(
Maru-Light's avatar
If you're looking for the official one, the sizes are men's, so just something to keep in mind. I'm normally 10-12, but had to get a small because they run big.
TanVonVanity's avatar
Cool that gives me a better idea.
ArielleKay's avatar
I love the glasses! Can I ask you where did you buy them?
SynackyGrohlbain's avatar
Sweet lord! This looks fucking incredible (*.*)
stargirlwithzombie's avatar


Where did you get Party poison's boots and jacket

Tell me more!

Arent-you-something's avatar
How did you have the patience??? The tattoos are amazing and Party's hair....... *^*
Maru-Light's avatar
Thanks!! It wasn't easy XD
rashberry's avatar
holy shit this is perfect. ♥
babsley112's avatar
OMGEE!!!! I frankin' lurve ittttt!!!! how the heck did you do all thos tats? I'd never be able to! I has no patience :iconsweatdropplz: that's really deatailed...anyways...lurve it!!! :glomp:
Maru-Light's avatar
Thank you! It was a lot of work :D
babsley112's avatar
of course! it's amazing!
felt-tip-pens's avatar
Christ, woman you drew all those?? That takes patience. And again, stunning cosplay, the pair of you. I love those goggles! :clap: All so beautiful!
Maru-Light's avatar
Patience and insanity :XD: Thank you so much!! Those tats were a lot of work :D
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