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Muppet Show Fanfiction Script Number One
IT'S THE MUPPET SHOW WITH OUR SPECIAL GUEST STAR MR. HARRY SECOMBE Season one style Fozzie's joke: Can all of you jump higher than Mt.Everest? Yes of course. Have you ever heard of Mt.Everest jumping? Curtain opens to reveal Harry and Piggy embracing each other on a park bench during a snowy scene. Gonzo swings at the O, Piggy pops up, gets hit on the snout and karate chops Gonzo sending him flying up out of sight. OPENING
Kermit: Greetings to you all and welcome to our show. Our guest tonight is the great Welsh singer Mr. Harry Secombe, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy his magnificent voice. But before you get to hear him sing here is The Great Gonzo to perform a rendition of an old rock and roll favourite with some very special co-stars. YAAAY! OPENING NUMBER: 7 LITTLE GIRLS SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT
Gonzo is driving an old-fashioned car with the scenery slowly moving along like on a thread to suggest movement. T.R. the Rooster is in the back with 7
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The Heartsnatchers Chapter Nineteen
Eudial was driving home by herself after Mistress 9 had commanded her to retreat when Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune had attacked her. She felt tremendously relieved that nothing had gone wrong this time. Mistress 9 was talking calmly to her. “Well Eudial. It seems like you are finally beginning to show some sense. Even though those two other strange girls still interfered at least we did get a small number of new victims. AND you did nothing to try to aid either of the creatures we brought to distract our main enemies. At last you are taking our mission seriously.”
“Certainly Mistress 9. The others will all believe me when I tell them I tried my best to save their two sisters. From now on you can depend on me.”
“You had better for your own sake.”
Eudial honestly did not understand anything that had taken place before and she knew better than to argue with Mistress 9. But she really didn't care. Perhaps whatever it was had gone. She was happy to no
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The Heartsnatchers Chapter Eighteen
Serena's friends were all visiting her in her bedroom and she was visiting the kitchen to find something for them to snack on. Her parents were out shopping and Sammy was at a baseball game. The kitchen was deserted as Serena poked around in all the cupboards. “Where is something really sweet?” She muttered to herself. “Isn't there anything special around?”
Then she noticed a smell wafting from the microwave oven. It made her mouth water and she took a look inside. “Ah. It's a pie. Perfect.” She eagerly removed it carefully with oven mittens and put it on a tray taking it up to her friends along with a bottle of orange soda she'd found in the fridge. They all gasped in awe as she cut the slices and urged them to dig in.
Luna and Artemis were astonished. “Where did that come from?”
“You didn't bake that pie did you Serena?”
“No Artemis. I found it in the microwave. I'm sure Mum must have baked it for me. I've been asking
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Seventeen
Things were getting more and more intense as Germatoid put the professor's children through their relentless training. There was a miniature gymnasium set up and they were all forced to endure five hours straight exercising each day. Chagama had even been persuaded to wear strong, sturdy footwear for these sessions. She was sensible enough to realize how vulnerable her feet and toes would be to serious injury uncovered. Germatoid barked orders through the professor's vocal chords and they grunted, puffed and sweated over all the weights and cardio equipment. “Hop to it you wimps. This is serious war. If you can't prove yourselves hardened warrior women you'll die just like your mother and some of your sisters have done.”
They believed this was their daddy urging them on for their own good, but Souchi Tomoe was no longer himself. His humanity was completely dormant with Germatoid operating his body. He constantly gave deranged fits of laughter as he spoke to the unsuspecting
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Sixteen
It was three days after Raye and Serena had their last major fight. When they finally settled down Raye had been humbled. Serena, however kept trying to justify herself but nobody would listen to her. So she shut up in a sulky huff while Raye bowed her head and said, “I'm very sorry everybody. Luna. Artemis. I'll get started right away doing what you told me to consult the fire about in the first place.”
“Apology accepted Raye.” Luna smiled and Artemis did too.
“Let us know as soon as you find out anything.”
So Raye set to work kneeling before the Sacred Flame praying earnestly for information about the evil forces that were kidnapping people all over again. The fire gently crackled and pulsated and Raye remembered how she had deprived herself of sleep back a long time ago. She had promised her friends she would not push herself that far this time. Therefore she only devoted the afternoons to her chanting and had a good night's sleep and relaxed in t
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Fifteen
Things were beginning to worry the Sailor Scouts. Ever since the disappearance of that family during the events that happened during the festival, public outcry was beginning to rear its ugly head once more. Some said, “Why are they letting it happen all over again? Why can't they put a stop to it?” Thus people began to argue with themselves for and against their super-heroines and everywhere the girls went they were discomforted to witness these conflicts.
Serena, Darien and Rini were sitting on a bench in the park quietly talking about this. “It's exactly the way it was before we saved all those people Darien,” Serena sighed gloomily. “Why are they so wishy-washy?”
“You can't fully blame them Serena,” said Rini. “Just think how upset and terrified they must be.”
Serena turned to look at Rini with wide eyes as she went on. “Fear can affect the way people think. Makes them react in harsh ways.”
Darien agreed.
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Fourteen
It had been almost two weeks since the Sailor Scouts had rescued Molly, Melvin and all the others. Things were so quiet that people were holding hope that the terror had passed and public opinion had fully shifted back to praise and admiration for their super heroine team. Everybody was talking about the newest member, Sailor Mini-Moon.
“Cousin” Rini had come back for another extended “visit” courtesy of Serena's “Aunt” Trista and Serena's parents and brother Sammy were very thrilled with her company. The Scouts knew that sooner or later the enemy would strike again and Rini vowed to help them. “After I returned home my mother and father began authorizing the future selves of your friends to train me to follow in her footsteps as the new Sailor Moon,” she explained to Serena.
“Hey! I don't like that term new. I'm Sailor Moon and I'm not ready to step down.”
