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Death Note -Redeemer- Light

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Published: March 16, 2009
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Here is the beginning of a variety of promotional shoots :iconanda-chan: and I will be shooting for our novel-length Death Note YAOI fic: Redeemer. The idea is to illustrate key scenes... you'll catch on as we go.

You can read Redeemer here [link] or here [link]


Light is :iconmaru-light:
photo by :iconanda-chan:


The following blurb to accompany the above image is from Chapter 50 - Kitchen Counter :

Mello drank down the still-warm molten chocolate, his attention seemingly split, but his free hand knew just what it was doing as it slid with feathery caresses along the bridge of his trousers, flicking the button undone with ease. Cocoa finished, he turned, pressing bodily against Light’s slightly taller frame as he turned to dump the mug into the sink. And then, unexpectedly shoved a biscuit into his mouth. “Wait for me in my study,” he purred, casting him a sidelong glance over a half-bare shoulder.

That was when Light’s gaze turned absolutely wicked. “No,” he purred.

Mello arched an eyebrow. “No?”

“No,” Kira reiterated. “I want you here.” And to illustrate his point, he stretched out forward like a lazy cat across the counter, sultry gaze crooked over that smooth, golden shoulder, pants loose around those lovely, fuckable hips.


And because it needs an introduction...

The story takes place *after* Death Note ends, although the main characters have not died. Here the Yellowbox Warehouse is essentially the pinnacle of L's 6-year long offensive against Kira, who believes L to be dead, when he really isn't. L faked his death, and proceeded with the case behind the cover of his three top heirs, Mello, Matt and Near. Kira himself doesn't succumb to his defeat, but is instead rescued at the last moment by his nemesis lover who decides that a more apropo end to the God of the New World is not death--but redemption, in the form of a new case and a 5th so-called Kira, that L and Light must bring down together... or risk losing everything.
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MechaAlchemistStudent Writer
I LOVE the expression in this picture! It is so very, very Kira.. It sends shivers down my spine! <3
Maru-Light's avatar
Thank you so very much! :D
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I know this was for redeemer, but i cant help thinking of the desk scene in 2B!XD love it!
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Lord-AzeranHobbyist General Artist who could resist such a sexy creature as the one presented here? I know I couldn't :) Your expression screams sex, arousal, and makes me want to drool all over my keyboard. Good going
Maru-Light's avatar
You're too sweet, thank you so much :love: I definitely try to cosplay Light the way we write him, it's my goal ;)
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levioletoiseau10Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what chapter is this?
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It was *just* uploaded to AFF - it's Chapter 50 - Kitchen Counter :)
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levioletoiseau10Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ah, yes, that would make sense... you have awesome cosplay and have the perfect character cast :D
i've always liked he light+L relationship but the Mello+Light one fits better, and i never thought about that pairing before i saw ur pics :blowkiss:
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Woh:D I love the look in your eyes:heart::love::heart:
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now thats HAWT !! love teh eyes *o*/:heart:
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Thank you so much! :D
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Oh god amazing~! Just the face your making GAH~!!! <3 *o*
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anda-chanHobbyist Photographer
Oh yea... :hump:

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DarkFireRavenProfessional Artisan Crafter
YAY! :dance:

Kira looks like he's teetering on the edge of insanity, possibly contemplating it, like "Should I go crazy? Crazy or no crazy?" :XD:
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Mmm Yummy. Haha I love that last phrase in the preview...
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LOL, thank you! - I had to cut it there cause then it gets kind of explicit :XD: But we have more shots from this scene to give ya an idea of what happens next (like duh, right?) :XD:

Thank you!
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Cool pose! =D I like how it rendes the idea of a sexy and malicious Light Yagami... :heart:
:orange: <--- OMG! it isn't an apple... whops... ;P

agrajagthetesty's avatar
LE WHAT?! I just spurted ginger beer over my monitor, omg. I hope you're happy. I'm loving how the whiteness of your shirt contrasts with the shadows over your face, that's yummy. And your expression is just perfect.

I soooo need to catch up on this fic. It's really bad, because I know there's so much that hasn't been published yet, and I'm not even up to date with what has been published. X_X
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ooo cool! i wish ihad the attention span to read =/ but i have severe add but ill try to read soon!
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