“You're not being told to step down silly Meat-ball Head. I'm go
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Thirteen
Germatoid and Mistress 9 were preparing to extract Darien's heart next while the four girls were all trapped in Kaori's hair. Eudial had carefully placed Serena's locket in her bag along with her beating heart and was eagerly watching the proceedings. Uranus and Neptune were also quietly observing uneasy awaiting to see when whoever Sailor Pluto was sending from the future would arrive.
Before the demons could use Cenecienta to extract Darien's heart a small figure with pink hair similar to Serena's materialized a few feet away. She was dressed in a Sailor Scout uniform and she held a small pink stick with a crystal heart attached to it. “Hold it,” she cried. “I have been sent from the distant future through the Door to Time by my dear friend Sailor Pluto. I am Sailor Mini-Moon and in the Name of the Future Moon Kingdom on Earth, I will save this past world and punish you.”
Darien gasped. “Rini!”
Raye cried, “It must be her,” and the othe
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Twelve
Cenecienta and Haikyun had both learned to talk very well in just under one week. Souchi, Kaori and even Hotaru were so pleased with the new additions to their family. The Tomoes were considering boosting up production with the oven they built to make at least two new daughters next time.
“Before we proceed with growing our family, it's important that we begin to teach them more about the world beyond our home,” said the professor to Eudial.
“And I shall be with you and the others when you take them out Eudial,” added Kaori. “Starting with the first of our oven-born, Cenecienta. We've told all our girls that they will have their turns one by one after her. They are very excited.”
“Of course Souchi and Kaori.” Eudial smiled slyly. “I shall get Cenecienta ready. We will need to disguise her in regular clothing that people generally wear, so as not to attract undue attention. We shall go in twenty minutes to half an hour.”
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Eleven
Serena and her friends were back at school. Amy was top of her class as usual and the other girls were not doing too badly themselves. Except for Serena however. Despite the best efforts of her friends to help her at their study sessions she was barely achieving 25% on her exam papers. “Hey! It's not my fault. Miss H. should have set questions that related to the parts of my study that I could clearly remember well.”
That was her sheepish excuse to Darien, but he smiled, shrugging his shoulders and said, “You're a hopeless Meatball-head. But you're my hopeless Meatball-head,” before taking her to the ice-cream parlour. Serena felt ashamed. Deep down she knew she had broken her promise to Darien, though he truly cared about her. Enough to forgive her.
She still couldn't understand why he had cast off his Tuxedo Mask persona however. The other girls had been flabbergasted and so had Luna and Artemis when she'd told them. But they all reluctantly accepted the situa
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Ten
Raye was rather sleepy that morning. She had been up for almost three quarters of the night praying in front of the Sacred Fire. Chad had been very worried about her. He had been watching her through the doorway to the Shrine. He had been woken up himself by her monotonous chanting. “I am flame. Flame is light. I am fire. Fire is sight. I am flame. Flame is light. I am fire. Fire is sight.”
Chad had attempted to talk to her to no avail. She just kept staring at the fire saying those words over and over. He sighed. “The old master was right it seems when he told me that nothing can bring her out of her shell when she gets in these trances. But I wish she would talk to me about what's worrying her. If she doesn't sleep it will be detrimental to her health.”
In the end he had given up and gone to his own bedroom laying down in a troubled sleep. In the meantime Raye had kept on intently chanting and praying to the fire. She was very worried. She desperately wanted t
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Nine
Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina were all at the Moto Cross race tracks that morning to watch Michelle's friend Amara compete. They were all very excited and hoped that he would win, but as they were getting off the bus when it pulled up at their destination Serena had a start.
“Hey you girls. I could swear I saw Darien over there in the crowd for a split second. Then he quickly turned and disappeared.”
“Darien!” exclaimed Mina.
“Are you positive it was him?” asked Lita.
Serena sighed. “No. I admit it looked like him, but I suppose I could have been mistaken. Come to think of it though, it's been a long time since he's participated in any of our battles. Why?”
Serena almost had a fit when Raye said, “Remember Serena? He wants you to significantly improve your grades first. That's why we've been trying to help you studying together at my place.”
Amy quickly put her arm around her shoulders to calm her saying, “There there
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Eight
Amy was so very happy because her dear friend Greg had told her on Skype that his parents were letting him come to stay with her for three days during what was left of the holidays. She had been so excited to hear this wonderful news and now she had met him at the train station.
As they hugged she said, “I'm so delighted to see you again Greg.”
“Me too Amy. Skype is really nothing compared to face to face. I've missed you.”
“I've missed you too Greg.”
Greg then asked her where the other girls were. “They're having a study session today. But I'm spending the day with you,” Amy explained.
Greg was amazed. “You are actually skipping studies all day Amy?”
She smiled. “Yes. Last night I spent three hours studying by myself after my evening meal before going to bed. I won't be behind at all.”
Greg laughed. “That's the Amy I know and love so much. Anyway where are we going?”
“I thought we'd go to the swi
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Seven
It was the day after the ill-fated lovers contest and the city was beginning to feel a sense of gloomy fear. Molly and Melvin's families were heartbroken at their loss and the public was agitated and terrified. Some of them even spoke negatively about the Sailor Scouts saying things to the general effect of if they were the super-heroines they claimed to be, then why hadn't they destroyed the mysterious enemies. Others were a little more fair though imploring their friends to remember how horrible things had been when other evil forces were terrorizing and sometimes killing people. The Sailor Scouts had eventually vanquished that horror. “Just give them time. They won't let us down.”
Some believed but the camp was divided.
At that moment Serena and Lita were on their way together to meet their friends at Raye's temple. Officially they were supposed to be having study sessions, but they didn't think they'd be pursuing much of that. They were all rather upset and needed to di
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Six
Hotaru and her sisters were all in their common room watching cartoon DVDs together while Professor Tomoe and his wife were preparing to surprise them with a new sibling. After taping cotton wool to Kaori's arm behind her elbow, he took the syringe and added the blood to the mixture in the test tube.
Kaori walked over to stand by his side as he gently shook the test tube before holding it over the bunsen burner. “Oh Souchi. How I love to help you bring our children to life.”
“Yes Kaori. Do you hear little one? We love you even before you begin to exist.”
“Hello Professors,” said a bright, cheerful voice and they turned to see that Mimette had just entered.
“Hello Mimette,” said Kaori. “Our new baby's almost ready.”
Souchi cried in jubilation. “The test tube is beginning to break now.” As he spoke the pod inside expanded and burst forth as he turned off the bunsen's flame. He and his wife gently cradled the pod betw
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Five
At the Cherry Hill Temple Serena's friends were feeling exasperated. Especially Raye. Serena just wasn't showing any motivation to help herself at all. “Oh why must we study again today? It's such a beautiful day for having fun.”
Raye was struggling hard to control herself. “You lazy meatball-head. What happened to your desire to become well-versed in mountains of knowledge the other day?”
Lita said, “You asked us to help you, didn't you?”
Mina added, “I'm showing much more commitment to my promise to take study seriously then you are.”
Serena groaned. “But you yourselves said I needed to take things one step at a time. I took my first step by going to that ill-fated concerto. Why rush too much?”
“And to think we foolishly thought you were serious!” Raye was clenching her fists and beginning to breathe very slowly and Amy sensing danger stood up and led Serena to the door.
“I think it's best if you leave and
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Misty by WilliamFenholt Misty :iconwilliamfenholt:WilliamFenholt 241 22 Evylen in distress by Sir-Raymond2k3 Evylen in distress :iconsir-raymond2k3:Sir-Raymond2k3 118 32
Great Shows Grand Finale: Doctor Who
AKA A show for all ages for all time
Airdate: November 23, 1963 - still airing
Here we are. The end. The finale proper Great Shows that I'll do. I'm sorry, but I can't keep up with it anymore. I just don't watch many shows anymore. But I'm not leaving this series with just any old show. There's only one series that can properly close out my longest running journal series. So, yes. It's finally time to talk about Doctor Who.
The Doctor is a Time Lord, a species from the planet Gallifrey who have the ability to regenerate their forms on deaths, and have access to incredible technology, one of which being TARDIS's, machines that are bigger inside then out and can travel anywhere in time and space. The Doctor grew to dislike like life on Gallifrey, and stole a Type 40 TARDIS, which got stuck in the form of a 1960's police box. The Doctor's goal: travel the universe, fighting evil and righting wrongs. He's usually accompanied by various "companions", usually from Earth. His arch-enemie
:icondjnetwork:DJNetwork 2 6
Youma Murido by Caynon Youma Murido :iconcaynon:Caynon 10 4 murido by k9core murido :iconk9core:k9core 18 1 Doki Doki Literature Blub by Hefess Doki Doki Literature Blub :iconhefess:Hefess 262 62
Happy New Year everyone!
It's finally 2019! Meaning hopefully this year won't be as much of a rampaging dumpster fire like 2018.
I've got a few resolutions for myself. I already mentioned 2 in a previous journal, but I've got some more:
1. Cut back my sugar intake. Both sides of my family have a history of diabetes, so I'm at double risk. Since diabetes is normally cause by too much sugar, I've decided I need to try and cut back. Not sure how well it will go, but I can at least try.
2. Focus more on my writing. I have a bad habit of getting distracted and not finishing stories I've started. So, I'm going to try and be better about that. In fact, I'm hoping to have Mighty Endowed chapter 4 done by the end of January.
3. GET! A! JOB!
And those are my 3 new resolutions.
:icondjnetwork:DJNetwork 1 2
Jessica Rabbit's Off-Trail Quix by Hefess Jessica Rabbit's Off-Trail Quix :iconhefess:Hefess 198 19 Toden the flight Captain by animepete2211 Toden the flight Captain :iconanimepete2211:animepete2211 2 0 Toden as a sexy teacher by animepete2211 Toden as a sexy teacher :iconanimepete2211:animepete2211 6 0 Koan and Berthier - Ayakashi Sisters 1940s AU by hip2b2 Koan and Berthier - Ayakashi Sisters 1940s AU :iconhip2b2:hip2b2 43 1 Milkshake by rebenke Milkshake :iconrebenke:rebenke 153 12
12 Favorites: The Doctor
~Favorite number 11, you will not be bored/the heroic Time Lord~
Series: Doctor Who
Actors: William Hartnell (1963-1966), Patrick Troughton (1966-1969), Jon Pertwee (1970-1974), Tom Baker (1974-1981), Peter Davison (1982-1984), Richard Hurdnell (1983, played the First Doctor for The Fiver Doctors after William Hartnell passed away), Colin Baker (1984-1986), Sylvester McCoy (1987-1989), Paul McGann (1996 and 2013), Sir John Hurt (2013) Christopher Eccelston (2005), David Tennant (2009-2010), Matt Smith (2010-2013), Peter Capaldi (2013-2017), David Bradley (2017, played the First Doctor in Capaldi's final story, Twice Upon a Time), Jodie Whitaker (2018-present)
We're almost there, just one more favorite after this, my personal favorite character in anything. But first, we need to talk about the penultimate favorite. So, let's travel with The Doctor.
The Doctor is a Time Lord, a race of time-travelers from the planet Gallifrey. At some point in his life, he fled the planet with
:icondjnetwork:DJNetwork 2 10
Viluy's Christmas Carol
Once again, the Tomoe manor had been decorated up for the Christmas season. Red and green lights were strung up all over the manor, snowmen were set up on the front lawn, and wreaths lined the front of the manor.
The inside was just as festive. A large tree was in the living room with presents underneath, tinsle and Christmas bells lined the walls, and a new gingerbread house was set up in the kitchen. It looked like this would be another cheery Christmas.
"My work is far more important then some pathetic holiday story!"
Had it not been for one white haired Witch.
In her room/laboratory, Viluy was trying to work on a motherboard for one of her nanobot control computers. Keyword being "trying", as U-Tomodachi and Irondar seemed to have other plans they wanted her to join in.
"Come on, Auntie Vi!" Tomo said. "You have to come to the movie with us!"
"Besides, we've checked that motherboard three times over." Irondar said. "The RAM has already been increased to its limit, and the adaptive
:icondjnetwork:DJNetwork 5 10
Sketchbook Scans : Sailor Moon Youma/Daimon by Dark-elfa Sketchbook Scans : Sailor Moon Youma/Daimon :icondark-elfa:Dark-elfa 15 7 Fire Emblem Loki (Commission) by AyyaSAP Fire Emblem Loki (Commission) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,625 77


Like I said, I have more I wanted to comment on regarding the events of Joshua. Of interesting note in the ninth chapter we are told of how some of the Canaanites living in an area known as Gibeon, were fearful of the Israelites and their God, so they met them in peace disguised as travellers from far-away in old worn-out clothing and sandals and old mouldy bread and patched wineskins. We are told that Israel accepted their story without inquiring of God and made a solemn vow to live in peace with them. 
Later upon realizing the deception they were angry, but Joshua said they had made a vow in the Name of the Lord and they would be guilty of sinning against Him if they violated it. Therefore the Gibeonites were spared but served Israel chopping wood and collecting water.

Centuries later King David was told in Second Samuel 21 that the terrible famine in his kingdom was God's Judgement because his late father-in-law, King Saul had violated the ancient treaty with the Gibeonites and attempted to exterminate them. For unknown reasons he did not utterly succeed in this and the surviving Gibeonites said they wanted to put seven of Saul's male descendants to death as atonement. David agreed and the seven victims were killed, perhaps by impaling on poles.
This seems brutally harsh, but we are told that afterwards God answered prayer on behalf of the land and the famine was dispersed. This is by no means the only event recorded in the Old Testament that has a very tough and difficult impact upon those who read it today, and I do not claim to be able to always understand why these things were so.

However the Bible was inspired by God to remind us that sin is serious and always leads to judgement as it did in the sin of Saul when he broke the sacred peace treaty with Gibeon. Everything written in both Old and New Testaments is meant to point us toward Jesus who died and returned to life to redeem us. Instead of worrying over whatever difficulties are recorded as a result of sin in Biblical times, we should take warning from them and be more concerned about our own sin and pray to Jesus for His mercy every day with humility, thankfulness and reverence.
Tonight we finished the study of Joshua. A very difficult book giving account of the history of the Israelites taking over the land from the Canaanites in battle under God's authority. Why did God authorize the destruction of these peoples and their cities? I do have online friends who believe in dieties other than the one Supreme God of the Bible and I acknowledge how harsh this may seem to them. However for one thing at least my studies have shown me that laying aside the debate as to whether other gods are real or not, one thing the various Canaanites did as part of their worship was to kill their own children sacrificing them on burning altars to their gods. This was heinous evil in the eyes of Israel's God and so judgement was decreed for those guilty of child murder among all the other detestable practices God charged them with.

So the point of Joshua over-all is while God hates war in principal, He chose to use it to punish Canaan using the armies of Israel as His weapons. There is plenty I have to comment about regarding Joshua but for now I'll give just one example. In Chapter 2 we are told of how Joshua sent two men to spy out the first city to be conquered Jericho. We read about how one of the citizens, a woman named Rahab, who was also a prostitute by profession, protected the two spies from being discovered and sent the city guards on a wild goose chase so they could escape. She told them she knew that the Lord would give Israel their land and she made a treaty with them and their God so that she and all her family would be spared if they all took refuge in Rahab's house with a scarlet cord tied in the window to indicate where they were.

The meaning is that Rahab, and her family, all rejected their people's gods and practices and yielded their heart in loyalty to Israel's Lord and Joshua, the servant of the Lord delivered His Divine mercy to Rahab, while executing Divine justice upon the rest of Jericho at the same time. The writer of the New Testament book Hebrews recognizes Rahab's new-found faith in God saying in 11:31 By faith Rahab did not perish with all those who did not believe in God in Jericho, when she received the spies in peace. 

Thus Joshua is also attested to as historical by the New Testament. I'll come back to say more about some of the events and their significance later.

I've heard somebody say once, "Today I went to church. Wasn't that good of me?"

In reality however it does not matter whether you go to church regularly once a week, on special occasions or even never. Most Christians freely choose to go to a church regularly, but that does not make them good people in the sight of God.

Romans 3:23 tells us that all people are guilty of wrongdoings of various kinds against God's law. Most commonly known as sin, going to church does not cancel out or atone for our sin. Only Jesus can do that for us when we humbly receive Him as Lord and Saviour. Second Peter 2:24

Trusting in your own inherent goodness is a dreadful deception. Recognize that you are a sinner, and come to Christ for forgiveness in a humble attitude. It's the only way to be made good before God.

I have had two people send me contact requests on Skype. Maybe I'll accept and see what they're like. They could be legitimately searching for friends over Skype.

Though I do prefer people I know, or at least sort of know on sites such as Facebook, or Twitter, or here at DeviantArt. I sometimes ask in messages if they'd like to connect with me. There are some weird people who send Skype requests who try to scam you or invite you to participate in unspeakable online activities.

At long last we've completed the study of another Bible book in between Christianity in Australian History. Second Samuel which is the account of David's reign as King of Israel.

I've already testified that I have all the proof I need that the New Testament is fully historical in that Christianity is followed by many and various Church groups call themselves followers of Christ the Lord and Saviour of the world. You can't convince me that it's all fable when the evidence is in all the evangelical movements and theological colleges throughout the world. Also so many people willing to bravely face persecution including death rather than denounce their faith. The New Testament is fact.

As for the Old Testament everything Mum and I have looked at so far is testified to in the New Testament. Regarding Second Samuel the apostle Peter speaks of King David as a real person during his preaching of the first Christian sermon in Acts 2:25:29. When we did the short book Ruth at the very end when Boaz and Ruth marry and have a son Obed, he is called David's grandfather and a genealogy is attached to the end showing the family line from Perez all the way to David. Therefore Ruth is also fact and thus Ruth herself was the great-grandmother of Israel's future King. It all fits together.

As for David himself, he was a man in tune with God acknowledging that he was King only under the true Divine KING of the people of Israel. Even David was a sinner like the rest of us. His tragic fall from grace is in Chapter 11 where he commits adultery with the wife of one of his soldiers away at war and when she becomes pregnant, he tries all he can to cover it up, ultimately secretly arranging with General Joab to ensure the man's easy death during battle. Then he marries the woman, but David bounces back up again when the prophet Nathan is sent by God to rebuke him in Chapter 12. David is conscience-stricken and sorrowfully repents. He had to bear the stigma for the rest of his reign but God forgave him and he was always remembered as the ideal Godly example of a King despite his faults.

I have had two people send me contact requests on Skype. Maybe I'll accept and see what they're like. They could be legitimately searching for friends over Skype.

Though I do prefer people I know, or at least sort of know on sites such as Facebook, or Twitter, or here at DeviantArt. I sometimes ask in messages if they'd like to connect with me. There are some weird people who send Skype requests who try to scam you or invite you to participate in unspeakable online activities.


MartyBubbles's Profile Picture
Martin Johnson
I'm quite a fellow. I am a devoted member of the Salvation Army and I'm a big fan of the late Japanese animator and comic artist Osamu Tezuka.
Some of my other interests include the works of Walt Disney and Jim Henson. I'm also sort of interested in Rod Serling's classic television series, The Twilight Zone.

I'm not really an artist, but one day I want to give it a try and share my work here. I am a writer though and I'm trying to make a success of my stories.

I'll think about what else to say and improve my ID as I go along. Thank you.

Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll, Gospel
Favourite photographer: KinHikari



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From the hiding spot, Viluy scoffed at Mimete's antics. She then saw that Irondar had Tomo on her shoulders.

"Movie's pretty good so far, isn't it Tomo?" Irondar asked.

"Yeah, but I wish Viluy was here." Tomo said, a little sad. "Even she shouldn't be alone during the Christmas season."

Hurdler was about to say something back, when Viluy suddenly burst through the lab doors. She was carrying a lot of equipment.

"Viluy, what-" Tomo started to ask.

"No time! Need to double down on my work!" Viluy shouted happily before racing up to her room.

There's another couple of places. I expect that Tomo would call even Viluy "Auntie", despite her attitude problem. You could make a cause for debate about this point maybe, but personally with her child's mind I think she would cherish some slight hope that her "Auntie" Vi may change one day.
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